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Why I Hate Achievement Systems

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 4:05 pm Oct 29,2011

Tags: achievement  trophy  gamer  score  flame  rant 


This is a rant dedicated to the stupid Gamerscore on the 360 and the Trophy System on the PS3. People say it is not really a big deal, but I have found that it annoys me to no ends. Since I actually own a PS3, I will primarily be using the PS3 as an example. I have only borrowed my friend's Windows Live account for a few games.

 1) Save data cannot be transferredSome people argue that this is a good thing, but I think it is a bad thing. For one, I cannot back up my saves. Now that everything is on the hard drive, if something happens to the hard drive, I just lose all my game saves. Back in the day, we had stuff like memory cards where we can copy our saves over so that if something happens to our memory card, we can still use our back up and continue preferably not too far off from where I lost my save. Some people might argue that this never happens, but I have lost a Dreamcast and 2 Playstation 2s over the years. If my PS3 goes, it just might take all my save data on the hard d

Ace/Air Rivals/Space Cowboy Online Review

By: Zanpakutou in ACE Onlineposted at 4:02 pm Oct 02,2011

Tags: ace  online  air  rivals  space  cowboy  review  flame  rant 


 I know this is an old third person shooter MMO. It has been passed between publishers several times. The best way to describe it is that it is a flight based game such as Ace Combat with Action MMO elements.



The game is more or less driven by 2 factions who are at war with each other, but this does not become prominent until quite later into the game. Most of the early levels deal with exploration. It later becomes more involved with NPCs and individual towns before dealing with the actual war.



The game's graphics are rather plain. The character models look decent when you are not in your plane, but everyone looks the same. Your plane starts off rather plain and requires a lot of upgrading and tuning before it actually looks decent. However, it still does not look great even for a game of it's time. Enemy models are recycled quite often as well.



Although each character model has their own backstory, it is completely irrelevant to the game.

Digimon Battle (Online) Review

By: Zanpakutou in Digimon Battleposted at 7:54 am Mar 21,2010

Tags: digimon  battle  online  review  flame  rant  grind 


So with spring break starting I had a chance to sign up for Digimon Online open beta. This was one of the games I was interested a few years back and it is finally available in english. Digimon is a concept similar to Pokemon so you should know what to expect. The game itself is based on a turn based system.


N/A - I have no clue what's going on. Just jump in and go for it.


The graphics are not impressive but are by no means bad. This game came out a few years back and can be best described as an improvement over the graphics of games such as Conquer Online or any of those other games made by that company. They do their best to make use of effects for skills and abilities. Certain enemies also drop items that give your characters some customization, but is not widely available. There is a nice variety to enemies with only a few that look like they have been recolored.


The game starts off with just picking a character and a starter digimon. In the beginning, th

Want me to rant on something?

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 6:20 pm Dec 19,2009

Tags: rant  suggestion  flame  article  writing  warriors  orochi 


Give me a link to an article or game you want me to rant about. I'm feeling bored with not much else to do. The only thing I plan to do this month is to write a reivew for Warriors Orochi Z and I need something to work on to make sure my writing does not falter too much. Zodiac Online sucks so bad that I'm not even going to bother with it. If it is an MMO you want me to rant about, the game should preferably be free or else I just have to base it off videos if I have not played it before.

Dragon Oath CB Review

By: Zanpakutou in Dragon Oathposted at 7:26 am Sep 29,2009

Tags: dragon  oath  online  review  flame  rant  class  guild  exp 


Dragon Oath is an MMO published by ChangYou. Before this I have never even heard of them but apparently they're in the works for other MMOs in the US as well. The best way I can describe this is that it is like an updated and improved version of JX2. Although not by much, the little differences make the game feel nearly completely different. The basis for the game itself is similar to JX2, Zhu Xian, and 9Dragons. The key difference is that they don't put any restrictions on joining clans.


