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I Like Mixing Myself In MMO Worlds

By: MapleTire in defaultposted at 3:05 pm Sep 13,2011

Tags: chaotic  messy  world  jade dynasty  ray city  zentia 


I like really mixing myself into worlds in video games and what better place to see it then in an MMO. I play RayCity for this reason. Maybe the vehicles have unrealistic physics but the fun of seeing players using their vehicles to jump one after another, mix in, crash and just party.

 Same with Jade Dynasty. When it was released, players were meditate and this created a place full of lights. It looked really kool. It's interesting to see what players do with the physics aswell.  I also found this image. I don't know what's happening there but it's looks interesting, also found Jade Dynasty.  I also know Zentia has a few moments of players mixing in with different and unique avatars and that's worth a look to see how players mix themselves in and to see someth

Zentia Memorial Event!

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at 6:26 am May 25,2011

Tags: zentia  F2P  mmo  event  free 


 Memorial Event
Fellow Zentians!
In honor of Memorial Day weekend, Zentia is running a Memorial event that will last from May 25 after maintenance to midnight of May 31. 

Here are the event details:
1. Festival Bulletins in Serene City, Pond City and the Capital City warehouse notify players about the event.
2. NPCs in Serene City, Pond City, and Capital City provide event items.
3. Quest given by Taoist Ting to go to Sunny Temple and burn incense to honor the dead. Completing the quest will provide buffs, XPs, and the unique food Memoriam Fruit.
4. Double XP period for Memorial Day Weekend: May 28 at 12:05am to May 30th at 11:55pm.

So spend some time resting this weekend, thinking about your loved ones, past and present. Then spend the rest of your time honoring your fallen comrades in

Zentia Dance Fever

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at 4:10 pm May 20,2011

Tags: zentia  F2P  mmo  event  free 

Dance Fever


Dance Fever!

There are some places in Zentia where you can join a dance group and dance the night away with your friends while earning experience and cool items like the Animation Paper! This is a great way to earn experience while you are away from your keyboard (AFK).

Travel to Serene City Center and find Dancing Nenny. She may be small but she is not hard to find. You will usually see people dancing with her around the city. You can join in on the fun as well. There is two different ways to join the dance group. You can either right-click on Dancing Nenny and then right-click on her picture at the top of the screen then select Follow. OR… you can just left-click on her and join the Dance Group automatically.



Dancing and Animation



In your journeys, you mi

Zentia's Weekly Treasure Hunt TODAY!

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at 8:32 am May 18,2011

Tags: zentia  F2P  mmo  event  free 


 Wednesday, May 18th, 5:00PM - ~5:30PM PST

Treasure Hunt!

Find the treasure spot with the Pick Up Goblins!

This event will simply be a Treasure Hunt in the Serene Zone. Everyone will have a chance to run out and find a huge pile of Lv 50 Pickup Goblins and beat the loot right out of 'em!

How it works

-There will be a list of 8 coordinates given out at the start of the event, in X,Y format. EX: [ 817,213 ]

-When you see these coordinates, it's up to you to decide which one is the lucky one!

-Travel to these coordinates in search of the one with the Goblins.

-Only 1 of these coordinates will contain any treasure. So if you find it, tell your friends where you are so they can come reap the rewards too!

-The end of this event will not be announced. The event will be over whenever some

Zentia Livestream

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at 8:10 am May 12,2011

Tags: zentia  F2P  mmo  event  free  live 


Watch the Zentia Staff play Zentia! They're now level 2x (I think). 


 Thursday, May 12th @ 3:00PM (Pacific)

Check out our Zentia Livestream! 


Sunday Search for Knowledge Question!

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at 7:52 am May 08,2011

Tags: zentia  F2P  mmo  event  free  facebook 


 It is time for the Sunday Search for Knowledge. Today's prizes are Gold Chips (1 per winner). Question: What is your favorite mount and where did you get it? Please include your IGN and answer at the  Zentia Facebook. For more info head here: http://bit.ly/bOOPcr

Zentia Scrapbook Event

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at 7:34 am May 07,2011

Tags: zentia  F2P  mmo  event  free  double xp  screenshots  faceb 


 Zentians! The Zentia Facebook needs your help. We have very few screenshots and images on the Zentia Facebook and we want more. We are enlisting you to submit the images we need. Upload your funny, awesome, or just plain weird screenshots on Facebook. If we get 500 fan screenshots, we will throw a double XP weekend! The Zentia Team will also be picking a few members who shared their screenshots at random to win a talisman cover, permanent monkey outfit, or gold chips. 

Note: Double XP weekend will occur 2 weeks after contest end date if earned. You can upload more than one image. NO inappropriate images, these will automatically disqualify you. 

If we get the 500 screenshots we desire the whole community will get a double xp weekend.

Random Prizes:
10 Panda Talisman Covers
15 Gold Chips
2 Permanent Outfits

History of MMO Mounts

By: IlikeMMO in defaultposted at 1:47 am Dec 05,2010

Tags: Mounts  Neo Steam  Zentia  Iris Online  World of Warcraft  W 


Mounts are getting plastered in everyone faces as they enter many MMO websites. For those that have difficultly understanding why mounts are a big part of many MMOs... here's the history of what has already been done and you may form your own opinion on mounts.

World of Warcraft Horse

First we have one mount. Typically a horse. A dynamic way to travel in the MMO world.

Neo Steam Lizard

Neo Steam Phoenix

Then developers and artists expanded it to different mounts. They created marine life and birds and other creative elements adding more personality and depth in the world.

Iris Online Ads

Then added more and more mounts to an MMO.

Then a company released an MMO that allowed more then one rider on be mounted on. Wnat to party? Rider a 10 player mount.

What will be the future of mounts? We ju

Zentia ZTV VideoCast - Zentia Goes into Closed Beta!

By: ChangYouZ in defaultposted at 6:59 pm Jul 16,2010

Tags: ChangYou  Zentia  Blade War  Dragon Oath  F2p  mmo  mmorpg  Closed 

First Episode of ZTV News on YouTube   This week was a big week for Zentia, we went into Closed Beta on July 15th!  If you still have no idea what this humorous, free to play MMO is all about, then you need to check out www.ZentiaTheGame.com and see all that this game has to offer.  Zentia is a beautifully rendered MMORPG where players will step into the shoes of one of 22 former immortals who are tasked with ridding the mortal realm of nasty demon creatures in a rigorous quest to earn back immortality.  Zentia features unique characters, 8 classes, hundreds of events, engaging quests, and various mini games if you're just looking for a little leisure.  If you are still looking for a Closed Beta key, check out the Zentia Forums for a list of sites that h
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