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Why Games With Choices Need A Branching Story

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 6:32 am Apr 10,2012

Tags: rant  flame  linear  branching  story 


I'm kind of sick of how these games try to brag about how their games are open ended. In reality, their games are not open ended at all. The only thing that changes is the order you trigger the events. No matter what happens, you still have to do all of the story events in a certain order with the exception of maybe 3 things that might be going on at once and you have the ability to choose which one to do first. The choices you make tend to be independent from everything else. The one thing that does suffer is that the individual sections of the game only link to the overall story with little impact on what is going on currently. Even then, the game still ends up as something linear. Unfortunately, this makes it extremely difficult to have a sequel or know what is "canon".

1) Continuity of Choices

One of the problems with games that are more open ended with choices is that there is a lack of continuity. Each section of the game is treated as something that is stand alon

Fan made novel based from an MMORPG

By: iamjuly in Mythosposted at 6:49 pm Mar 26,2012

Tags: Mythos  Global  Novel  Story  Chapter  Mythos Novel  Lore  H 


It is usual for us to see brands or franchises being used in different forms of media. The most common is probably using a popular novel and turning it into a movie (although Hollywood likes to alter some of the details). Some game titles are also used and turned into movies. One of the rarer instances is when a game is made into a novel.

This is the case in Mythos Global. Someone is actually painstakingly making a fan-fic or a novel based on the lore of the game. I'm actually reading it during the maintenance period of Mythos Global. The chapters are quite short but they are definitely very interesting and will make you long for the next chapter. Anyway, the novel is currently in Chapter 7. I wonder until how many chapters he has prepared. If you want to read, just click the

MapleStory Chewing Gum

By: Bluestalker in MapleStoryposted at 1:05 am Feb 26,2009

Tags: maple  story  chewing  gum 


Starting this week, 2D action MMORPG Maple Story is getting chewing gum from candy maker Lotte. It's available at convenience stores across Japan.

Printed on the gum's wrapper is a serial number that can be used to claim rare items in Maple Story. Sure, it's just Lotte's blueberry gum with a Maple Story wrapper, but Lotte's blueberry gum is delicious.

Read from Kotaku.com

From the begining.........

By: Gawjuss in Flyffposted at 1:40 am May 29,2008

Tags: assist  first job  story 


No one told me it would be hard, they just said 'Do It!' So i did.

It took me 3 weeks to get my first character to lvl15! and when i finally got there, boy! was i STUCK. i had no idea that asking for help would be so........ frustrating. runnning around like a headless chicken asking people how to get my first job(i know what ur thinking.. 'didn't she research the game before she started playing it?!' answer: NO! i hated research in school so why would i do it for a game) So, finally i find someone who didn't run away or tell me to 'piss off!' and they directed me to the npc i needed to see. Again, no one told me it would be hard, especially if you sell all the questies you've collected before your job change. I didn't know what they were for! i looked like a right idiot chasing those little 2-legged mushrooms around trying to get them to drop questies for me. i must have spent like 4hrs on this before i gave up. in a situation like this a smart person would have chased the low lvl characters around saying 'gimme all ur questies' and offered sum money for them......... i deleted that char.

Starting afresh with my second char, this time it only took me 2 weeks to get to lv

Contest for game story finished

By: greenhoodpl in defaultposted at 5:46 pm Dec 04,2007

Tags: contest  game  story 

Contest for game story finished. (http://forum.mmosite.com/topics/54/200711/26/2925,1.html?time=Wed%20Dec%2005%202007%2002:31:34%20GMT+0100)

The winner is SwordSlayer for story and Artemisan for system design.

A 2Moons Short Story >(NEW UPDATE)< 7/25 Ch 11

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 7:53 pm Jul 26,2007

Tags: 2moons  story  chapter  xi 

Fallen, not beaten, The Saint of blade waits. Struck down by Abaddon, he lies in a coma, ever plotting his revenge. Consumed by hatred, he has become the embodiment of rage, and still it grows stronger for every m
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