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League Of Legends Event: Lunar Revel Breakdown (Video/Picture Blog)

League Of Legends Event: Lunar Revel Breakdown (Video/Picture Blog)

Lunar Revel Breakdown in Pictures

During this Event you will have a chances to get five different Summoners Icons in League Of Legends until Feb.11

1.First Summoner Icon is very easy to obtain, Just click on this link and vote on which path you want to take


2. Also Very Easy to Obtain(Just Play League with a Friend to get it)

You can also buy 3 skins during this event too(Two of them are Limited!)


Limited Skin

New Ward Skins(Free Trial on Ward Skins until Feb.11)

Lunar Revel Skins will on sale until one week after Feb.11

Thanks For Reading or Watching but show your support by Subscribing to my Youtube Channel or Follow me here on MMOsite

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Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft- First Impression (Tutorial Gameplay)

Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft- First Impression (Tutorial Gameplay)

Review on First Impression

Hello guys, I just uploaded a video on my first impression on Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft a brand new card game that just recently went into open beta. You started off by playing as yourself and control minions(Cards) to fight on the battlefield against your opponents and his minions.


Arts look very nice and awesome

Minions has skills like Taunt and Charge(Charge, minions can start attacking right away and taunt is exactly what is it)

Very strategic and tactical

Nice Animations and voices control

Okay background music 

Tutorials breaks down the game into 6 parts instead of rushing it

Easy to learn how to play

Duel mode against other people

Minions have class like (Tanks/Healers/Fighters)


You can play heroes only and not yourself (9 heroes only so far)

Crashed (Wasn't in my video but I did crashed on my windows 8 in f

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League Of Legends: Thresh Support like a Boss (Full Game with Failed Commentary)

League Of Legends: Thresh Support like a Boss (Full Game with Failed Commentary)

Remember to go to my Youtube Channel and click that like button and subscribe also share, TY dude!
Let me know if you want me to make a full guide on my Thresh Gameplay

I apologize my audio did die throughout half of the game but I did turn it back on close to the end game so feel free to listen to music while watch the video when the audio is off

Go to My Blog and comment why you doods like or what you want to see in my next video for your chance to win a free feature skin or champion(Depending if you already own the feature the day) on Sunday or Monday(Sorry i'm pulling it back one day because of uploading issues) I'm only doing this for MMOsite for this video!

If you are here because you want that free skin then you are in the right spot! Only for MMOsite USERS :)


1.Have a MMOsite account

2.Your account have a actual profile(Pictures,Info on games and such), not something just

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League Of Legends:Preseason 3 Digi-Art Throwdown Happening Now!(Contest)

League of Legend: Preseason 3 Digi-Art Throwdown Happening Now!(Contest)

League of Legends have announced a Pre-season Art Contest. League of Legends is challenging fan artist to create a picture of your favorite champion preparing for Season Three and enter it to Pre-Season Digi-Art Throwdown. Winner will be award prize from Riot for the best champion fan art.

Heres a Example Art from MaTTcom Community Artist:

Contest Rules

    You must include at least one champion and one new Season Three item: We're looking for the latest trends in champion conditioning , so you need to showcase the new stuffYour masterpiece must be appropriate for summoners of all ages: We're teen rated, so nothing too risqueYour entry can’t include any logos or product names or placements: These are what we like
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