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Warframe: Storm Files - Ep.3 "Burston Prime Loose"

By: Scion Storm in Warframeposted at 3:43 pm Jan 02,2014

Tags: Warframe  TPS  Shooter  Ash Build  11.5 Patch 


So last time I showed you guys. My successful run at getting the Burston Prime. This time around I'll show you how cool it is. I don't think I'd use it over my first place gun Latron Prime. But it's most likely be my second gun I use. When my finger gets tired of single shooting with Latron.

Monster Madness Online Pre Alpha First Look

By: Spammie in defaultposted at 8:23 am Dec 19,2013

Tags: Monster Madness Onnline  Co Op  MMO  Shooter 


Play Monster Madness Here : http://www.monstermadness.com/

My very first impressions on Monster Madness Online. The citizens of Suburbia City were caught totally unprepared for the Martian invasion! Harnessing the mystical power of Monster Tokens, the evil extraterrestrials sucked all of the town's adult inhabitants into the Void, paving the way for the Invasion's second phase, a new Monster onslaught intended to weaken the Earth's remaining defenses. What these atrocious aliens didn't reckon on, however, was the Monster Tokens' inability to affect anyone under 18!Saved from another hellish day at High School ("Go Wildcats!"), our four heroes — Zack Fowler (the Nerd), Andy Gomez (the Skater dude), Jennifer Sweeney (the Cheerleader), and Carrie Rosenberg (the Goth) — are ready to take back their town from the interlopers.Adided by the always-generous Barry Tools, the kids are on a mission to beat back this insidious invasion, block by block, and then take the fight to the enemy's

Warframe: Storm Files - Ep.48 "Happy Thanksgiving With Darvo

By: Scion Storm in Warframeposted at 6:32 pm Nov 28,2013

Tags: Warframe  TPS  Shooter  Ash Build  11 Patch 


First I want to send a Happy Thanksgiving to all. Second lets have a quick mission with Darvo. He needed a Mobile Defense favor so I figured hey let's do it.

Warframe: Storm Files - Ep 32 "So we heard you guys like Morphics?"

By: Scion Storm in Warframeposted at 4:08 pm Sep 01,2013

Tags: Warframe  TPS  Shooter 


Play Warframe Now

Whats up guys? I'm sure you're well aware of the weekend event. I just wanted to put this weekend episode out. And point a few things out you should advantage of. For one the Survival event drops a ton of Morphics. What used to be one of the most used rare items to get for weapon and dojo building. 

A average 20 minute run nets you at least 10 Morphics. Obviously the longer you last the more you get. While we are on the topic of abundance. The event also drops alot of fusion cores. This is excellent, because it gives you cores to make your builds perfect. Or chase maxing out those damage mods like Serration. Makes it almost laughable easy.

This weekend is one of the more fun and lucrative events we have had. So by all means don't ignore it try to at least spend a few hours on it. Also try to reach the 25 minute mark so you can pick up the badge, Shotgun and Warframe mod. Then from there see how long you can last.

A few tips from a Ash player. As Ash you have a hug

Warframe: 7.8 Patch Notes and Thoughts

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 10:54 am Apr 23,2013

Tags: Warframe  TPS  Shooter 


A lot of good fixes correcting errors and catching cheats. Also for the first time introducing fist weapons which everyone should love.

Patch Notes Below:
- New weapon: The Grineer GRAKATA assault rifle.
- New weapon: ANKYROS Tenno power gauntlets
- New Sentinel attachments including custom masks, wings, and tail pieces.
- Added up/down arrows to objectives on the minimap if objective is above or below the player's current level
- Mission completion credit rewards now scale up based on the AI level
- Aborting missions now forfeits any obtained credits, mods, resources or blueprints, earned XP is still rewarded
- Dojo targeting challenge now rotates player camera to the first target, and made timer more forgiving
- Sniper ammo now drops from containers during Jackal fight
- Grineer Lancers are now deployed with the Grakata assault rifle
- Cronus blueprint now only a guaranteed drop the first time Tolstoj is completed, % chance to drop continues to decrease on additional runs

