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Final Fantasy 14 Free Trial Run: Is it worth your time?

Hello Fellow readers and welcome to my latest game review! This piece will be on Final Fantasy 14 : Free Trial experience. I will be trying to give you a look into this game to see if it is worth you installing the free trial or even buying into the whole game! Let's begin!


Installation and Set up:

The sign up process was a bit of an ordeal. I am using the client system DIRECTLY from the site and not through STEAM. The first installation was easy and stream lined after a few email verifications and what not. What got me was that, 1 week after I installed my free version, I had uninstalled the game, and then reinstalled the game (something I do on purpose to see how easy it is to recover your client). As a free user, you were always redirected to the mog store (where you account is ho

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Nanbo's Revelation Online CBT1 Review

Hi all and welcome to my Revelation Online Closed Beta 1 review. Revelation Online is currently being published in the west by My.com and has highly anticipated release as it's production value seems to be top notch. So, is this game feeling like it is going to live up to the hype? Let's dive in!


No, I did not get a beta key though a giveaway, I purchased a founders pack.  So lets talk Founders packs. There are three tiers, and the MAIN differences are more VIP time, more consumables and the highest really putting it's value in founders only mount and fashion. There are some other details to mention but the most important thing to know is that the only real value will be applied in OPEN BETA. Not closed...That said, the price tag does include Access to closed beta... And tha

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Aura Kingdom Review Levels 40 - 50

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my latest MMORPG review: Aura Kingdom, levels 40-50! We will b e looking into the dual class system and the wrapping up of half a world map along with dungeon experiences. Also there are several other surprise features to go over so let's get started!



It has been awhile! I stopped this game in my level 30-40 review. Why pick it up again? Because there is not much out there I holding my interest as I wait for a few key open beta's. So I vaguely remember a title that might be worth the look! Aura Kingdom also is on STEAM now. I installed it on STEAM since I had the STEAM launcher already on. However, it did not install the version I was previously using (FR) and it did not link my account with my sign in... I am sure there was a way to

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Black Desert Online NA/EU Alpha Test First Look

Hi all, Welcome to my first look on the Black Desert NA/EU Alpha Test period. This first test round has limited maps and features, so this will not be an indepth look since most characters are missing features. There are no gender selection at this moment either, it is very bare bones to get your hands testing the core elements of the game. So how is it so far? Read on!


Long story short, I won a beta key and will be playing a berserker this time. I was actually not found of the classes in this early beta. None of them really stood out as something I wanted to play (I usually roll a paladin or assassin), and with no dedicated healers in this game (it is a potion spammer), I just went with the class that seemed closes to assassin: Berserker. I was not dissapointed!

Installing w

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