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Legion's Soundtrack is Superior

By: DanielCsaki in World of Warcraftposted at 1:05 am Jul 12,2016

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Every game needs a good soundtrack. No matter how good the gameplay, the graphics, and the mechanics are, it can all fail if a soundtrack is trash. Action games need something fast and upbeat, horrors need something dark and grimy, and MMORPGs like World of Warcraft need an epic fantasy soundtrack that will push you into the game's world and wrap you up in all the fantasy elements of its universe.

From the first Warcraft to present day, Blizzard never failed at implementing awesome and spectacular soundtracks for their games. Everyone remembers how Wrath of the Lich King had a bone-chilling soundtrack, that could freeze your whole being while listening to it. The whole game gained quite an ominous feel with that music, making the battle with the Lich King much more intense and one to reme

Archlord Webzen Presents: Dragonscion ep8

By: towirenet in ArchLord: Arch Battle of the Worldposted at 10:24 am Dec 08,2010

Tags: archlord  mmorpg  webzen  gratis  soundtrack  free  video  ju 



  Introduction:Archlord is a unique F2P game, which is specialized in PVP system contents. The game not only provides various player-versus-player contents, but also includes a guild-versus-guild battle and race-versus-race massive war system. Play Archlord with multiple language clients, with thousands of players across the world. There will always be excitement in the chantra world with continuous new events and contents. WEBZEN Inc. announced today the update of the new race DragonScion known as the children of the great dragon Mightthesis for Archlord. The update of this hybrid type new race DragonScion will bring 4 new classes to the game. Starting from a class Scion, when reaching level 20, players will face the challenging decision of which advanced class to pursue and master. By the evolution system players can choose among four classes Scion, Slayer, Summoner, or Orbiter. For more information Visit:http://archlordwebzen.com  


Diablo 2 Soundtrack

By: rirara in defaultposted at 8:44 am Dec 09,2008

Tags: diablo2  soundtrack  game muzic 


So cool


Death of the Soundtrack

By: Lushy in All gamesposted at 6:15 pm Jul 01,2008

Tags: Death  Music  Soundtrack  Background  Music 

Since as far back as any of us can remember, our favorite games have consisted of little tunes and ditties that have played the in background  of our favorite pastimes. Most of us can remember our favorite themes, be it from Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, or that fever song from Dr. Mario. They played a vital role in our off-line RPG games, and the tradition has crossed over into MMORPGS, but are they even necessary? 

Who can forget timeless classics such as Fiddle de Chocobo or One Winged Angel? 
Even people who didn't play Final Fantasy VII know these songs...

Back when RPG’s were at the top of their game, there was much competition for good music and sound effects. Some of my personal favorites were the themes to Phantasy Star 4, Final Fantasy VII, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Legend of Zelda. In the more recent years, games such as Kingdom Hearts and .Hack have used their soundtrack to boost their sales. The more Final Fantasy VII gets remade, the more it uses the familiar theme songs to tie into the memories of those who played the original version, but what about MMORPGs? Are these theme songs even known by people who play the game obsessively?

Since most on

Hellgate: London Soundtrack Info

By: kknd in defaultposted at 8:21 pm Oct 02,2007

Tags: Hellgate: London  soundtrack  preview 


The Hellgate: London Soundtrack is stacking up to be a very impressive compilation of music, composed by the same artists who did the soundtrack for God of War II, Splinter Cell Double Agent and Quake III.

Our soundtrack rocks. It's so good we had to throw a copy of it into the Collector's Edition of our game. Composed by Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan (they worked on such titles as God of War II, Splinter Cell Double Agent, and Quake III), it does an amazing job of bringing together the old and new world themes in Hellgate: London, while scaring the bajooblies out of you - and this is only on the title screen for our game!

In all seriousness, though, we think you'll really dig it. Linked below is a track from the soundtrack to give you an idea of what you can expect from the final game. Turn out your lights, turn on your laser show, and crank the sound to 11!

You can check out the Hellgate: London Theme Song - direct from Flagship Studios and the Hellgate: London website.

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