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Revelation China-New Futuristic Weapon Skins

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 10:48 am Oct 11,2016

Tags: revelation  weapon  skin  futuristic  shina 


New, futuristic weapon skins arrived on the chinese server, that look absolutelly stunning! Check out the video:

Dark Star Thresh New Legendary Skin - League of Legends

By: RemusYT in League of Legendsposted at 9:00 am May 31,2016

Tags: lol  thresh  skin 


New Legendary skin for Thresh teaser trailer!

Pulsefire Ezreal (Finally) is Coming

By: Zevri in League of Legendsposted at 11:01 pm Jun 13,2012

Tags: ezreal  pulsefire  skin  news  discussion 



Well, I am pretty sure everyone by now knew about this skin for quite a bit of time. It has been in the files for awhile, and there have been videos of people showing it off and using it in different clips. The main question was when it was going to come out. As we saw it we also saw champion after champion be released and the news of this skin seemed to fade into obscurity. But now they finally announced the legendary Pulsefire Ezreal, and we will actually see it soon.

The work on the skin looks pretty cool, like a league of legends rendition of Megaman, and when I first saw it I did want to pick it up. "Did" being the key word there, the reason I say that is, they announced the price of what the new legendary skin will cost. Some of you may think it would be the normal skin pri

Ashe's Visual Upgrade

By: Zevri in League of Legendsposted at 10:15 pm May 23,2012

Tags: ashe  rework  skin  upgrade  league  of  legends  news  disc 



As League of Legends progresses, and more and more champions roll out looking a fair bit nicer than the classic champions from days of old (Okay, a few years ago), the dated look that the classic champions had has started to surface more and more, as that happens Riot is working on (slowly) converting the champions to a more cleaner look. Heck, what they did with Gangplank made his default skin look a lot better than the old one, making him not really need a different skin for a lot of players. ( I personally am not a fan of his other skins, save Toy Soldier Gangplank) If you couldn't tell already by the picture, title of the post, or any of the other clues about you, the latest graphical update to roll out involves Ashe, the 450 ip champion, whose ult more people miss than hit fro

New Skin Released: Dark Crystal Ryze

By: Zevri in League of Legendsposted at 4:15 pm Feb 20,2012

Tags: champion  skin  Ryze  Riot 


So Ryze just got a new skin dubbed "Dark Crystal Ryze". The skin itself gives him a more demonic look and adds a bit of flare with the crystal on his back. It gives him a more unique look, and I actually do like it a bit more that his other skins. This skin however is not a legendary skin, but the price for it is 975 RP, which isn't too bad considering the looks of the skin.

With this announcement of the new skin and the price of it, Riot also decided to reduce the price of one of Ryze's other skins, which is the Uncle Ryze skin, which previous was also 975 RP, but has been reduced to 520 RP. 

Since a new skin is our for Ryze, I need to ask. How many of you are Ryze players, and how often do you see him out and about? Personally I think the release of the new skin might be

Anime Tattoos

By: IulyaSama in defaultposted at 4:49 am Dec 28,2011

Tags: Anime Tattoos  tattoo  anime  draw  manga  skin  color  naru 


Feel free to join my poll: "Do you want to have a tattoo?"


Theme bug fixed

By: mmosite in defaultposted at 11:34 pm Jun 07,2009

Tags: announcement  bug  theme  skin  template  fixed 


Hey all my friend, you may have met the theme bug, which it didn't work when you tried to change your blog skin, now it has been fixed. All you have to do now is to choose a skin again, so that the page can back to normal again.

Recently we are preparing a big surprise for you guys, so there is possibility that you might come upon unexpected bugs, if so, please do me a favor to let me know, we'll appreciate it.

Sorry for all the inconveniece

New blog skin available now

By: mmosite in defaultposted at 7:13 pm Sep 01,2008

Tags: mmosite  blog  skin  template  new 

The latest blog templates are available now for you guys
we made Neo steam and Chaos online skins this time
Here's a snapshot, hope u like them.
To change the skin, move your mouse to Setting, then click "Template Setting"

You are welcomed to leave a message or comment to remind me of the game (MMORPG only) you are playing or interested in does not exist in the template list, then our designer will make it ASAP for you. If you want a customized blog template, just be patient, it will be available.
See you guys in my next announcement. Have fun here.

Templates updated, come and choose your favorite blog skin!

By: mmosite in defaultposted at 11:49 pm Apr 22,2008

Tags: template  blog  update  skin 


Hello, guys, we have new blog templates available for all of you now. We updated 18 templates at this turn, let's take a preview of these blog skins, I hope you like them. have fun.

http://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps56.gifAsda Storyhttp://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps57.gifDragonball Online
http://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps58.gifHolic Onlinehttp://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps59.gifLatalehttp://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps60.gifOrkahttp://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps61.gif2Moons(w)

http://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps62.gif9Dragons(w)http://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps63.gifDead or Alive(w)http://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps64.gifDream of Mirror(w)http://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps65.gifFlyff(w)
http://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps66.gifMaple Story(w)http://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps67.gifPirate King Online(w)http://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps68.gifPistory(w)http://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps69.gifRappelz(w)
http://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps70.gifRF Online(w)http://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps71.gifR0(w)http://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps72.gifSilkroad Online(w)http://images.mmosite.com/my/images/i/style/temps73.gifwow(w)

We will keep updating more game templates for you! Keep an eye on my blog =)
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