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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday:February 19,1991
  • Location: Romania
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2D 3D Cute Role-Playing Racing Casual Shooting Action Sci-Fi Fantasy Fighting
Favourite Game Class: Tank Melee Range
Like most in games: PK


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Gender: Male
Location: Romania
Favourite Game Type:2D,3D,Cute,Role-Playing,Racing,Casual,Shooting,Action,Sci-Fi,Fantasy,Fighting
Favourite Game Class:Tank,Melee,Range
Like most in games:PK
About me:

Hi, I'm Paul but on the internet you find me as Spammie, 2 years ago I started a small show called Super Gameplay Time that has a focus on First Looks but occasionally contains game updates previews. The main objective for me is to post short informative videos and have fun in the process. So if you like what you see, follow me.