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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday:August 06,1981
  • Location: France


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Basic profile
Gender: Male
Location: France
Favourite Game Type:3D,Western-Type,Role-Playing,Shooting,Real-time,Tactical,Simulation,Action,Sci-Fi,Fantasy
Favourite Game Class:Tank,Healer
Like most in games:Explore,Kill BOSS to get rare items,Make friends,Complete various quests
About me:

A gamer since 1981 across all platforms. I like to write and discuss controversial subjects in gaming. I think pressing limits is what breaks the mold of otherwise bland content. I love following the MMORPG community and business. I think some great technological features are on the horizon, and how it is accessed is up to you to either break the barrier or turn into a "sheeple". So let's discuss some games shall we?