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Lightning Strikes Skills Preview

By: ExcEsc in DC UNIVERSE ONLINE posted at 1:26 am Dec 07,2011

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DC Universe Online Lightning Strikes DLC is now Live and you may now purchase the DLC for $9.99 or have it free if you have the Legendary Account access. You may now start creating your new character with Electricity Power Set and it may be inspired by Black Lightning for the Heroes or Livewire for the Villains. The electricity power set is mostly focused on healing support skills. Here's a short early game footage of my character inspired by Flash with Super Speed ability and Electricity Power set.

You may also check out this list of skills in the Electricity Power Set. 


Tesla BlastHits an enemy with a bolt of electricity Bioelectric SurgeInstantly restores Health to the most injured group mate and yourself WiredImbues yours and up to 3 group members weapon attacks wi

Some thoughts about Entropia Universe

By: Terminaato13 in defaultposted at 4:49 pm Jan 02,2011

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First of all, Happy New 2011 Year everyone!!!

Right on the first day of this year I remembered about this awesome community and decided to finally start developing here. As such, I got an idea about starting making blog entries    In my first (and therefore the most official) entry I'd like to talk about Entropia Universe.


Although it doesn't have a separate forum for it, Entropia Universe is also a MMORPG. So why did I choose it and not some other game? Because it's different from all others that exist and are popular these days. The one thing that makes it so popular and so different is its "real economy". The game currency, PED, is basically bound to real American Dollar. To get PED, you have to buy it for real money. The trade rate is 10:1 (for 1$ you g

Vendetta Online: Player Conquerable Station

By: Miexon in Vendetta Onlineposted at 2:54 pm Apr 05,2010

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  Vendetta Online: Player Conquerable Station Added 

The new player conquerable station that was recently added to the space MMO Vendetta Online, has definitely added a new element of conquest and warfare into the universe. Guild Software implemented this large update initially on January 23, a day for the Vendetta Online (or “VO”) history books. This addition to the game is quite impressive considering the development team consists of only four individuals. Since it's implementation on January 23, the game has had four patches that have gone on to add new features, such as the unique manufacturing mission, to the new conquerable station. Guild software is planning on releasing even more conquerable stations in the near future throughout gray space as all bugs and balance issues are dealt with. 

The station itself can be conquered once all of its defensive turrets are destroyed. After the turrets are destroyed, the first person to dock can generate or selec

Sega's Phantasy Star Universe Getting Cash Shop

By: Zanpakutou in Phantasy Star Universeposted at 2:59 pm Feb 09,2009

Tags: phantasy  star  universe  flame  rant  new  update  class  b 


NOTES: PC/PS2 notes that I mention are based on the statistics of the English version, NOT the Japanese version. The Xbox 360 servers are global, that means the US/EU play with the Japanese unlike the PC/PS2 version. However, the information I have on PC/PS2 is dated because I haven't played it in 3 months or so. Also, traditionally, only special events such as Maximum Attack G (MAG) and rare missions give out higher exp and drop rates.

This is one of the recent updates posted at Sega's official Japanese Phantasy Star Universe website


This is a graph showing the number of players on Phantasy Star Universe for the last year. The US PC/PS2 servers has about 300 active players during peak hours down from around 500-600 during its peak hours just a bit over a year ago.

In the last year, the population has dropped significantly even with the release of Phantasy Star Portable. One of the reasons behind this is Sega's constant screw ups within the last year. In December of 2007, a few hackers were allowed to run rampant on the PC/PS2 servers and even crashed many players. This continued for about 2 weeks before Sega employees came back from their

