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Revelation Online - Swordmage Class Overview

By: Cryyfuu in Revelationposted at 12:58 pm Aug 07,2016

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The Swordmage is the dedicated ranged magic dps of Revelation Online. It is a very mobile class with only a few skills that have cast time.

The cast time on those skills is pretty short as well. What makes this class so special is it's use of elements. Switching from fire, ice and lightning on the go to give different abilities different effects. Watch as we take a deeper look at the Swordmage class of Revelation Online.

Revelation Crafting Gear, Wings, Mounts & Life Skills

By: Cryyfuu in Revelationposted at 6:33 am Jul 08,2016

Tags: revelation  revelation crafting  revelation mounts  revelatio 

In this video I will explain to you the different kinds of professions available in Revelation. I will also explain how to craft gear, mounts and wings. YES!! You can actually craft mounts lol.. pretty cool huh? Wings play a huge role in Revelation as half the time you spend in game you'll be flying so why not look badass while doing it? I believe different wings have different amounts of stamina allowing you to fly faster for a longer period. You will never fall out of the sky but flying slow can be a buzz kill. Wings can be purchased on the cash shop but can also be crafted without spending a dime which is very good. Kudos to Netease for really taking the free player into consideration.

Watch the video to learn more!

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