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"New Sci-Fi Shooter"

By: Shadic0 in Repulseposted at 6:32 pm Nov 03,2011

Tags: Repulse  Genesis  AD  Genesis A.D.  A.D.  Genesis AD  SciFI 


A new Sci-Fi game from Aeria games has been announced called Repulse ( Genesis A.D.)

Choose from three dynamic combat roles, each specializing in unique skills, equipment, and firearms. Focus on aggressive front-line warfare, support your teammates with healing abilities, or cloak and kill your enemies from afar. A well balanced roster of soldiers makes for a formidable force.

Team up with friends or blast them away in a variety of exciting multiplayer gameplay modes. Battle to the end in 16-player death matches, destroy your opponents bases in demolition missions, stave off player-controlled alien hordes determined to infect you, or test your mettle in fast-paced capture the flag (CTF) missions.

Experiment with numerous types of weapons, armor, and ultramodern equipment. Take charge of a variety of high-powered abilities wall-jumping, acrobatic leaps through enemy fire, power-boosting across huge distances, and cloaking.

Combine strategic gameplay and amped-up abilities in fast and frenzi

Recommendation for the weekend

By: pspseal in Bounty Hounds Onlineposted at 2:27 am Oct 30,2011

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After a while playing several other games, I'm heading back this weekend to a game I've supported during its closed beta status:

Bounty Hounds Online.

I had luck and won some ingame coins for it, too during beta and was very surprised as I came back to it cause my experience this time was a lot more better as during beta (as it should be with every game, isn't it?^^). I leveld faster than ever and after a few levels already got the hover board for faster travelling. It's cool to be back and I consider to play more frequently now...:)

If you look for a scifi mmorpg without elves and a fantasy setting you might have phun with this title, too...xD

More Sci Fi MMORPGs Please!

By: FreeMMORPGs in defaultposted at 12:51 pm Apr 26,2009

Tags: Scifi  Free to play  MMORPG  Exteel  Ace Online  RF Online 


I’m not sure why, but the Sci-fi MMORPGs seems to be one of the most under developed genres. Heck, even consoles only have a handful of Sci-Fi MMORPGs. How come this genre isn’t getting any love? You’d imagine that it would have the most potential, as the universe is huge and getting bigger every day. The only notable free Sci-fi MMORPGs today are RF Online, Zero Online and Megaten and none of them are really ‘wow’ games. Heck, RF Online feels more of a fancy fantasy MMORPG than a Sci-Fi one. The ONLY good sci-fi MMORPG out there is Eve Online, and that’s unfortunately a pay to play game. I’m not sure why publishers keep embracing the fantasy genre, as it’s seriously getting old. I’m simply tired of the fantasy setting, as easily 80% of all free MMORPGs are fantasy themed.

187  500x375 megaten cutscene intro

If you’ve like me and enjoy Sci-Fi television shows like Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica, I’m sure you’re itching for a good sci-fi free MMORPG as well. Just imagine it, large scale space battles, huge customizable ships and an enormous universe to explore.  Yeah I know, this sounds a lot like Eve Online, but even Eve didn’t even


By: paupy in defaultposted at 11:50 am Sep 22,2008

Tags: grinding  leveling  RF online  codemasters  scifi 



ok !!! heres the deal i downloaded RF online !!!! I couldnt wait to play it even after the most confusing way to obtain an activation key i was still filled with determination !!!
          I made it into the game everything was great the graphics ,open evironment LOADS of features PVP,PVE ,PVPVE .This game has soooooooooo much potential but U KNO WAT REALLY GRINDS MA GEARS !!! I played the game for nearly 2 frikkin  hours! You kno where I got LEVEL BLOODY 5 thats right ya heard me level 5  and thats after some serious power leveling i was still level 5 !!!! why do mmorpg developers need to make u do so much bloody grinding !!!
         They are very simple solutions to slow leveling such as the kingdom quests in fiesta<3 I just dont understand why some people fing games like RF online fun when theyre are games where it doesnt take half your lifetime tryin to beat some nutcase mutt !!

maybe i shouldve went a girl in this one too XD (see my other blog ;D)

We have been working for 'The Lacon' for 5 years.

By: TheLacon in defaultposted at 2:49 am May 13,2008

Tags: MMORPG  scifi  thelacon  lacon  nopsen 


'The Lacon' is multi complex SF Dual Mode MMO.


Dual Mode - Avatar & Battle Unit.

Monster Shower - Speed & Extreme Battle, multiple attacks.

Mission - Battle, Boss monster and PVP.

SMS User Calling - Increase a unit count.

Low Setting users can play with detailed graphic.


Movie Cliphttp://thelacon.com/Web/thelacon_gamemovie.flv



Story Line: Following the abundant storyline of The LaCon in universe of A.D.2630. (For more details of the story line, please refer to Introduction down-load file.)



‘The Lacon’ web-site:  www.thelacon.com

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