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Late gamer: Summoner

By: Myshka♥Maya in defaultposted at 12:38 am Mar 27,2013

Tags: Dragon Saga  HowlCifer  Summoner  DS Wiki 


(Work in progress -- suxx at coloring :<)

I'd love to have one, but Summoners are a pain to grind. The exp factory -- I mean, Cookie Factory is long over so I'd have a hard time.. but pawning hard at end game!


Summoner is a Dragonkin class that can combine the characters damaging and disabling skills with their summoned spirits skills to deal out heavy damage to their opponents. Use of the summons allows them to battle at greater ranges and multiple enemies in different directions. Summoners are able to summon more powerful spirits than the Shamans. They are able to use their volcanic type damage skills to add to the attacks from their summons. Summoners can become vulnerable without their summons, but they have high HP and can cast protective shield spells.

-DS Wiki

Summoner Survey Says... Is the report function abused or just broken?

By: Darth Meraj in League of Legendsposted at 12:40 pm Sep 18,2012

Tags: LoL  league of legends  riot  summoner  survey  poll  report 


If you play League of Legends then it goes without saying that you have come across at least one individual that deserves to be banned from the game. There is a report function for a reason, but does that mean you should always use it?

Start off by visiting the poll I made on the League of Legends forums to cast your vote!

I'll make it very clear; I do NOT ever use the report feature. Not that I never have a reason to, but mainly I have decided that it's not worth my time to even bother. Instead I use the ignore feature. But why? It doesn't even work. I know this because I use it excessively and have come across situations where I've ignored a player on my team one game and then queued up for another. To no surprise, the same person ends up on my team again. They start talking in game

Newbies guide to League of Legends (Summoner)

By: AceTimothy in League of Legendsposted at 8:59 pm Sep 03,2012

Tags: Newbie Guide  Summoner  League of Legends Summoner  LoL Summ 


So you are new to LoL and have no idea just what is going on? Perhaps you heard from a friend and you see a lot of things you didn't hear about? Then hopefully this will be able to help you become one of the elite LoL players.

Let's start things of with the "Summoner"... What exactly is a summoner? Well to be really basic it is YOU! Now to be more precise it is the one you will be building out-game via the Mastery and Rune page and your own set of Summoner Skills to help your Champion (hero in-game). Now let's go in-depth to each of these starting with the Mastery Page.

Your Summoner gains XP and IP (Influence Points) whenever you finish a match. Amount depends if your team wins or loses.

Note: IP is in-game money used to buy Runes and unlock Champions

Note2: Champions can also be unlocked using RP (Riot Points) but costs real life money.

Mastery Page

Next to "Play" would be a picture with 30 that is your level

The Mastery Page is where you will be allocating points that y

2Moons: New summoner Skill issues

By: Vincent__Valentine in 2Moonsposted at 1:34 pm Nov 26,2008

Tags: 2moons  evolt  shot  blood  bats  vicious  summoner  hatred 


For those of you that actually play the game (2Moons) and enjoy it, I have noticed something that effects alot of the players on it that use Summoners. They have recently gotten new skills... YAY! WRONG! This is a problem that I have run into, I have a skill point on evolt shot (used to be required for Blood Bats (I have maxed currently) but, now it's a staff only skill! WTF?

I don't have vicious mastery becuase I don't use staffs (waiting until i get to a higher level). Now that evolt shot skill point is wasted. I do like how thay made it so that poison sword is a level 52 skill. That is much needed. Sadly I don't have that skill because i have a wasted skill point on evolt shot.

Please comment on this if you have the same (or similar) problem...or you just plain despise this!

Class Transfer: Summoner

By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at 10:52 pm Jul 13,2008

Tags: mwo  Class  transfer  Summoner 


Basic information for each Class Transfer...

Overview for the Summoner Class...

If you choose a Summoner at birth, the natural progression will look like the following picture...


Class Transfer














At level 15...you then choose to become either of the following...

A Necromancer or An Illusionist...Both of which can be seen in the following picture...

Class Transfer















At level 30...you choose either of the following...

If you are Necromancer you will become a Nature Guard
If you are a Illusionist you will become a Soul Manipulator as seen in the below picture...

Class Transfer















At level 50...

A Nature Guard can become either an Undead Manipulator or a Necromancer Master...see below

 Class Transfer















and A Soul Manipulator can become either a Devil Beastmaster or a Golden Beastmaster...see below
 Class Transfer











Zu Online blog part 2

By: Skarredtish in Zu Onlineposted at 2:05 pm Jun 07,2008

Tags: zu online  summoner 

Okay so an edit of yesterday- I am in Xun faction, silly me. I managed to get up to level 24 today, and I'm still enjoying it. I've met a fair few people now and have a grand total of 4 friends. Hooray.

Anyway, I've started exploring the pet system, and it turns out it's pretty fun. You just sit there and walk your pet and it picks up food and then you feed the food to it to level it up or whatever, leaving you free to chat with other people doing the same thing as you. At level 40, you can ride your pet, which I'm looking forward to as mine is a flying pig named Oink. However, its only level 17 right now so it could be a while. Also, every level up means that it boosts your stats a little more, which is really useful. They also learn spells, but I'm nowhere near that level yet...

The quest system is still fun and guiding me through everything, and I killed another boss, just letting my puppet kick its ass without lifting a finger

Oh and I got a hat which gives me a creepy baby head too. Yeah creepy just sums it up really. This is me in the "Dead Soul Cave" I think.

Cokehat over and out.

Zu Online blog part 1

By: Skarredtish in Zu Onlineposted at 9:14 am Jun 06,2008

Tags: zu online  summoner 

So I just started to play "Zu Online" by IGG. I have chosen the class of summoner, as they seem to have benefits of summoned creatures and high power magic attack.

First impressions: Seems to be a great game, the 2d background with cell shaded 3d characters works to give it a really individual look. It took me 2 hours or so to get to level 10 and I haven't hit a grind yet. I also didn't get hit by a monster until level 14, thanks to my ranged attacks and my "Ghost puppet" summon. The think that hit me was what I can only assume was a boss, as it had huge amounts of health and I could only find one. I enjoyed flying everywhere as you get to see a lot of the landscape. So far I've just been questing, and each quest guides you through a new aspect of the game. One quest told me to get 5 friends, but I haven't seen anyone around, i guess because the server is 3 days old... If anyone wants to add me I'm in the Wu faction and my name is Archaeon.


Its 2:35 am, time for 2moons

By: lonelyasn5 in 2Moonsposted at 2:39 am Nov 09,2007

Tags: 2moons  online  character  summoner  segita  hunter  Game ti 

It is very early in the morning and I have decided I want to go play some 2moons, I just cant get enough of it. I am unsure which char I am going to work on at this point most likely my summoner, whom is only level 9. I

The FFXI Summoners Handbook

By: flamedust in defaultposted at 11:11 pm Mar 18,2007

Tags: FFXI  Summoner  Handbook 

The FFXI Summoners Handbook By: Darksword Date: October 21, 2004 Version: 2.2 Part I: Introducing the 'buncle Ahh, the Summoner. Feared icon of power in the days of Final Fantasy yore. Master of the arcanest of the arcan
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