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10 Speedy Free to Play MMORPGs? What a joke

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 6:00 pm Sep 09,2009

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Original list



I'm 100% sure that this "easy to level" stuff only applies up to a certain level. All games are like that and at some point it will turn into an epic grind. That point is determined by the developers.


10) With Your Destiny

At first glance this looks fast but then so did MU. How did they counter this? There's 400 possible levels for your character. To top it off there's the God, Celestial God, etc. ranks as well which could be other ways to extend the grind. It doesn't matter if the first 50 levels are fast. You still have 350 more to go. Its like playing Disgaea if it was online. Are you really prepared to grind 30 levels in the same spot?

9) Gods War Online

It explains itself. The fact that you have to go AFK to level up your character doesn't mean its fast. It means its so grindy that no human player could ever get far into the game. Shouldn't you be fun playing your game? Not waiting for the game to catch up so you can continue playing? Also, wouldn't this create an enormous bot problem because you can't tell normal players from bots? If bots are few in num

Top 10 moments of gaming!

By: doogie in defaultposted at 12:14 am Aug 22,2009

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Alright we all know of those omg! or WTF! moments that happen during a game. Like the WTF! moment in legend of zelda. Where you forget to get the long shot and not being able to get through the water temple but your stuck so you have to reset the whole game! or the moment in mario bros 3 where your at the last boss but you get hit by one little stupid boomerang. Well these are some top 10 wtf/omg/oh yeah moments of gaming.


10. WTF MOMENT! (Super Contra 3 snes - Over head stages!)

Alright so we all remember this game right?


Well did you ever beat the first stage and go, "Damn! That was really hard!?" Well if you did then you know what comes next. Yes the over head stage on a highway. No one understood why this was in the game but no one saw the point considering it was hard as hell. Nothing was fun about that it was just plain hell and hard! To make it worse theres more then one time!


9. WTF/OMG MOMENT! ( Megaman games in general)

Dont get it wrong you know who this cool blue guy is and no he is not sonic!

Megaman is his name and you can not be a true gamer with out playing at least one of his games let alone knowing them. So this is not only a wtf mo

Top 5 Free MMORPGs With the Best Music (With Videos/Music!)

By: FreeMMORPGs in defaultposted at 4:13 pm Apr 23,2009

Tags: Free  MMORPG  Music  Best  Top  Videos 


One thing that I feel a lot of MMORPGs and MMO neglect is music. Now, I’ve never really experienced ‘epic’ music from a game until I played Final Fantasy X for the Playstation 2, but the fact that so many MMOs have such uninspiring graphics is a bit sad. I don’t expect epic music from any MMO I play, but having good music certainly enhances the enjoyment of an MMO. Without further adu here is the official MMO Hut ‘Top 5 MMORPGs / MMOs with The Best Music”:

5. Project Powder

This one was a tough call. The fact is since there are so many free MMORPGs and MMOs, there are more than five titles with good music. The music itself in Project Powder is good, but not great. The reason though that Project Powder made it onto this list is that the game’s music fits the fast paced snowboarding MMO really well. The music really helps the player get into the ‘zone’ while racing down the game’s slopes.

4. Perfect World

This one was a tough pick. Perfect World certainly has good music, but unfortunately it only has a few ‘great’ tracks, as most of them aren’t anything special. Actually, if you’re looking for music in a

Top 5 greatest boss battles in a video game

By: Vincent__Valentine in defaultposted at 3:53 am Nov 29,2008

Tags: Top  Five  Bosses  GLaDOS  Sephiroth  Ansem  Shadow  of  The 


Through out history, man kind has seen it' share of boss battles in the gaming world. But which ones are the best? Which are the funniest? Well let's find out.

Number 5: The Colossi from Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

These suckers were hard as crap. On average it takes a person 10 minutes (first colossus) to (in my case) 4 hours for the main boss. Each colossus differs in size, shape, and difficulty as do most bosses. Each one has vital points that you must stab (shank, puncture, cut, etc.) in order to bring it's life down. Getting to those vitals...let's say it's harder than it looks. There are a total of sixteen of these huge guys (only a couple small ones).




Number 4: Sephiroth of Final Fantasy VII (PS)

Don't we all just love the bosses with swords longer than a football stadium? Seriously! This guy is just plain hard! After he made a guest appearance in Kingdom Hearts II, Final Fantasy VII fans were thrilled to take a shot at this mini-boss to get a new keyblde. Sadly, but funny, they got their butts kicked after realizing that you would probably need to be 70-99 and have Ultima Weapon just to beat him. Won't those defeats make great bloopers?



