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New Game: Rend

By: Rankochan in defaultposted at 4:29 pm Mar 16,2017

Tags: rend  overwatch  blizzard  new  game  alpha  wildstar 


A new game has entered Pre-Alpha phase, it's name is Rend!
This hybrid survival game summons players to align with one of three factions before they’re
dropped into a beautiful, but brutal fantasy world where they must strategically team up with other players and
friends to battle enemy creatures and rival factions in a relentless, competitive race towards ascension.
Featuring PvP and PvE, Rend challenges the traditional survival game blueprint with the introduction of player
factions, RPG elements, win/loss conditions and massive, culminating war experiences never before witnessed
by players in this genre. In Rend, players choose how they interact and participate in the world, and are
immediately connected to a larger community that creates a place and purpose for every type of pl

My Thoughts On Wildstar Going Free To Play

By: LUGO Gaming in WildStarposted at 9:22 pm May 28,2015

Tags: Wildstar  Wildstar Free to Play  Wildstar Free 2 Play  Wilds 


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Today, Carbine came out to address the many free to play rumors surrounding their scifi MMORPG Wildstar. This address was an announcement that Wildstar will be going free to play this autumn. Detailed within this announcement are all the things players can expect out of their model. With this announcement, do you think they made the right move?

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Zach Sharpes

MMOSite Official Stream Archive For 8/15/2014!

By: GeorgeWashington in WildStarposted at 1:15 am Aug 19,2014

Tags: Wildstar  Heroes of the storm  Stream archive 


This is the archived footage for the MMOsite Official Stream I did on 8/15/2014. In the stream we did a little bit of Wildstar leveling, then hopped into Heroes of the Storm for a few hours!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

STREAM HIGHLIGHT: Rampaging With Arthas In Heroes of the Storm!

Thanks for watching!

Zach Sharpes

How to make enough Wildstar gold to buy better gear?

By: Wildstar Gold in defaultposted at 1:49 am Jul 14,2014

Tags: Wildstar  Wildstar Gold  Buy Wildstar Gold  Cheap Wildstar G 

It is not easy making Wildstar gold in Wildstar. You can not get any Wildstar gold from early quest rewards and it can be hard to find any sizable spoils. So how to make enough Wildstar gold to buy better gear? Here are some tips for you. 

Collect everything you can find especially in Bleakrock Isle and sell them or keep them as crafting resources. There are many pickables too. Iron ore is the most lucrative one. The price can fluctuate, and you should be cheeky enough and ask people to give you offers. Once you get a monstrous offer, you can make big money. 

Improving your crafting is a good way. For example raw iron can be smelt into ingots, which can make more Wildstar gold than raw iron. Another way is to deconstructing weapons and armors. Precious encha

Playing Wildstar? Get an Authenticator!

By: Tony259 in WildStarposted at 3:46 pm Jul 09,2014

Tags: Wildstar  Authentication 


Carbine is really pushing to try and get players to get an authenticator for wildstar as not only does it offer protection against potential hackers from getting your account but they're offering little goodies as another incentive into getting one as now it seems they are giving away a free account usable mount to use across all characters , you don't need a smartphone or anything in order to get one as you can just download a program that acts as the authenticator or get it straight onto your browser, personally I'd highly suggest getting one anyway as so many players are getting hacked as it seems to be those obviously without the authenticator (there's an addon that tracks bots and detects whether they have it or not), if you want to be one of those "I've never been hacked

For WildStar Gold and Info – WSSALE is Where You Need to Be

By: niasjkm in WildStarposted at 2:08 am Jul 03,2014

Tags: WildStar  Online store 

The long awaited MMO from Carbine Studios, WildStar is one multiuser game that’s been touted consistently as the ‘WoW’ killer. Considering the xanthic styling of caricature and the overall vibe of the universe and its layered twists, this may not be a hyperbole. And when it comes to dissemination of information about this sci-fi MMORPG, or for the quick and easy purchase of WildStar gold, wssale.com is definitely the place to be.
The advantages here are four pronged. First and most important is speed of purchase. Not everyone gets to live their dream and play this game all day all week. Most of the players need to grind it through the week and then try and catch up with the rest over the weekend. Now this can only be possible if one is able to purchase the best weapons and armour. Again, the best and quickest way to do this is to purchase WildStar gold directly. And that is where wssale.com stands out, because here, product orders can be completed in minutes and can be transferred in

Wildstar Walatiki Temple PVP

By: Scion Storm in WildStarposted at 4:31 pm Jun 06,2014

Tags: Wildstar  MMO  MMORPG  Gaming 


This was my very first time in. I had a blast, it was the first time in a long time I could say that. PVP is fast paced and not quite as mindless as people say. In fact playing smart gets you a lot of damage. This is just a quick look of my game.

THe more Wildstar Platinum you buy, the cheaper you will get in our store

By: wildstarplat in WildStarposted at 11:17 pm May 26,2014

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We offer fast and safe Platinum in WildStar to players in our store. It is a good way to save your time and energy for further exploration. Just choose your current level and your desired level in certain time, and we will help you get what you want as you required. And please ensure that you are not in the account as well when we are power leveling your character to avoid account locking or other unnecessary troubles, thanks for your cooperation.


We can make sure all your privacy is 100% secure at our site, do not worry about anything because we are doing best to serve every loyal WildStar Platinum customer here. Just relax and let us deal with all problems, you will enjoy a good journey when buying service at Wildstar-Platinum.com.

Try Wildstar-Platinum.com, enjoy the first class Che

Wildstar - Walatiki Temple PvP guide

By: Tony259 in WildStarposted at 4:02 pm May 09,2014

Tags: Wildstar  PvP  Walatiki temple  guide 


So with Wildstar being in open beta and lots more people coming into the game (and of course launch getting very close) I thought I'd write up this guide that should really help players learn how this battleground works, I my self was quite confused with what was happening when I was first playing so it's understandable when i see newer players to the battleground wondering around cluelessly and doing generally random stuff.

The Objective of this game mode is a "capture the flag" game mode but with "moodie masks" instead of a flag, the winning conditions is to get 5 of them back to your base before the other team does or by some strange idea that the 30 min timer runs out.

So I've marked on the map 3 arrows showing where a mask will spawn at the start of the match and d

Trailers From GC 2011

By: Gunpen in defaultposted at 3:37 am Aug 18,2011

Tags: Wildstar  Guild wars 


 Wildstar   (Ncsoft)

 Guild wars 2


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