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Black Desert: 3 Month Review good and the bad

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 7:46 pm May 25,2016

Tags: Black Desert  MMO  Gaming  MMORPG  Wizard  character creatio 


Here's my thoughts on the game after 3 months :) 

Take Advantage of the exp event to the 1st
PVP is going to even out in Battleground
The game is identified wrong and played wrong
Population isn't booming as expected, but that isn't exactly the complete story
Black Desert is officially a cult hit game
A lot of events for free and get items easily  
Rushing along can hurt your understanding of the game
Can't play with many people
Maybe the most involved game out
Graphics are crazy high end its super awesome. If you can't handle it the game looks kind of bad
Daum is great at understand the region

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Diablo 3: Alkaizer Greater Rift 102 Clear!

By: Mimiron in Diablo IIIposted at 8:10 pm May 19,2016

Tags: diablo  wizard  greater rift  record 


Season 6 is live from June 29 and Alkaizer is yet again, pushing his limits with his Wizard! He has managed to clear Greater Rift 102 achieving Rank 1 in Americas for Season 6 in the Wizard Leaderboards. Currently, he's at Paragon Level 1,600. To check out his build and items, you can visit his armory. Here's a first person video of his milestone!

World First - Season 6 Greater Rift 102 Clear by Alkaizer

What's the highest Greater Rift Level you were able to accomplish thus far in Season 6?

Heroes of the Storm: Li-Ming Spotlight!

By: Mimiron in Heroes of the Stormposted at 4:36 pm Jan 25,2016

Tags: li-ming  wizard  heroes of the storm  diablo 


Blizzard's released a Hero Spotlight featuring an upcoming Hero that joins the Nexus. It's Li-Ming the Wizard from Diablo III. The Hero will require a high skill cap, since her cooldowns reset on enemy kill, so the skill can be compared to playing an Arcane Mage in World of Warcraft back then. You can deal massive damage and get out of mana quickly, which is what can't happen in a MOBA. The key to success is mana management!

It's likely Li-Ming will get released tomorrow, with the Space Lord Leoric Bundle live.

Li-Ming Spotlight

Heroes of the Storm: Xul the Necromancer & Li-Ming the Wizard Revealed!

By: Mimiron in Heroes of the Stormposted at 3:45 pm Jan 21,2016

Tags: hots  necromancer  heroes of the storm  wizard  new heroes 


After yesterday's balance patch that affected some Heroes and the Cleanse ability, Blizzard has finally revealed the two of their latest Nexus additions. The first is D3 Wizard named Li-Ming, while the other is none other than our beloved Necromancer from Diablo II!

Blizzard unveiled the Heroes in the following Twitter post.

Razer Zone managed to get on phone with Dustin Browder, where he revealed the Heroes a little earlier. You can listen to the interview below.

Which Hero will you be playing?

Magicka: Wizard Wars Steam early access

By: Katling21 in Magicka: Wizard Warsposted at 7:25 am Jul 20,2014

Tags: magicka  wizard  wars  moba  online  mmorpg 


Magicka: Wizard Wars is a MOBA based on the popular game Magicka.

In this game you (and your opponents) are wizards. The whole point of this game is to take over spawn points so your opponents cannot respawn when they get killed.


In Magicka: Wizard Wars you can choose between three types of gameplay. Either an 8-player match (4 versus 4), a duel (1 versus 1, duh) or practice. In practice you get a dummy to train your skills as Magicka: Wizard Wars is not a very easy game.


The point of a 4v4 battle is to take over all the spawn points so your enemies cannot respawn. Once you do that and you kill all your enemies, you win the match. During this match you also get minions spawned which help you kill your enemies.


A duel happens in a duel arena, this map is differe

Wizard101: A New Thing to See

By: Wingozillius in defaultposted at 11:59 pm Oct 09,2009

Tags: new  game  wizard101  news  wizard  good 


Hey guys, its Wingo again,

I'm not sure if this game is popular amongst you guys, but here's my point, I LOVE THIS GAME! Haha, although it seems as if its for little children, I'm assuring you that this is something good. I've been playing it ever since last year, and I've seen a lot. As to explain more, visit its official website at:


Doesn't sound attractive, right? Well, believe me, this is a game with pretty good graphics. It doesn't lagg a lot, and it has low system requirements. Its membership fee is normal. Nothing good or bad about it. Although I do have one question unanswered (that I don't bother to ask until now), Is this considered MMO? I find it interesting. It had a Beta Period, but I'm not sure if that makes it an MMO. I don't need to know. Just another game to try out.

Hehe, its really addicting.

See ya guys around!