Free to play MMORPG top 10!

By: liamkincaid in defaultposted at 5:00 am Oct 15,2008

Tags: free mmorpg  free mmog  free mmo  best  mmorpg  top 


1-Sword of the New World: Granado Espada
2-Perfect World
5-Rose Online
6-Holic Online
8-RF Online

Source: freeMMOGamer.com

Top 5 in all servers! (Second Round)

By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at 6:49 pm Oct 07,2008

Tags: mwo  mmo  rpg  top 



No.1 thommo

No.2 Hamie

No.3 *Narydorwen*

No.4 DeadlyArow

No.5 Charice


No.1 Mythice

No.2 Shaoyu

No.3 kisha

No.4 kenjiro

No.5 ShortBus3


No.1 Archer_Baron

No.2 Azarkan

No.3 BlueDevil

No.4 DeathBringer

No.5 Haze

Please pm to GM tell them your class. They will send wing to your mailbox.


ToP: Halloween Activities

By: Komido in defaultposted at 6:34 pm Oct 16,2007

Tags: top  halloween 


★Activity A:

Monsters and Mooncakes

★Activity Time:
Start at 06:00 ET(GMT-4) October 17th

During the activity time, players can obtain mooncakse by defeating the relevant monsters. After eating the special cakes, players will be able to gain quite a number of Exp instantly. And also, you can bring the cakes to NPC Bingo (2231, 2715) at Argent city to exchange for some items or equipments

99 cakes can be exchanged for 10 Locks of Mystic;
100 cakes can be exchanged for one Amplifier of Luck;
200 cakes can be exchanged for one Treasure Map;
300 cakes can be exchanged for one 99 Parcels;
2000 cakes can be exchanged for a Gem of Soul/Rage/Colossus/Striking/Wind;
3000 cakes can be exchanged for one Level 65 Boss Armor

You can defeat these monsters to get the Mooncakes:

◎Sand Bandit

◎Sand Raider

◎Rookie Boxeroo

◎ Miner Mole

◎Richie the Sixth

◎Feral Wolf

◎Sand Bandit Leader

◎Grassland Wolf

◎Snowy Tusk Boar

◎Jack the Pirate's Sailor

◎Rock Golem


◎Naive Snow Doll

◎Fragile Snow Doll

◎Playful Snow Doll

◎Snow Lady

◎Crazy Sheep


Top 5 Male in Holy City

By: right79 in defaultposted at 2:43 am Oct 11,2007

Tags: igg  zu online  top 

High Swordsman
The undisputed master of the Swordsmen in Holy City. While he appears quite respectable, and is regarded as the most talented swordsman in Zu, most people usually simply call him the “High Swordsman”, because nobody knows his real name… He usually wears golden robes and heavy armor, with 3 immense swords strapped to his back. A prominent scar mars his rugged face, testament to his many extraordinary experiences.

Gear Judge            
A grizzled man resembling a blacksmith, he carries a large sword upon his back. He wears brown robes and red armor.


Voyage Century Top Guild Activity

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 2:50 am Aug 30,2007

Tags: guide  top  voyage  MMO 

Voyage Century http://vc.igg.com will launch its first large guild war soon. The champion will not only has their name immortalized on the Honor Board but also obtain 2 billion silver coins. A large guild war for the T

ToP: Chinese Valentine\'s Day Event

By: Komido in defaultposted at 10:55 pm Aug 16,2007

Tags: ToP  Tales of Pirates 

Who is the girl of your dreams in the game? Who shares happiness and tragedy with you while fighting and promoting? They are a gleam of sunlight in an otherwise gloomy day… Their slightest touch on the keyboard feels like the caress of the spring breeze… Do you have an unforgettable moment you'd like to share? Do you have thousands of words you want to say to them while walking hand in hand? "Chinese Valentine's Day"—is one of the Traditional Chinese Holidays... The festival is held on the 7th day of the seventh lunar month. It is said that the Chinese Romeo and Juliet date in the Milky Way on this day. It is the most romantic festival among the traditional Chinese festivals. --Build a love bridge between you and your lover! Time: August 15 –August 20Location: Forum TOP Media Overview Contents:1.      Before August 20, players should find a "lover" in the game of TOP. Take a group photo with your lover and post the screenshot in the defined location of the forum. Remember to write down what you want to say to him/her in your post (within 400 letters).2.      Player should provide the server name and both character names in the post.3.      Each couple cannot post the same screensho
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