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PO-ed Post

By: Jazzx7xenoff in defaultposted at 4:21 pm Feb 16,2010

Tags: school  backstabs 


So I'm not going to use any fancy language or any funny stories, because I'm pissed and I don't feel like waltzing around the bush.

I am head of Promotions team in my school's Robotics, which means I design t-shirts, buttons, etc.  MY domain.  Ever since November I have asked that anyone who is interested in helping with a logo, send it by ME.  No one did anything.  Now its January and I want a logo to be done.  Ms.M askes me to do something with the 4 horsemen of th apocolpyse, since our name is now Quantum Apoco-you get the idea.  I do as she askes and I finished it about the first week of Feburary.  After a few suggestions made my Nick, the president and Ms.M, I edit it and like it more.  I'm quite satisfied by how it looked.  For a few days, I noticed that some people on the team that I don't have a particularly like for have been rather nice, almost too much so, but I don't think about that.  One of these people, he sha


By: Jazzx7xenoff in defaultposted at 5:16 pm Apr 29,2009

Tags: school  rohan  oblivion  SOL  yeah 


Hey~ long time no blog! 

I have been extremely busy with projects, papers, and homework from every single one of my classes.  I have a permanent headache now that always looking for a comeback every second of the day.  Well, I'll just tell you what's been going on in the meantime.

Well, we're getting up to SOL week now, and AP testing is next week in fact, darn.  I'm taking my AP United States History test May 8 at 7:30am, which I am seriously having second thoughts about taking.  After the rigorious writing and dates and names, I will epicly fail and waste my parents money.  I don't even know why I decided to take APUSH in the first place!  In Chemistry and Algebra 2, both teachers made just do JLabs, which are like previous SOL tests for practices that are on the web.  Chemistry requires to do 6 different 40 questioned tests.  Can you f-ing believe that?  240 questions on a subject I deeply hate!!  I've already done the first 120, but still I have more crap to do, too ya know!  Alg did not take too long,about 3 sets of 20, I dealt with that.

But my main source of anger is English.  We have to do a rese

Back On Track

By: Jazzx7xenoff in defaultposted at 6:03 pm Feb 15,2009

Tags: revived  school  rohan 


I still haven't regained my full energy to type up a whole 14 paragraph-ed blog, but I will type a bit.

I redownloaded Rohan, but I'm still having the same issue.  Their support guys suck big apple jacks.  My topic is 2 pages long, and the support guy only responded like 4, 5 times and the rest are people with problems the same as me.  Problem is, I can login to the server, but when I go to create a character (since I deleted mine previously) I click one of the random female of a class, usually Dhan, and it shows the character and the spot where you type character name and arrows to change her appearance.  But, the description for the class is a blank box.  Okay...and when I try to type a name in the name box, theres the "error" sound and I can't do anything...but I've typed a blog on this before.  STILL NO SOLUTION......

But most importantly about me being "back on track" is that I have a new guy to give my "attentions" to.  I can't tell you his name, because I don't know it.  He's new to my high school.  How I know that?  Because after tons of year

Snow :D / D:

By: SaiJai in defaultposted at 1:10 pm Feb 03,2009

Tags: snow  blizzard  second semester  semester  school  bored 


Keke .. Freezing my butt off .. It's still snowing blah. It may be cold but at least it makes everything look much prettier.

Seeing a blanket of snow cover everything gives off a great feeling. I plan on writing a blog once or twice a day.

1) Because I'm really bored, yes I have homework and such, I do go outside.

2) This only takes about 5 minutes to write and stuff, maybe 10~20 minutes at the most.

Nothing to do, nothing to do, nothing to do. So bored ahhh ... All the stuff I usually watch have been watched to

the fullest. By that I mean I have watched all the episodes in the Dramas/Anime that are currently holding my

interests by the edge. I seem to have lost involvment in everything. Nothing really sparkles my fancy anymore

so like most children we strive to find something to do. I'm pretty much trying to waste as much time as I can

on this, to whomever reads this, uh why? LOL. Pretty much going to use this to vent anger, keep a journal of

the nonsense I do online/during the day, no I am not gay. I like women just as much as the next straight guy.

So what is something I can talk about? School, second semester has just started for me and well my second

is pretty much a good synonym for

The fun stuff!

By: sharpnel in defaultposted at 6:28 am Dec 21,2008

Tags: forensics  school  party  robotics  haircut 


Okay yeah. I got over that bit in the last entry as soon as a I went to bed. I mean, it's not completely gone but I'm good at just pushing stuff away into the depths of my mind.

Anywho, Thursday was the best day of the week! First we had a breakfast cooking party (or...lab as our teacher likes to call it lol) and we had to stuff our face with eggs because there were four plates leftover with just eggs. Gah, I had a huge stomacheache afterwards. Then during B2 and B3, I was over at Hanover eating at a party with Jasmine and Shao Ching. More stomacheache. Then, at the forensics competition, Rebekah's mom brought us two boxes of doughnuts and it was like uhhh. I still ate them because well...they're good! Maybe not for you...but I've been craving lately.

It doesn't really sound all that fun, but we took sooo many pictures and not one of them is a normal smiley one. Ok...maybe like two but whatever. We got really hyper that night. We just screamed everytime someone's name was mentioned at the awards and then we sat down and started reading each other's pieces in ridiculous voices and started rapping the poems. Yes yes, more sounding of not-so-much-fun. But hey, it's h

Ohh. Mmh. Geh.

