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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday:September 26,1987
  • Location: Philippine
Favourite Game Type:
Role-Playing Real-time
Favourite Game Class: Healer Magic Range




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Basic profile
Gender: Male
Location: Philippine
Favourite Game Type:Role-Playing,Real-time
Favourite Game Class:Healer,Magic,Range
Like most in games:Kill BOSS to get rare items,Make friends,Grinding to level up
About me:

Hi! I'm Marvin. I am a youtuber who plays Dungeon Hunter 5, Summoners War, Ragnarok Mobile and Mobile Legends. I loved gaming since I was a kid and being a youtuber was my dream. I started focusing on my channel after I retired from my Pharmaceutical Business last October 2016 and I'm on my road to 10k subscribers. My passion is to entertain people with the games I play, help them reach heights with their gameplays and share my life as a gamer for those who have insecurities with their gaming life. I want to encourahe people to believe in their dreams as I believed and worked hard for mine. ImmortalMBCG stands for my in-game names for almost all games I've played since the playstation era. MBCG stands for my whole name. This represents the passion I've had for gaming since I was a kid and now is being materialized after achieving my goals for my family. I always say to those people who asks me why do I do what I do, "Do what you love and you'll never have to work a single day in your life." See you on my channel!