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Double Standards for Video Games

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 5:29 pm Jul 17,2011

Tags: double  standards  video  games  flame  rant 


This is just going to be a long rant. If you are reading this, this is what you are going to get. My main inspiration from this is the IGN and Gamespot reviews, which tend to be heavily biased in their reviews of games. Big name franchises get a pass as great games while smaller ones get called out for repetition. The point of this? Games need to be judged individually on their own OR taking other similar games including their own series into account. They should not be choosing just one or the other.


One of things that I have noticed over the years is that the big name titles draw much more attention and are much more accepted into the gaming world as something great and awe inspiring. The problem is that not much changes between the games and they have become franchise games where they just release a game each year with a little reskinning or change of location. When another game tries to do this, they get called out for being a copycat game and just repackaging their old game a

Cabal II Gstar Video Analysis

By: DarkG0d in defaultposted at 5:45 am Nov 27,2010

Tags: caba  2  II  new  video  analisys 



Here Cabal II Gstar Video Analysis 

I wont be giving any information about the game since We don't have any yet
But as we already know Gstar gave us a video about the game a small teaser
the game really looks to be in a very early state hence we got a slight preview of the maps

The game will be the 1st mmorpg that would be made in Cry Engine 3, the very same the upcoming Crysis II is been bade, So Lets keep our Expectations Hight as we must expect a lot out of it
ESTsoft Officially Announced the game would have a playable demo in Gsyar 2010 but we haven't seen any yet , don't know when G-star conv will end , so I don't really know if they will actually going to give as a demo to try this year.

What We can see in the maps they have removed the small based maps as they had in Cabal I
That will extent the game in to a greater level.

As I can Judge from the video there will be be a Jump System in Cabal II , who knows maybe they will Introduce . Systems made in B&S (h

Top 10 Protagonist in Video Game!

By: OverTheRainbow in defaultposted at 5:05 am Aug 17,2010

Tags: top  10  protagonist  video  game 


10. Leon S. Kennedy

Leon S. Kennedy is a protagonist in Resident Evil 2 and the main protagonist in Resident Evil 4. He first appears in Resident Evil 2 as one of the two main protagonists and is a recently-hired police officer. He is partnered with Ada Wong who claims to find his boyfriend missing. He faces a few of Umbrella's mutant creatures on his attempt of finding an escape route. Kennedy returns as the main protagonist in Resident Evil 4. He once again teams up with Ada Wong, and Luis Sera, and the merchant.


9. Lara Croft

Lara Croft is the main protagonist from the awesome video game, Tomb Raider series. Lara is shown to be an athletic woman. She is presented as a beautiful, intelligent, and athletic adventurer who ventures into ancient, hazardous tombs and ruins around the worl

TERA - [Video] Alternate Controller Test

By: Dumylo in T-Crewposted at 6:54 pm Apr 08,2010

Tags: tera  video  controller 


Something amazing - Play with controller.

That's Wii!!

Tera - Alternate Controller Test - Reel 7 of 12

Author: EN MASSE Entertainment

TERA test series utilizing assorted console controllers. Reel 7 of 12.


En Masse Entertainment


From Youtube.

Stylish shooting Anime Action-- S4 League Review

By: DrProfessor in S4 Leagueposted at 2:02 pm Sep 08,2009

Tags: S4  league  review  video  preview  shooter  over  the shoul 


Well... Honestly- I was going to wait untill a few weeks from now to upload this... But- its come to my attention that there actually is no review of S4 League on this website! (Group gasp) or rather, when using the search bar, one doesnt come up. So, I couldnt let my favorite mmo site go without a decent review of my favorite over the shoulder shooter!


The video review of this game was finished. So check it out here if you want to, or read the written review for whatever odd reason you have. I mean- I have a written review, I figure, might as well post it rather than just the video...... Anyway.  I hope you enjoy and that its informative enough as well, and please comment, I need your help to do more!



S4 League is an online third person shooter featuring an assortment of skills, weapons, and stylish anime graphics. This is actually one of my favorite shooter mmos.

 SPECIAL FEATURES:Skill System:  The skill system allows every player one skill which can be bought in game. The skills range from wings, to a shield blocking all projectiles, to turning temporarily invisible. Almost all skills steadily drain SP while theyre being used and it

Granado Espada: Shattered Hearts- a film by the Tokoyoshi Family

By: mh644 in defaultposted at 9:33 pm Jan 21,2009

Tags: shattered hearts  sotnw  granado espada  fan  video 


Excerpt from Sword of the New World forums:

Finally, after four months of filming and editing is released.

This is one of the Tokoyoshi + LC's MAJOR Production..

It involves over twenty Le´ Çonquistador Faction members in the acting,

and six Official Tokoyoshi + LC Production members

to produce this second episode to the Shattered Hearts Series.


This is a fan-made video featuring characters from SOTNW: Granado Espada. I did NOT make this! This is here because I want to spread the word on such a great piece of work from gamers of SOTNW, like myself :D . Enjoy watching it and support fan & gamer creations! I've included the first episodes so that you can see the whole story unfold.

For more info check here

Shattered Hearts

Shattered Hearts II Episode I part 1

Shattered Hearts II Episode I part 2


Shattered Hearts II Episode II The Will Part 1 of 2

Shattered Hearts II Episode II The Will Part 2 of 2

I Hold an Honour on YOUTUBE!

By: buddj1 in defaultposted at 1:43 am Oct 18,2008

Tags: youtube  buddj1  most  viewed  world  video  mmosite 


I was on my channel a couple of days back, and I noticed I had an award posted onto my Information panel!

I was so chuffed haha, and I'm still actually holding that Honour/Award today!


My Awards are:

#33 - Most Viewed (Today) - Musician 

#36 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Musicians


That's why I was so chuffed haha.

I've decided to basically upload any type of music genre/taste/popualrity videos!


So, If you want anything in particular to be uploaded to my channel, for your viewing pleasure. Please post the request on my channel wall, and I'll see what I can do!

Please Subscribe & add me as a friend.

(Say who you are on here btw)

I was hoping I could put on my channel, that MMOsite is my sponsor, is that okay?


Aerdin Cat Gameplay Video

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 8:57 pm Jul 19,2007

Tags: darkfall  video  Aerdin Cat  Gameplay  MMO 

It was nice that DF Warcry took the blame for the lack of update last week but it's our fault as well. We had to travel on business which took longer than expected, and then E3 got in the way so we all got behind and los

Sony Still Working on Video Distribution Service

By: lesile in defaultposted at 1:42 am Jul 10,2007

Tags: sony  video  distribution 

Sony's droppin' E3 bombs today. By now, of course, you've heard the big news -- the incoming PS3 price cut confirmed as of this morning.But, while your ears were ringing from the aftershock of that one, it's quite possib
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