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New Gears for TERA Online

By: ExcEsc in TERAposted at 2:52 am Jan 28,2012

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Hangame Korea and BlueHole released some screenshots featuring some of the upcoming equipable accessories and armor that will be implemented in the next patch for Tera Online. Though there is no official word about these unexplored areas in the screenshot whether it will be available in the coming patch or not.

some suseful link for tera

By: ellie3z in defaultposted at 10:11 pm Nov 15,2011

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how to unlock account : http://www.gmbase.com/bbs/Topic-B171-T8095.aspx
Modifications of Password Protection and Mailbox:http://www.gmbase.com/bbs/Topic-B171-T8055.aspx
how to charge time card : http://www.3zoom.com/mmo/mmo-1473.html

how to use vpn : http://www.3zoom.com/mmo/mmo-1720.html
I have a link for the common problem in Tera(kr) ,you cant ready Korean ,but you can find out the problem .
hope these hopeful for my friends .


Tera delayed to Spring 2012

By: End_Break_Fomar in TERAposted at 1:33 pm Aug 03,2011

Tags: tera  delay  mmorpg  lineage III 


Sadly, En Masse Entertainment has redacted their 2011 release and changed the target release for Spring 2012. For those of you following the game, you might know that this game was "Westernized" by the same producer who "Westernized" Aion. AKA Brian Knox, who simply released a translated version of Aion one year after the Korean release. With spam bots roaming free in the first week. Looks like we'll be getting the same treatment again. Except he actually wanted to do something this time so he is going to censor the Elin race.

Though no reason was stated for the game's delay, other than "it was'nt ready yet", EME has stated they will be testing "PvP server settings, overall progression, quest feedback, BAM (big-ass monster) fights, our brand new pl

Will TERA Kick Off the Decade of MMORPGs?

By: MapleTire in TERAposted at 12:31 am Apr 20,2011

Tags: TERA  2010  Decade  Represent  MMORPGs 


The upcoming MMORPG, TERA biggest attraction will be the real time combat system. You may run around the field, slaying players and monsters in real time. No pointing and clicking, waiting 5 seconds waiting for the next turn or turn based actions.

Here's what TERA may do with current MMORPGs. While players are used to waiting for those cooldown times, turn based combats and lags, there always a chance that it will make the previous MMORPG's obslete or it would die down the trend alittle bit. Kiss goodbye to those 5 second laggy waiting cooldown times for your next attack or turn based actions.

If this is the case and TERA becomes popular in making those mechanics work, I think that TERA will lead this decade of MMORPGs and represent that MMORPG will offer in the future, hence why I think

The Ultimate Korean Language for Dummies Guide

By: dog9986 in TERAposted at 10:06 pm Jan 11,2011

Tags: Korean Language  tera  tera guide 


 Ok, since people have trouble reading Korean on games and translating them into English (a good example would be RO2 maps with the areas in Korean translated roughly into English) and other (various) reasons. I'll start off with Korean keyboard layout.

 How to get a Korea MMO account ?

Foreign MMO Guide: Register,Client Download, Install, FAQ

Korean Typing - Layout
q - ㅂ

Shift + q - ㅃ

w - ㅈ

Shift + w - ㅉ

e - ㄷ

Shift + e - ㄸ

r - ㄱ

Shift + r - ㄲ

t - ㅅ

Shift + t - ㅆ

y - ㅛ

u - ㅕ

i - ㅑ

o - ㅐ

Shift + o - ㅒ

p - ㅔ

Shift + p - ㅖ

a - ㅁ

s - ㄴ

d - ㅇ

f - ㄹ

g - ㅎ

h - ㅗ

j - ㅓ

k - ㅏ

l - ㅣ(No, I didn't make a mistake)

z - ㅋ

x - ㅌ

c - ㅊ

v - ㅍ

b - ㅠ

n - ㅜ

m - ㅡ

How To Type & Structure Korean Letters and Characters
Korean letters also have vowels and constanants. The constanants in Korean (keyboard layout I meant) are q, shift + q, w, shift + w, e, shift + e, r, shift + r, t, shift + t, a, s, d, f, g, z, x, c, and v (the rest are vowels). Constanants always go first and vowels come after a co

TERAHispano Interviews Jason BrotherMagneto Mical

By: Asgeir in TERAposted at 11:47 am Jul 07,2010

Tags: TERA  Game Balance  Race Differentiation  Aesthetics  Brothermag 


TERAHispano  recently talked with En Masse Entertainment's Community Director Jason "BrotherMagneto" Mical in the first post E3 interview talking about TERA's Argons, equipment and lots of more things.