By: Jazzx7xenoff in defaultposted at 1:27 pm Oct 29,2008

Tags: sickness  9d  school 


Lol.  *cough*  Anyway, Im just happy Im sick anymore!!  I ended up catching it and I felt like crap from 10pm Monday night til about noon today, except Im still exhausted.  It ended up being some stomach flu-thing.  I had another almost-pass-out moment in the kitchen.  What is up with that, Jazz?  I've never fainted in my life before August!  I think I should be worried.

Yeah, so, like, missing a whole day of school means more work for me!  I missed chemistry, optical lab, apush, and algebra 2.  Chemistry I've finished, since I have it every morning (HELL).  Optical Lab has no homework and I dig it anyway.  Apush *gut busting laugh* It might take me days to finish whatever I missed!.  Algebra 2, who knows?  I hope it's nothing too difficult.

So like, Im stuck in 9Dragons.  Im playing my lvl42 Phantom Demon, Acolyte of Heavenly Demon, Llewella and the area I am in is too difficult to kill creatures on my level, but it would take days to level on lvl41 characters, and the quest I have right now is beyond my lvl. *sigh* Im going to have to grind Giants until next week T.T

Yeah so, the beginning

This week's update.

By: sharpnel in defaultposted at 6:24 pm Sep 25,2008

Tags: homecoming  school  gym  king's dominon  roller coaster 

Again...I still have no life lol except for certain days like Sunday. Went to King's Dominion. This is probably the third time I posted my adventures at KD but this time it was special hehe. I decided to sing random songs (well...more like bellow) while riding roller coasters. I was yelling out the words to Dragostea din Tea while I was on the Volcano and my friend was just laughing at me and telling me to shut up. I really wanted to buy the dvd for the ride but I didn't have any money so...oh well.

And I'm not going to homecoming. Why? Because I'm cool like that. I'll probably chill with my buddies and have like Rock Band/Guitar Hero/DDR party which will be awwweeesome. And on another note...I'm still a fat monkey. I'm so glad SOMEBODY agreed that we should you know...sign up for a gym! So whoopie!

It's really weird...during the day I feel like I have so much to talk about about my week but I end up just saying little things. Guess I just needed something for the sake of an update.


Homework = Cruel & Unusual Punishment

By: Jazzx7xenoff in defaultposted at 6:40 pm Sep 04,2008

Tags: school  life  blah 

Oh my gawd.  This was only the third day of school.  I've all ready have had mass homework.  Is this fair??  How can teachers think to make us give up 7 hours of our day and then forced to work and learn with little or no breaks, and THEN give us a ship-load of homework on top of that?

For example...Im taking AP American History which is like a college course.  I know that means Im going to be doing a lot of work, but I had it the first day of school, and the dude already dished us a chapter to read and then take difficult and tedious notes on it.  What kind of trucking crap is that?  Give me a break!! 

My junior year is already going to be long, hard and rough.  (Mind out of gutter please XD) I dont need anything else on top of that.

Im sad Im only going to be gaming every other day, if I can get to the computer at all.  My lil sis and I are trading days, which pisses me off, but hey.  Ya do whatcha gotta do, eh?

Saturday Im going to DC to see my oldest sister, Janiece.  Havent seen her in a month I think.  Make fun of her man Charles some.  Cant believe I had a crush on him XP  I think it was because he was a

Last Day of Summer/Rest

By: Jazzx7xenoff in defaultposted at 4:46 pm Sep 01,2008

Tags: school  nervous  reasons 


(Theme Song for the last day~
Lazy  by X-press 2 -ft. David Byrne-
I-I-I-I'm wicked and I'm lazy
Oooooh, don't you wanna save me

I'm lazy when I'm lovin', I'm lazy when I play
I'm lazy with my girlfriend a thousand times a day
I'm lazy when I'm speaking, I'm lazy when I walk
I'm lazy when I'm dancin' and I'm lazy when I talk

I open up my mouth, air comes rushin' out
Nothin', doin' nadda, never, how you like me now?
Wouldn't it be mad, wouldn't it be fine
Lazy, lucky lady, dancin', lovin' all the time

I-I-I-I'm wicked and I'm lazy
Ooooh, don't you wanna save me

Some folks they got money an' some folks lives are sweet
Some folks make decisions an' some folks clean the streets, now
Imagine what it feels like, imagine how it sounds
Imagine life is perfect an' everything works out

No tears are fallin' from my eyes
I'm keepin' all the pain inside
Now don't you wanna live with me?
I'm lazy as a man can be!

I-I-I-I'm wicked and I'm lazy
Ooooh, don't you wanna save me

Imagine there's a girlfriend, imagine there's a job
Imagine there's an answer, imagine there's a God
Imagine I'm a Devil, imagine I'm a Saint
Lazy money, lazy sexy, lazy outta space!

No tears are fallin' fr

So the other day at Wal Mart, I felt like I was being stalked.

By: Sharpnel in defaultposted at 10:13 am Aug 28,2008

Tags: wal mart  stalking  school  first day  randomness 

Haha yeah. Great title, huh? Well it's true. I did feel like I was being stalked. There were these two AA guys (don't wanna offend anyone) who were like following me. To one aisle, to the bread section, to the produce, and even to the cashier. They were right next to us and despite the fact that they were using the self service and did not have that many things, they didn't finish until we were almost done going through the groceries. And then when we out to the car, there was this truck in front of us that had two guys just chilling in the car. I didn't wanna look and try to see what they looked like because well...they could see that. It still felt kinda creepy though so I just ignored that, put some Kpop on, and drove out of Wal Mart muahaha lol.

Ahem...yeah. Five more days left til school. Wahhhh! I'm not ready! And I've been saying that everyday because it's truuuuue *sobs* Speaking of which...I think I need to get working...so yeah...

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