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The Elder Scrolls Online - Time to move on...!!??

By: Pelagato in The Elder Scrolls Onlineposted at 9:15 pm May 26,2014

Tags: TESO  ESO  The Elder Scrolls Online  Synopsis  Rant  Issues 


Hey peeps, around a month ago, I said that I wasn’t going to write down a review about The Elder Scrolls Online, there is plenty of reviews around the net, some of them are positive and some of them are negative. The game is the kind of game that you better like it as it is, or hate it! There is very little in between as we all know.

The thing is that I am in that small spot, the little bit that is in between. I do like the game for its own merits and I do believe that a lot of the complains around the internet are pure garbage. But at the same time what is killing the game for me is almost nowhere to be found, is like a small minority of people manage to dig up some of the game issues right now.

A lot of people are focusing on the game bugs or glitches, you name them. What they don’t tell a

RaiderZ, playing it for some fun – My thoughts about the game…

By: Pelagato in RaiderZposted at 4:57 am Jan 15,2013

Tags: RaiderZ  Synopsis  first impressions  playing it for fun 


RaiderZ is the kind of game that wants to be in two places at the same time, it wants to be classic and it wants to be modern. The game has the standard mmo formulas in it, like the skill trees, your skill bars, the Tank, Healer, DPS trinity, the usual quest hubs and so on… At the same time, the combat is like one of those action games with a pseudo targeting system, dodges and tons of running around.

This game is like a ‘quick burst of cheap fun’, you download the whole game for free and have some fun for a couple of hours. It’s the kind of thing that I get when I dont have anything better to do at the moment. If you really like the game, then keep playing it.

So far, I notice a few things in the game that are worth mentioning. I know that this is not exactly a review but here are a few things got my attention.

Gameplay - Half-Classic and Half-Modern… The game has some of the new concepts, the reticle targeting and its pseudo targeting system, as well as the classes, it’s good to know th

Windows 8 and Gaming... Synopsis

By: Pelagato in FunFunposted at 9:15 pm Jan 11,2013

Tags: windows 8  compatibility  performance  stability  synopsis 


Windows 8 is the latest Operating System made by Microsoft, the new system is elegant and sleek, but certain key features are different now. As a matter of fact, it is so different that you are probably going to have a hard time finding out how to do stuff.

It’s a very controversial Windows version, some people love it and some others hate it. Valve hates Windows 8, but other customers love the new Interface. Some others are complaining about the bugs and the ability of the new OS to cripple your computer from time to time. The thing is that we all know the drama behind Windows 8, we already have way too much of it. So the real question is…

Is ‘Windows 8’ a good Operating System for gaming…??????

When I look at something in the computer world, I look at 3 special things, Compatibility, Performance and Stability. Those are the 3 key aspects that I am going to talk about. I am going to skip the features because as gamers, our main feature is always there, DirectX and Windows as a whole.


Ghost Recon Online - Synopsis

By: Pelagato in defaultposted at 11:39 am Jan 05,2013

Tags: Ghost Recon Online  Synopsis 


Ghost Recon Online – Synopsis

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online, is one of those quirky shooters that are not exactly your standard FPS game. The game is a nice blend between tactical shooting and fragfest, one of its main features is that the game is in third person and first person at the same time.

As a whole, the game is fun to play and it feels refreshing, you have your weapons and gadgets, shooting alone is not good enough in this game. Unfortunately, there are also some issues around the place that are very frustrating.

I was kinda skeptical when I first played this game, because the third person perspective only means one thing, wall peeking! I was kind of surprised because the game dynamics help you out against those pesky wall ‘peekers’.

The Good.

+ Nice looking graphics, in the high setting. They graphics are good, they get the job done without lagging your system all the way down to hell.

+ Tactical Shooting, taking cover and knowing when to run are essential in this game,

2012 is gone, Synopsis...

By: Pelagato in FunFunposted at 7:42 pm Dec 31,2012

Tags: 2012  synopsis  guild wars 2  the secret world  city of hero 


2012 is gone!!! The gaming history books keep getting bigger and our list of games is a bit larger. A lot of things happened in 2012, some of them are important and some others are not. So I am only going to write down in this piece of paper the ones that I believe are the important ones.

The Secret World was released in July 3, after years of development, the classless game is out. The game was a bit controversial and received mixed reviews. Some people praised its uniqueness and some others bashed the sterile feeling of the game in some aspects.

In December, the subscription fee was eliminated, turning the game into some sort of B2P game with a cash shop and premium services.

SWTOR takes the F2P route… After so much drama around this game and all the population problems, the game finally takes the F2P route. Unfortunately it was seen by some people as some sort of cheap trick because the limitations in the free components are way too much.

Some people believe that SWTOR is a P2P g

Blacklight - Siege mode!!!! Synopsis

By: Pelagato in Blacklight Retributionposted at 1:31 pm Aug 14,2012

Tags: Blacklight Retribution  Siege  Siege mode  Synopsis  Tank  S 


Hey peeps, a new game mode in Blacklight Retribution was released some hours ago, Siege Mode!!!!! Its kinda fun and hilarious but at the same time it can be annoying as hell. The whole idea of the new mode is to escort some sort of Tank (Scorpion Tank) from point A to point B if you are the attacker and destroy it if you are the defender... Just like Team Fortress 2...

That sounds perfect... Right??? Well, its not!!!! Let me tell you a few pros and cons, you decide if the new game mode is functional or broken as hell!!!!


1. Kinda fun...

2. Tons of sniping and run around...

3. The whole playing field is suppose to be centered around the moving Tank... In theory, it should be dynamic!!!!

4. Defending is really fun because you get to destroy the Tank, or at least disable it... Its a real challenge!

5. The Tank is so powerful, if you are the lucky guy who gets to control it... Get ready to score a lot of kills...

6. Its something new!!!!


1. As a whole, the game mode is determined b

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