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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday:June 20,1989
  • Location: Brazil
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2D Shooting Action Fantasy Puzzle
Favourite Game Class: Magic Range


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Diablo III
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Conquer Online
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  • MapleStory
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Demon Souls “a game I like, but I don’t want to play”

Demons Souls is game I have been wanting to try since it came out, numerous game of the year awards and critical acclaim, I’m still surprised that after all these years I have yet to pick up a copy. But like many others a big stock of games began to pill up on me and with work and life I slowly began the task of working on that backlog. After becoming a Playstation Plus member that backlog that I thought I was finally getting rid of suddenly started getting massive, but on the positive I found a ton of hidden gems that I would have never even thought of playing and thats thanks to PS+. So when it was reveled that Demon Souls was going to be one of the free games for plus members I was excited because finally after so many years I get to play the game everyone on the internet keeps raving about. But after playing close to three hours its become very clear that this is not a game for me and I’m glad I didn’t pick this up when it first came out because I would have been throwing away 60 b...
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