Pandora Saga(MY) Close Beta Review

By: Alexiellous in Pandora Sagaposted at 8:42 am Jul 19,2009

Tags: pandora  saga  my  alexiellous  mage  wizard  close.beta  review  ch 


First of all, just to notify everyone, if you are interested to download this game, please download it from MMOSite download page as the main site files are corrupted, i tried all the links and it failed during installation.The close beta will end at 20 July 2009, 4pm GMT+8 and i managed to get in on the last day to join the Event Epic War which is today.  I have  lot of fun even though i have no idea what to do in the first place but slowly i followed our commander's instruction and get used to the battlefield sequences.

Here the event details:

This is the first ever Epic War where the three nations clashes. As a citizen of your nation, you must enroll yourself in the army. Your nation needs YOU!

Event Date: 19/07/2009
Event Time: 20:00 – 21:00 (GMT+8)

100,000 Pandora Gold and Random Level 3 Gemstone x 1

Event Guide:

    GM will summon some NPC at Astir Neutral Central Plaza.Kindly follow the steps below to make yourself ready for the Epic War :
      Talk to LvNPC, select Level Up, then click on Reached Lv40 to make your character level to become Lv40.Talk to LvNPC, select Receive Money to get 100,000 Pandora Saga GoldTalk to LvNPC, select Receive change


      By: Seelenfrost in Ragnarok Onlineposted at 1:14 pm Feb 04,2009

      Tags: Mage  Wizard  starting  Job change 



      so, I started playing today, but I decided to make a Mage first, in order to earn some zeny for my Aco.
      So far it's looking good, I managed to hit 10 / 10 before lunch and will complete the mage test as soon as I'm done re-installing the iRO Client.

      So, that's it for now, almost done patching, so I'm gonna play again ^^


      Bronie Europejczyków - Laski Wizarda.

      By: peterek333 in Silkroad Onlineposted at 2:36 am Jun 18,2008

      Tags: Wizard  Laski Wizarda  Laska Wizarda . 

      1Praktyczna magiczna laska wykorzystywana głównie przez uczniów.
      NazwaLvSiła Ataku FizycznegoSiła Ataku MagicznegoWzmocnienie Ataku Fiz.Wzmocnienie Ataku Mag.WytrzymałośćCelność
      Sagittarius Long Staff10.028~350.067.5~82.53924
      Canes Long Staff30.037~450.067.5~82.54028
      Sagitta Long Staff50.047~580.070.2~85.84032


      2Magiczna laska wykonana z brązu z głowicą z rybich łusek.
      NazwaLvSiła Ataku FizycznegoSiła Ataku MagicznegoWzmocnienie Ataku Fiz.Wzmocnienie Ataku Mag.WytrzymałośćCelność
      Pisces Bronze Staff80.064~780.074.5~91.14137
      Cygnus Bronze Staff100.076~930.077.5~94.84241
      Lacerta Bronze Staff130.096~1170.082.3~100.64346


      3Magiczna laska, która wzmacnia siłę magiczną.
      NazwaLvSiła Ataku FizycznegoSiła Ataku MagicznegoWzmocnienie Ataku Fiz.Wzmocnienie Ataku Mag.WytrzymałośćCelność
      Gemini Soul Staff160.0118~1440.087.3~106.74551
      Andromeda Soul Staff180.0133~1630.090.8~111.04555
      Aquila Soul Staff210.0159~1950.096.4~117.84560


      4Magiczna laska, która przetrwała z czasów antycznych. Dodatkowo rzucono na nią zaklęcie zwiększające siłę magiczną.
      NazwaLvSiła Ataku FizycznegoSiła Ataku Mag

      Wizard 101: Preview

      By: vinastalker in defaultposted at 8:22 pm Jun 01,2008

      Tags: wizard  preview 

      Game developers these days seem to agree on one thing: that there’s untapped online gaming potential in the “tween” market, that 9-14 age range that’s always been considered as the awkward transition from childhood to teen. While big companies like SOE and Cartoon Network are working to release their own tween-centric MMOs in the fall (Free Realms and Fusion Fall, respectively) , a small Texas-based company called KingsIsle Entertainment Inc. is poised to unveil Wizard 101 this summer. The company was founded in 2005 by game industry veterans but has been cloaked in secrecy until April of this year, when they announced that they were working on two titles, one of which turned out to be Wizard 101. The other title is still undisclosed.

      Wizard 101 is a multiplayer, online adventure game that starts you out as a Wizard apprentice at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. There you learn how to control your magical powers before you embark on your quest to save Wizard City from the forces of evil.

      As you go through your adventure, you collect spell cards, which you can then use in combat. Combat is therefore, primarily in the form of a collectible card game. Some
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