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seminary days

By: agayangkol in defaultposted at 2:12 am Sep 30,2009

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hi Im kenneth, i would like to share my experience here in the seminary. this is my first year here in seminary since i got here, start my life from bieng without gf but the thing is, i change my life just to follow christ. and a reason is, i want to see myself what is a real me . because before i entered here i was a online gamer every. game i played, i almost forget about my family and my friend and even to eat . but there something that always bothering me all the time. every time that i played i always accidentaly saw the picture of jesus christ . and since i was a fourth year high school i can decide what course will i take, because the picture of jesus crist bothers in my mind so i tried to take the exam on the pastor bonus seminary and since then, i found myself happy    and proclaiming the true existence of crist,.,.,   

RF Online CBT Review

By: Vincent__Valentine in defaultposted at 2:35 pm Jan 04,2009

Tags: RF  Online  Novus  CCR  Cora  Bellato  Accretaia ACC  Corite 


The day colsed beta started there were some issues right away, but hey, it's beta. Lots of issues are going to be happening all over Novus. The issue that everyone first recognized was that many could not log in for the first two days. Many people thought this was due to the server limit or they had PC problems.

After that things ran smoothly for most of us. Many other players were getting disconnects out the nose! The experience for phase one of CBT were x10 as well as the drop rate. You could also buy cash shop items with gold. The bad thing about the drop rates during both phases of CBT was that no weapons or armor would drop until you started killing monsters like Anabola Cyst and Ace Assassin Builder?'s. At the end of CBT phase one I had a level 35cora Summoner. He would hvae been higher, but CCR inc. wanted to see if they should give us bonus PT experience as well as level experience. This made it so that most players only had the starter level spells and skills.

Here is a screenshot from CBT 1: (I'd have more but when I installed the game, it did not give me a screenshots folder)

After that, CBT phase 2 came along. This one had more errors than the last. Every

RF online... the star of the game? bellato or cora?

By: NeilStarby1 in RF Onlineposted at 4:59 am Aug 19,2008

Tags: bellato  cora  accrecia  RF Online  RF  online  Online 

ok... now im a really huge fan of RF online!.. preffered to be my 1st of the list of online games... (the 2nd is Cabal online) .. ehemmm... now... here we go.. sorry for the bad english T_T.... correct me if im wrong from my explanations -------------------------- Bellatos... the star of the game? or CORA? ---------------------------------------------------------- as what i understand to the story... Bellatos created the Accrecia, then the Accrecians turn against to the Bellatos... then.. Bellatos are in an Allegiance with the Cora.. ------------------------------- so who is the Star of the Game?.. in my opinion i think the Bellatos are... the Bellatos obtain the Holy Force.. while Cora used the Dark Force... -----------------------------


By: LikE1995 in RF Onlineposted at 10:23 am May 15,2008

Tags: RF Online  rf  money  tips and trick  tips  tricks 


When you're Ranger lvl 1-4 you can kill flems...
Pick all item and sell ther!
I have with lvl 3, 186.147 money
Good, or?

Other tips and tricks coming soon...

New character on RF Online

By: tenkabuto in RF Onlineposted at 10:34 am Nov 25,2007

Tags: rf  online  noob  new  account  character 

Yesterday I made a new character on RF, this time I made it a Cora Spiritualist instead of a Cora Ranger like I did before, and I'm amazed at how fast I've leveled on it with all of the quests! I got to atleast lv16 in a

Run vary far away.

By: Kogal in defaultposted at 8:41 pm Oct 17,2007

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Well since i have been posting stuff on level 55 content in update 2.1.6 Final for Cora and Bellato here is some stuff for the ACC.

My story

By: Kogal in defaultposted at 8:35 pm Oct 17,2007

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Well, since Episode 2's launch, i feel that i need to post here to make a statement.FACTS:The duping ONLY was a money dupe. Items using that method could not be duped.The dupe bug has been fixed by CM.Confession:As you a

RFO: Episode 2 Public Test Kicks Off

By: lesile in defaultposted at 12:24 am Sep 19,2007

Tags: rf  episode  public  test 

That’s right folks, Codemasters Online are pleased to announce that thepublic test for RF Online’s latest content update (and it’s a big one!)Episode 2 starts on Friday the 14th of September at 10am GMT +1! Whileth

Guilds and Parties

By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 8:18 pm May 28,2007

Tags: rf  guide  guild 

GuildsA "guild" is a group of [a minimum of] 8 players to [a maximum of] 150 players who share the same objectives and goals. They may engage in RvR raids on enemy settlements, Pit Boss raids, form XP groups, or guil

RF Server Glitch

By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 2:21 am May 17,2007

Tags: yf  space  news  rf 

We just experienced a slight network / internet glitch, stilldiagnosing but don\'t believe it was our network. It was most likely aninternet glitch which is beyond our control. We apologies, we will havethis fixed
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