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Tales Runner Review

By: kaptennick in TalesRunnerposted at 5:17 am Sep 21,2008

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Welcome Runners


Tales Runner is not an MMORPG. It is an MMO Racing game. There aren’t a lot of quality games in this genre and I feel that Tales Runner will do extremely well because of its unique gameplay and features. It is a racing game but it also has many of the elements of an RPG. There is a leveling system, a town where players can socialize, as well as an alchemy system that players can use to craft items to help improve their stats. This is not even to mention the scores of items and outfits that each character has access to.

There are multiple game modes; basic races, relay races, 30 player survival races and even a single player mode. For the more social users there is a town in which players can interact, show off their gear, create a family (guild) or become a “couple” with someone else.

Tales Runner has it's own currency known as TR which you receive a certain amount every time you participate in a race (better racing position, better TR you get) or from a minigame. With TR you can buy several Shirts/Pants/A

New Clients of this Week

By: odimok in defaultposted at 2:10 am Dec 21,2007

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Elan Online Full Client
Elan Online is a fantasy mmorpg developed by XPLO SOFT. It is set on Elan Continent where sword, magic and science coexist. The story is about the roles fighting against power of danger in order to become the top warrior. The procedure is full of adventures, and you could have fun of teamworks.
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Dungeon Runner Client v1.00
Quench your deepest dungeon crawling thirst in this multiplayer online role-playing game that?s home to an exciting realm of magic, terror and adventure. Build your own custom hero and venture into the great dungeon to discover realms of danger, wondand excitement!
Tackle quests and retrieve powerful items! As your hero gains experience, you will unlock new powers! Heroes can go it alone or band with friends to tackle greater challenges. Prepare for one of the most enjoyable Action-RPG gaming experiences ever with Dungeon Runners!
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Entropia Universe Client 8.12.0
Entropia Universe is a virtual universe with a real cash economy. It is set on the distant colony of Calypso - the first habitable planet mankind has ever found. Participants assume the roles of colonists that strive to build a new world

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