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WoW Legion: Discipline Priest Artifact

By: Mimiron in World of Warcraftposted at 9:54 am Jan 26,2016

Tags: discipline priest  artifact  weapon  legion wow 


Light's Wrath is the Discipline Priest's Artifact Weapon in Legion. There are class-unique quest lines in order to get the Artifact weapon that feature lore characters and are staged, pretty much like Scenarios.

Discipline Priest Artifact Intro

What are Artifacts?

In Legion, there will be no weapon drops. Instead, players obtain a spec-specific weapon (Artifact) and upgrade it throughout the expansion, as it will grow in power. Every Artifact Weapon has several appearances for transmogrification purposes. 

Light's Wrath Appearance

The screenshot below demonstrates how the weapon for Disc Priests looks like.

WoW 7.0 Artifacts Preview

By: Mimiron in World of Warcraftposted at 3:45 am Oct 26,2015

Tags: artifact  weapon  patch 7.0  wow 


WoW Legion was unveiled at gamescom, but we're going to be looking at one of its most interesting features - Artifacts

In Patch 7.0, which is supposed to be initial WoW Legion's Patch, there will be no weapon drops. Instead, all Heroes will acquire so-called Artifact weapons early in-game that will grow in power alongside players. A resource named Artifact Power will be earned through engaging in most types of play and players can use this power to unlock trait trees for their Artifacts to enhance their power. Each class specialization will have own artifact weapons, so in total there will be 36. This means that a subtlety rogue will have different Artifact weapons from a combat rogue.

Ashbringer Customization

Players will be able to customize the appearance of their Artifact weapon

Archlord: Battle Square

By: SirAbaddon in ArchLord: Arch Battle of the Worldposted at 7:19 am Dec 27,2011

Tags: archlord  battlesquare  release  battle  square  new  weapon 


Archlord: Battle Square (Part 1)


With the re-release of Battle Square (it had been removed before the transfer from Codemasters to Webzen), Archlord has re-instated a leveling zone for low and high levels alike with a twist. This zone adds up to the previously released Chaotic Frontier, Battleground and Poison, Lightning and Ice Worlds. 

Old CM players will remeber good old Magmaron and how hard he used to hit us.


With zones restricted by the character level, Archlord guarantees leveling areas for everyone.

In order to be able to access each area, there are some pre-requisites that need to be fulfilled.


In this area you can have loot both from killing mobs and killing other players as the VP (Villain Points) System is disabled here (just like in Battlegro

Twelve Sky 2 Weapons and Armors Collection

By: dreamyknight in Twelve Sky 2posted at 11:47 pm Dec 22,2009

Tags: armor  weapon  twelvesky2  suits 


Based on an oriental fantasy theme of ancient China, Twelve Sky 2 offers a uniquely intense and addictive faction vs. faction based gaming system. As a game which is filled with fight and action, weapons and armors is of paramount in the game. And the game does provide numerous weapons and armors for players. Today, we collected all of the 3 factions' weapons and armors for players who are interested in the game.

All of the 3 factions(Guanyin, Fujin, and Jinong) have their own type of weapons. Guanyin's weapons are sword and blade while Fujin's are katana and double blades. And Jinong's weapons are long spear and light blade. In fact there is a fourth faction, the Nangin. However, this faction is not available at character creation but players can join this faction by achieving a high level. Players will use their former factions' weapons after join in Nangin.

You can view all of the weapons and armors here.


Twelve Sky 2


Twelve Sky 2


Twelve Sky 2



Twelve Sky 2

If you want to know more about the game, welcome to 12sky mmosite zone.


In-Game Weapons

By: Ottoha in All gamesposted at 7:30 am Mar 07,2009

Tags: weapon  sword  mace  shield  axe  staff  wand  bow  rpg  gam 


Hi again,


Today I'm gonna write a little about the in-game weapons on RPGs. Some poeple do choose their character over the weapon, and some people might not know de difference between them. I know that every game has a different specification for their weapons, but some things hardly change.

Lets go to them:


1) MELEE WEAPONS:Weapons designed for closed combat. Need to be near the enemy in order to attack him.

1.1) The 1-Handed Weapons:

Used by: Warriors, Daggers.

These are the most common weapons you can find in any game. And their main characteristic is to let an open hand. To what? The shield of course xD.

They come in basicaly 3 different types: The Sword, the Axe, and the Mace.