N/A - Something about Song Dynasty or something. Go read it on the website


By today's standards, this is nothing amazing. The character looks are very limited and the only customizability so far is that of your clan's wardrobe. However, each of the clans have a significantly different look which is a plus. Its easy to identify who is what clan and what their general abilities are. Even though this is nice, more customization in general would have been nice. The monsters look fairly different and there isn't much repeat of character models except for mobs that are involved in the special events. There are no repeats for quite some time too.


Character creation is very

Atlantica Online is no longer targetting casual gamers!

By: Zanpakutou in Atlantica Onlineposted at 11:53 am Aug 14,2009

Tags: rant  flame  atlantica  online  grind  experience  repeat  b 


One of the best things about Atlantica Online was that it was casual up until lvl 95. Stamina was suppose to offset grind, but it never did. Players just left their computer on overnight to build it up and use it before the reset. Starting from lvl 95+, that changed. The exp curve took a steep climb and turned into your typical Korean grinding MMO. The only thing that offset this was the possibility of getting 5% towards your next level by doing 3 quests and 2 Free League battles each day. Without this, many players would have never gotten past lvl 95 (and many still don't).

Now comes the dreaded lvl 130 patch. If you thought that level 95+ was bad, getting from 120 to 130 requires more than 4 times the total experience it took to get from 1 to 120. That's a whopping total of over 8 billion experience. For a measurement of how bad that is, a monster in the lvl 120 dungeon gives about 45000 exp and the total of all the quests amounts to maybe 10% of what is needed to get to lvl 121. It

Updated Atlantica Review

By: Zanpakutou in Atlantica Onlineposted at 4:29 pm Jan 29,2009

Tags: atlantica  online  review  flame  rant 


For anyone who cares. I placed in item mall into factoring the overall score of the game, but it just reduced the overall score of the game.

Gee. Addicting.

By: sharpnel in defaultposted at 5:38 pm Jan 22,2009

Tags: selfishness  rant  laptop  school  snsd  gee 


You know what I really hate? I honestly hate people who are constantly seeking pity. Yes. I understand that everyone desires some form of sympathy or pity, but I think everyone should be realistic. No one in this world has limitless pity for you. It annoys me that someone has to address everything that's wrong in their life to everyone. That's not saying that I don't have pity for others, it just becomes useless when you find that the only response you get is getting brushed off and having them continue like as if their life is the worst in the world. There is a big difference between actually having something messed up in your life and just not getting what you want.

People just don't happen to see reality. This world is selfish. That includes you, me, and everyone else you know. Some people don't care if you weren't allowed to go chill with some friends for ONE day. Not everything in your life is that big of an issue so stop whining and trying to get someone to feel sorry for you! Yes. In this same category are those that start crying about not being able to get a brand new car. I say...get a job!

I think the topic of selfishness is one that I ca

Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (PSOBB) Review

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 4:48 pm Dec 27,2008

Tags: phantasy  star  online  blue  burst  review  flame  rant 



Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (PSOBB aka v4) for PC is the 4th release of Phantasy Star Online following the 2 Dreamcast versions (v1 and v2) and the Xbox and Gamecube versions (v3). This version contains a new Episode 4 that takes place after Episode 1 and 2 and has a series of story missions as well. Episode 3 was a card game exclusively for the Gamecube.


Pioneer 1 mysteriously vanished after a large explosion on the planet Ragol. As a Hunter on Pioneer 2, it is your duty to find out what happened and carry out requests through the Hunter's Guild. The story is divided into 4 episodes. The following is all I can make of the story. It's relatively unimportant and the story missions through the Principal Office (PSOBB only) are very pointless and make relatively little sense at all.

Episode 1 – Find Red Ring Rico (RRR).

Episode 2 – Find Flowen.

Episode 3 – Pioneer 2 colonizes Ragol. I never played this version, but this is what it says.

Episode 4 – Investigate meteor crash site.


The graphics are very dated, but there are noticeable changes from the old versions especially if you compare the Dreamcast versions and PSOBB. There are a select n

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