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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday:May 02,1990
  • Location: United kingdom


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Basic profile
Gender: Male
Location: United kingdom
Favourite Game Type:3D,Western-Type,Role-Playing,Strategy,Shooting,Real-time,Tactical,Action,Fantasy,Fighting
Favourite Game Class:Tank,Healer
Like most in games:Kill BOSS to get rare items,Make friends,Complete various quests,PK
About me:

I'm currently studying 3D art and animation in games design, so I'll be heading straight into the games industry when I've finished. I always try my best to keep up to date with some of the popular games when I have time, especially when I'm on that search for that new game if the one I'm playing just isn't giving me that satisfaction, I usually blog my experiences with games that interest me or games that just make me feel ill.