A) The Sword: A light weapon. Doesn't require a lot of strenght to use and has low damage compared to the other types. The classic companion of a fighter. Swords have better attack speed then maces and axes.

  -The Dagger: Lighter and smaller then the sword. Deal less damage, but has greater attack speed. Often used in pairs by Daggers classes.


B) The Mace: An intermediary weapon in terms of requiriments, damage and speed. Has more damage then the sword, but less speed.

Voyage Century: Fatal Weapons

By: platy in Voyage Centuryposted at 2:13 am Sep 28,2008

Tags: voyage  century  weapon 

Today the folks at Voyage Century are going to talk about some of the cool gear available in the game. As you probably know, there are four basic weapons players can use in Voyage Century, falchion, sword, axe and gun. Each of them has their own unique advantages. However many players tend to master all of the four weapons so that they will have some benefits during PK.

Let’s take a look at some refined weapons.

Many Voyage Century players know that the Black Dragon weapons were the most powerful gear in the game, but after the release of the Colony Age version, refined Level 120 weapons have actually become more powerful. The hit rates and critical strike rates and the power of refined weapons are definitely higher than any other weapons. A Refined Giant Bone Warblade and a Refined Fatal Cross Gun are the best choices for players who like instant kills.

Let’s take a look at the coveted Blood Knight Gear.

The attributes of Blood Knight Gear and Accurate Knight Gear are so high that many players dream of getting one at any cost. Unlike refined weapons, you don’t need to use some impossible-to-get materials to make Blood Knight Gear, instead you can buy them in Lev

MWO Weapon

By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at 7:06 pm Sep 24,2008

Tags: mmo  mwo  rpg  weapon 


Great SwordA simple and widely used weapon for newbies.
Steel Great SwordCreated out of good steel
Army Great SwordPractical and reasonably priced.
Sergeant Sword (Refined)Made exclusively for army.
Chevalier SwordA common weapon used for military warriors.
Chevalier Great Sword (Refined)Used by mighty warriors.
Stab SwordUsed for shock actions.
Knight's Sword (Refined)Exclusive used by knights.
Emblem ScimitarA nice and practical broadsword.
Commander's Sword (Refined)Used exclusively by the commander.
Surfy SwordEchoes when waved.
Flame Sword (Refined)Makes sparks when waved.
Blade SwordReplica of the sword owned by the swordsman with the cross-shaped scar.
Templar Sword (Refined)Used by Templar Warriors.
Year SwordA replica of the sword used by the God of Time.
Fate Sword (Refined)A sword was blessed by the God of Time.
Oracle SwordA holy sword given by God to heroes.
Thearchy Sword (Refined)Oracle's Sword designed according to Titan's Sword.
King's SwordA holy sword given by God to heroes.
Emperor's Sword (Refined)Oracle's Sword designed according to Titan's Sword.
Fire-forge SwordA holy sword given by God to heroes.
Luna Sword (Refined)Oracle's Sword designed according to Titan's Sword.

Soul of Growing Weapon

By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at 7:41 pm Aug 28,2008

Tags: mmo  mwo  rpg  Growing  Weapon 


Soul of Growing Weapon is a "must-have" item in MWO. It'll make your weapon grows stronger as the weapon level increase. This item is obtainable through a level 20 Quest from NPC at Novice Village (Billy - Empire)(Sharisson - Dynasty). You can also get it from trading with other players or buy from auction house.

Type of Soul & Growth Value Table

Growth / Type

 Soul of Growing WeaponSoul of Growing Weapon Soul of Growing Weapon Soul of Growing Weapon 

Physical Attack Soul

Skill Attack Soul

Critical Physical Strike Soul

Hit Soul





































































































RF Online: weapon info updated

By: FloatCloud in RF Onlineposted at 10:23 pm Jan 27,2008

Tags: rf  weapon  recipe 


RF Vault has updated the info about the weapons, includeing Class-A, Class-B, Class-C, Special weapons and related recipes of them.

Check them in the weapon page, if you find some errors or have any new info, post it here or mail to Vault3@mmosite.com

The Ultimate guide to Blue weapons and there effects

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 6:38 pm Jul 15,2007

Tags: 9dragons  guide  blue  weapon  effect 

---[General Note: This Guide is No where near finished or complete. Ifanyone spots any mistakes in the guide and/or new \"Weapon-Titles.\"Please post them in the forum so I may rectify these mistakes. I shallOnly c
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