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ArcheAge Alpha: The Road So Far (Level 1 - 20)

By: Luminosity in ArcheAgeposted at 10:19 am May 21,2014

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ArcheAge Alpha: The Road So Far (Level 1 - 20)


Now let me start of by saying that this isn’t a “Full” review but a reasonably large “half” review. I’ll be contributing my experiences of ArcheAge from levels 1 – 20. All statements are based on my own experiences and opinions, you may experience things differently. However I have had a lot of experience with MMORPG’s so hopefully this review can give you a better insight on what’s going on in the Alpha stages of ArcheAge.

The Beginning

I started off by downloading the client from the ArcheAge website after logging into glyph, you can do this by either receiving an Alpha key which is extremely rare now or you can buy the $150 Arceum Package which gives you Alpha access. The game client itself was about 23.3Gigabytes of data and

Hello. Im Dr. Professor, your source for mmo reviews.

By: DrProfessor in defaultposted at 10:05 pm Sep 04,2009

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Good evening. Im Dr. Professor. I'm the reviewer for MMO's and J-games at Frame by Frame. (Framex2.blogspot.com) I hope everyone checks it out. Ill be doing the occasional rant or the occasional over-hyper preview. Please stick arround for reviews of all and only the best of MMO's and warnings to keep you away from the worst.

Back from Noburo Uematsu--Press Start Game Concert 2008

By: Falkner in Final Fantasy XIposted at 12:46 am Nov 03,2008

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Act I

1. Monster Hunter P2 (PSP)

This was my first time being in a Game Concert, couldn't hold back my tears ToT, I've been playing MHP for over 1k hours.

2. Rockman (Consoles)

Never played much of this game series, but the music was nice for sure.

3. Doctor Laiton and His Mysterious Town (Translated) (Unknown)


4. Samurai Spirits (Consoles)

Played by a Japanese Traditional Instrument: Shamisen, if you've ever played Samurai Spirits, maybe you can remember the first part of the opening music, that's played by Shamisen too. This one was amazing.

5. Ninja Warriors (Unknown)

Same as 4, played by Shamisen.

6. Early works by Noburo Uematsu (FC & SFC)

Really a Noburo style lol

7. Zone of the Enders 2- Anubis (PS2)

They got the original singer Maki Kimura to sing this song, was getting pretty high lol.

8. Isu I&II (Unknown)

Um... Music was really nice, but I didn't play this game.

9. Sonic (Sega MD)

The music which explains speed!

Art II

1. Wild Arms ( Playstation)

Whistles & Guitars~

2. Spelunker (Unknown)


3. Shadow of Colossus (PS2)

Hell this game is one of my favorite games on PS2, sounds like a Holywood movie.

4.ICO - You Were there. (PS3)

Sung by Kimura Aki, one of  my

Beautiful Girls with Angel Wings

By: nina~ in defaultposted at 5:05 am Oct 13,2008

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Aion being developed with the best of breed concepts from Eastern and Western MMO developers. User-friendly, PvE and PvP content coming out its nose, highly customizable characters, gorgeous graphics and uh, wings. To be fair, the wings thing is a lot cooler than it sounds when you just say 'wings' like us.

I love wings. I collected some hot photos about beautiful starts with angel wings. Enjoy~~

RO2 OBT Registration Guide

By: forevercandy in defaultposted at 8:00 pm May 28,2007

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Ragnarok Online 2 (also known as: RO2) is the sequel to well known Ragnarok Online. There are many improvements upon the game, as to be expected with any sequel. Some pains and hassles delt with in the past have been cor

RO2 start OBT in Korea on May 28.

By: forevercandy in defaultposted at 1:48 am May 17,2007

Tags: RO2  start  OBT  Korea 

Game Title: Ragnarok Online 2Genre: FantasyStatus: DevelopmentDeveloper: GravityPublisher: GravityOfficial Website: http://www.ragnarok2.co.kr/Game Video: http://video.mmosite.com/game_vm.php?gid=345RO2 start OBT in Kore

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