Phantasy Star Universe Review

By: Zanpakutou in Phantasy Star Universeposted at 10:55 am Oct 04,2008

Tags: phantasy  star  universe  blue  burst  online  ambition  ill 


Phantasy Star Universe (PSU) is the follow up to SEGA's last popular action MMORPG dungeon crawler thing called Phantasy Star Online (PSO) and Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst (PSO:BB). The game is basically broken down into dungeon crawling with a small group of people who are either Warriors, Gunners, or Mages. PSU was released a few years back and through elaborate schemes has managed to provide weekly updates and remained quite popular. Most of the files necessary in their "updates" are contained in the installation already. They just make a small patch to unlock some of the content each week to seem like there are updates every week.  If you play on Xbox, you have voice chat but are on separate servers from the PC and PS2 versions. Normal PSU and the Ambition of the Illuminous (AoTI) expansion play on the same servers but normal PSU players are capped at level 100 and can't access any of the new missions or content which remain AoTI exclusive. All AoTI exclusive content is displayed in yellow letters instead of white.

The story is broken down into 3 parts. Phantasy Star Portable fits in as Episode 1.5. Ambition of the Illuminous takes place in Episode 2 a

Phantasy Star Portable

By: bakawaltz in defaultposted at 9:47 am May 28,2008

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I'm shur yu guys have heard of the Phantasy Star series right? RIGHT?? o.o;;
Well, there's been news and everything lately spread across the reaches of the interwebs but since I just started up blogging here, I might as well rant about this.
Yepp, the PSP is getting it's own Phantasy Star game and it's no remake, oh boy. >.>
The only thing that disappoints is the lack of online game play. (only ad-hoc and infrastructure) So you need to know someone with the game.
One of the coolest things I think is the option to use your character from PSU! (Phantasy Star Universe)
I've played PSO from the Dreamcast to the Gamecube and also Blue Burst and I've always wanted to try PSU. I might start it sometime this summer if I get the chance.. And the money. =.= haha
Here's the box art and it looks quite spiffy I do say so myself. Trailer and Intro is out there too, look it up on YouTube or GameTrailers.
If your PSP has been lonely, pick this up when it comes stateside (if it does, let's cross our fingers).

It's set for release in Japan on July 31st 2008. Import if you wish, or wait for a USA release to be announced.

Planets, worth our time? Space time continuum.

By: buddj1 in defaultposted at 1:45 pm Feb 27,2008

Tags: Space  Galaxy  Universe  Science 


This article took along time to write, however small it may seem!

I was thinking the other day, as you do, why are we here? Why Does life exist, adn is the Universe infinite? People claim it to be, but how do

EU: Virtual World Entropia Universe And GNN Launch Entropia Universe In Brazil

By: lesile in defaultposted at 1:16 am Oct 12,2007

Tags: entropia  universe  gnn  brazil 

MindArk and GNN announce a cooperation to promote the Entropia Universein Brasil. GNN publishes and services highly engaging online games andcultivates dynamic player environments. The company puts gamers firstby g

EU: Version Update 9 Preview

By: lesile in defaultposted at 12:26 am Sep 19,2007

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Version Update 9.0 will allow all Entropia Universe participants toremodel their avatars using a brand new Avatar Creation system. While this isn't cryENGINE, we were still so excited by the results here at MindArk t


By: Brotherbird in defaultposted at 1:20 am Jun 08,2007

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LEGO announces LEGO Universe as the title of the upcoming LEGO-themed MMOG in the works at NetDevil:

BILLUND, DENMARK - June 7, 2007 - The LEGO(R) Group today announced LEGO Universe as the official title for the upcoming MMOG being developed by NetDevil(R) to further engage the company’s dedicated and active community. LEGO Universe, currently planned for launch in the fourth quarter of 2008, is designed as the first MMOG professionally developed for LEGO fans and supported by community members from around the world.

"LEGO Universe ties together all aspects of our community and line of products in an online environment that can be enjoyed by LEGO fans of all ages," said Mark William Hansen, Director of Business Development, LEGO Universe. "By merging the online world of social interaction with the LEGO concept of play, LEGO Universe will provide our community with an entirely new way to experience LEGO and connect with other players in a fun and imaginative setting."

The full-featured MMOG will be complete with character advancement, expansive social and community features, and will provide a child-safe alternative to other MMOGs on the market. As a player, you'll be able to

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