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Zu Online : Halloween Treats

By: odimok in defaultposted at 2:34 am Oct 31,2007

Tags: zu  zo  halloween 


IGG has announced a Halloween treat for Zu Online players. They will give out 100 Gold glowxtals to all players on October 30th.

Ever since the most popular online game of 2007 started its alpha test, we have received many good comments, and are deeply impressed by our players' enthusiasm. The number of players online has climbed significantly.

In order to return the players' support and celebrate Halloween, we have prepared a big present for our players. We will give out 100 Gold glowxtals to all players in Zu Online at 02:00am EST (GMT-5) on Oct 30th. (1 glowxtal can be exchanged for 10 glowstones), so players can go to Holy City or Desert City to buy pet eggs from the Pet Master. Those pet eggs include primary eggs, secondary eggs, and advanced eggs and their price vary differently. In order to make your pets grow healthily, you need to buy pet food and pet equipment from the Pet Master. Once you have pets accompanying you, you will find lots more fun in game!





Zu Online Alpha Test is Here

By: Komido in defaultposted at 11:07 pm Oct 24,2007

Tags: zu  zo 


The sparkling diamond of the East is coming and will soon present itself to us for the first time. Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com), the new MMORPG game from IGG will officially begin its alpha test on October 25th
Beginning at 12:00pm EST(GMT-5) on October 25th, alpha test participants will be able to begin playing the game for the first time. We are ready to provide the test client for download now. Currently we have 4 download addresses for players to download from and we will be offering more official download places and other media download places in the future.

Download Addresses:http://zu.igg.com/download/download.php


Client Instructions:
1. This client is specifically designed for the Alpha Test, which means you can use this client to connect to our Zu Online servers at 12:00pm EST(GMT-5) Oct 25th
2. The Zu Online official website and some other game media websites will issue  game accounts as well.

Players'enthusiasm has totally surpassed our expectations, and hundreds of thousands of gamers applied for the alpha accounts in the past several days, but unfortunately we have already issued all the game accounts. Many players emailed us and put posts on our forum to ask for more a

ZO: Righteous Pagoda Preview

By: lesile in defaultposted at 12:31 am Oct 17,2007

Tags: zu  preview 

The Righteous Pagoda is a dungeon used to lock up demons in ZuOnline.It’s designed as a match for different teams. When the fourteams are in position at the four corners, 5 waves of monsters willappear in each corn

ZU Online Dev Diary #1

By: Komido in defaultposted at 11:23 pm Sep 23,2007

Tags: zu 


Zu-Online is a unique combination of two hugely popular genres, martial arts and the fantasy RPG online game. Some Ancient Chinese martial arts and legends have been absorbed into this game, to totally immerse players in a fantasy Chinese environment.


  In order to make Zu-Online a beautifully polished gem among all the enormous online games available, the developers are continuously improving and working on the game. Because the game is continuously undergoing changes and improvements, the designers have been reluctant to part with many details. However, once we get important news from them, we want to share it with our loyal players to give you a special preview of what is to come.


 The development team is adding a new system to the game which will definitely distinguish Zu-Online from other similar games. The new system is full of distinctly Chinese features, many Ancient Chinese buildings and scenery have been added to the new system;and from the screenshots that have already been released, we can see new scenery such as the “Crystal Wall” and the “Ancient Skerry” as well as new monsters, such as the "Rush Fish".

  “Elder Xunzou” is a skittish elder who is crazy about re

Zu Online PK System Explained

By: Brotherbird in defaultposted at 7:31 pm Sep 04,2007

Tags: zu  online 


International Gaming Gate (IGG) today released a small overview concerning the main aspects of Zu Online's PK system. If you're playing the game and you're struggling to understand its ins and outs, this could be a good opportunity to clarify some of the game's most important aspects.


Related Resources: Overview: Zu Online: PK System Feature

ZU Online Challenges Traditional D&D System

By: lesile in defaultposted at 12:42 am Aug 30,2007

Tags: zu  d&d  system 

What are the similarities and differences between the game systems inZU Online and in the traditional D&D system? Usually, intraditional D&D games there are two big factions so that it isobvious who are your compat

Official Site of Zu Online Released

By: lesile in defaultposted at 1:08 am Aug 23,2007

Tags: zu  official  site  released 

With the Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com) alpha test right around thecorner, we are pleased to announce that the official site of Zu Onlinehas been released. This site will be a resource for the testers and allplayers

Official Site of Zu Online Released

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 2:52 am Aug 21,2007

Tags: zu  igg  MMO  Official 

With the Zu Online http://zu.igg.com alpha test right around the corner, we are pleased to announce that the official site of Zu Online has been released. This site will be a resource for the testers and all player

Zu Online: A Preview of Armors for Moonmaiden

By: Komido in defaultposted at 1:29 am Aug 16,2007

Tags: Zu  Zu Online 

    Moonmaidens are revered for their quick attacks, and skillful dexterity while fighting in the Secondary World. They perform well both in short range and long range. They can gain the upper hand on their enemies using special magical abilities. Legends swirl around them, stories of enemies trapped with sorcery and of them appearing out of thin air to attack their enemies quickly and quietly. By the time you know they’re there, it’s already too late. And most mysteriously, is how they’ve earned a reputation for being sweet and beautiful, when they possess skills rivaling the most deadly assassins.

    There are sets of armor for Moonmaidens ranging from level 1 to level 6. Every set has two kinds; one bought and one found. Players could buy one of them in the armor shops in the game and the other can be obtained from mobs.


Crescent Set (lvl 1)

Cold Moon Set (lvl 1)

Butterfly Set (lvl 2)

Butterfly Fairy Set (lvl 2)

Scale Set (lvl 3)

Mermaid Set (lvl 3)

Feather Set (lvl 4)

Peacock Set (lvl 4)

Snowfox Set (lvl 5)

Snowqueen Set (level 5)

Phoenix Set (lvl6)

Birdqueen Set (lvl6)

Zu Online: A Preview of Armor for Sun Warriors

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 6:53 pm Aug 08,2007

Tags: zu  character  armor  IGG  MMO 

IGG has just introduced the armor for Sun Warriors—one of the clans of Zu Online, seen briefly on http://zu.igg.com/. Sun Warriors, with their strong will and steel-like body, are one of the strongest clans in Zu Onlin
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