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Gender: Male
Location: USA
Favourite Game Type:3D,Role-Playing,Strategy,Racing,Casual,Shooting,Real-time,Real-Life,Tactical,Action,Sci-Fi,Fantasy,Music,Fighting,Puzzle
Favourite Game Class:Melee,Magic,Others
Like most in games:Explore,Kill BOSS to get rare items,PK
About me:

I'm new to mmosite, but have had a passion for gaming ever since the mid 1990's. I've been writing reviews for games for a while now, and thought since I play so many mmo's I'd write some for mmosite. My reviews and articles are straight-forward, informative, and written from a players perspective. I don't like to sugarcoat my words so if the game is bad I'll let you know! Follow me if you're into top-notch reviews on the most popular titles.