Warframe: Storm Files Episode 8 'Ninja Mode"

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 1:17 pm Apr 19,2013

Tags: Warframe  TPS  Shooter 


Play Warframe= https://warframe.com/
Watch More Warframe Vids= http://full.sc/XIIygf

Ash is one bad ass space ninja warframe. And I just wanted to show just how bad ass. Have fun with it also low and behold Team Rejuv yessir :)

Defiance Second Look Immersing Yourself In

By: Scion Storm in Defianceposted at 3:45 am Mar 23,2013

Tags: Defiance  MMORPG  FPS  Shooter 


This second look is more in depth all about the nuts and bolts of the game enjoy.

Beta Sign-Ups Open for Repulse

By: Zevri in Repulseposted at 3:33 pm Nov 08,2011

Tags: beta  news  shooter 


 Have you heard of the game Repulse that Aeria Games announced? Well, what about Genesis A.D previously from ijji? If you heard of Genesis A.D, then you should know by a video or a few screenshots that Repulse is a re-released of Genesis A.D under a new name and new management.

The game features three dynamic classes to choose from, each forming different roles for the group. The ones you can choose from are the standard Sniper, Assault, and Engineer.  There are several modes to choose from such as death matches, destroying bases in demolition matches, fend off alien hordes trying to infect you, or the always fun and classic capture the flag.

Something that sets it a bit apart is the abilities you can get in game; such as wall jumping, leaping through enemy fire, and cloaking. (Whi

Beta Look: Global Agenda

By: CalebG in Global Agendaposted at 12:58 am Jan 15,2010

Tags: first look  global agenda  shooter  mmofps 


Finally, I'm talking about true online games again! Global Agenda has just lifted the NDA, which means that I can freely talk about Global Agenda, what I saw, and what I think it will be in the near future. Take this as a first look of the game though, as due to the prior betas' crazy time schedule, I couldn't really play and it is only recently where the time has changed did I manage to get a good hour or two in.

The Setting

Global Agenda is set in the future, and you play in one of the independent factions that are fighting against the Commonwealth, an oppressive government body that grew to power from the ashes of the third world war. Yup, it makes as much sense as your average action flick, but in a way, the difference between Global Agenda and a traditional fantasy based game like World of Warcraft is indeed like comparing an action flick with a epic trilogy.

But that isn't necessarily bad.

Expect lots of robotics, high tech armors and weapons, jet packs for every single player, and the like.

Starting Out

You start out by creating your character and are given a few customization options for your character. Now, don't go expect full morphing features from the likes of AOC o

Combat Arms. CB review of Nexon's new MMOFPS

By: stranger2020 in defaultposted at 1:28 am May 31,2008

Tags: Nexon  Combat Arms  combat arms  MMOFPS  FPS  shooter  action 


Online-FPS games, whilst not considered true MMORPG titles, are still highly popular in the online gaming community. Previous titles of note within the genre have included Counter-Strike, Tribes, Planet Side and the online modes attributed to popular FPS games such as Quake, Unreal and to a lesser extent, more recent Mech-Warrior games. In an attempt to provide gamers with more RPG content, recent titles, such as those features here on MMOsite, have included Exteel, Manga Fighter, Soldier Front and Wolf Soldier, which provide players various options in customising their characters, gaining experience, game currency and attributes or special abilities.


Joining these titles is Combat Arms, a game which has just now started its Close Beta phase of testing. Developed by Nexon, the company that brought you titles such as Maple Story and Audition, casts off the bright, colourful graphics often affiliated with its games and instead, takes on a raw urban setting similar to that seen in similar games such as AA online and Soldier Front. At the time of testing, due to being in CB, the map choices were limited and concentrated towards industrial factories, warehouse districts and chemica

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