Read the full article by clicking here.

TeraHispano.com: "Road to Velika"

By: dreamyknight in TERAposted at 12:02 am May 25,2010

Tags: tera 


(DISCLAIMER: The developers at En Masse Entertainment have enabled TeraHispano.com to share this information from the FGT2 with the community. Keep in mind that any of the information found here is subject to change as the game continues to develop.).

In this new FGT all testers had the opportunity to play with Human females and male Castanics, not available in previous ones. And we must say they look awesome!.

Also in the character customization, you can choose the hair style and colour, face aspects and also...your character voice!.

Concerning your character size, it is standard, as Sam Kim - TERA productor - said to TeraHispano.com in an interview made some days ago:

TeraHispano.com: Concerning characters customization: Will players be able to modify their character’s size?

Sam Kim

Tera is P2P

By: xion111 in TERAposted at 4:57 pm May 23,2010

Tags: Tera 


    I find this a little discouraging. I was all excited watching the videos and reading all the content that they are going to have. They i read a bit more of their forums just to find out that you have to not only buy the game for 49.95, but you also have to pay a subscription. I thought to myself. With all the free games out there they are going to get less people now.

   There are some up sides to this though. You will get less kids then normal since their parents don't want to pay the fee. Plus with money rolling in they will have faster and constant updates for it. Some downsides are its just going to be a prettier version of WOW. Not saying WOW is bad just saying it gets dull really quick. Plus you still will have stuck up kids, the ones their parents buy anything for and will pay the monthly fee.

   I think they should have just done what guild wars did and just let you buy the game and then its just free after. That way of marketing is a ver

En Masse Interview with The First Fansite in Poland

By: dreamyknight in TERAposted at 4:08 am Apr 20,2010

Tags: tera 


Here are some questions we had, answered by EnMasse Entertrinment Please note that those questions were asked before FGT2 started, and before recent changes to the website.

Hello Jason!
First of all i want to greet you from polish TERA community, and thank you for devoting your precious time to answer our questions. We have so many of them, i don't know where to start! OK, there they go - I hope you can answer them with a little help from your colleagues.

Q: It is very kind of you that you have such good contact with the community, that you listen to suggestions and critiques, but that also raises some doubts. Some ideas seem brilliant on paper, but after they are introduced into the game they can disturb the game balance in an MMO. Aren't you afraid to introduce disparities in a game as a whole during westernization process?

A: We’re very lucky at En Masse to have a great team of industry veterans, including writers like Dave Noonan and Marti McKenna who have extensive game desi

TERA 3rd CBT Updated New Class Skill Details Preview

By: dreamyknight in defaultposted at 2:49 am Mar 20,2010

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TERA was undergoing the third closed beta test in Korea recently. In this 3rd CBT, TERA updated two new classes and class skills. Today we will share this exciting skill details with players.

This article is reproduced from http://www.terafans.com/topic/1965-new-cbt-skills/

Slayer's Skills:

Shock Shout: Shouts loudly at nearby enemies to have a chance to stun them.

Poisonous Hit: Applies venom to the weapon to cause continuous damage upon enemies by stabbing them.

Iron Will: Inccreases the defense generated by all attack skills.

Parry Attack: Launches a counterattack after jumping to evade the opponent's attacks. No damage will be suffered when dodging.

Threatening Will: Increases the hatred generated by all attack skills

Switch: Iron Will and Threatening Will are newly introduced into the third CBT. MP will be consumed continuously when using the skill.

Lancer's Skills

Ferocious Charge: Place a lance forward, charges in up to 4m, damadging target. Resistance rate to lethargic status occurren

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