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Today MMORPG Quests! Who cares?!

By: IlikeMMO in defaultposted at 8:39 pm Nov 25,2010

Tags: rude  community  quest  MMORPGs  who cares 


I've been exploring the RPG bit of MMOs for a while and I've notice one amazing thing.

There two types of players who are playing today's MMORPGs. The first is the players who cares about the stories and the other is the one who enjoys grinding and getting to the highest level and do the quests just for the rewards, yet not giving a crap about stories of NPCs, whether the story they tell is good or bad?

Which side would the majority of the players take now a days? The answer: Grinding to the highest level.

They don't care about the story. If there a flaw in a story, most of the gamers will give you the same excuse and that is... 'It's just a game'.

If that's the case, why are players playing an MMORPG in the first place? It's called an 'RPG' for a reason.

These are the players who don't fair well in a community, mistreat lower levels and form and encourage rude behaviour in a community.

Example: Accepting that lazy guard quest in the first few minutes of any MMO. Yo

RayCity Lv 30 Quest Run

By: IlikeMMO in Ray Cityposted at 4:54 am Nov 14,2010

Tags: Ray city  quest  speed  party  jump  fast 


This video made my day!

Arcangrove Chaos Lord Showdown

By: ArtixEntertainment in defaultposted at 1:32 pm Nov 09,2010

Tags: aqw  mmorpg  free  boss  adventure  quest  world 


Take the fight to Ledgermayne!

Prepare yourself for the Arcangrove finale! As you are reading this, your fellow players are currently in a heated battle ag

Enter the Artix Entertainment Comic Contest!

By: ArtixEntertainment in defaultposted at 11:19 am Jul 01,2010

Tags: f2p  mmo  contest  prizes  free  rpg  adventure  quest 


Grab a pencil and your sense-of-humor and prepare yourself for Artix Entertainment’s first ever Comic Contest! The Contest objective is simple: make us LOL & win epic prizes.

The Comic Contest is happening now and will end at 11:59pm EST on Sunday, July 11th.

So. Wanna know what you’re plain’ for? Virtual fame and fortune!

The Grand Prize is 4,000 BattleOn Points!
Runner-ups will receive 2,000 BattleOn Points
and Honorable Mentions will get 500 BattleOn Points

Ok so wait… BattleOn Points? Whazdat? BattleOn Points is the newest way to Upgrade your acc

AdventureQuest Worlds: Mythsong Canyon has been Released!

By: ArtixEntertainment in defaultposted at 11:30 am May 04,2010

Tags: aqw  music  mythsong  mmorpg  mmo  adventure  quest  worlds 


Highly anticipated since the release of Greenguard Forest, players of the MMO AdventureQuest Worlds can finally journey to the music capital of Lore! The fertile valley of Mythsong

Contests and Quests in The Month of Love

By: Outspark in Fiesta Onlineposted at 4:44 pm Feb 24,2010

Tags: wedding  contest  quest  fiesta online  outspark games 


The wedding quests from last year is back for players who participated. Players who complete the most Isya blossom quests will win some awesome prizes! Go to Vietree in Roumen to start on your Valentine quests. The contest ends on March 2nd. For more information, check out the leaderboardhere.


We're giving out some cool and useful prizes for the top ranking players on each of the 6 leaderboards. There will be one first place winner per server.

1st place winner for each server will receive: a $50 Amazon gift card, 15 Karis Stones, 15,000 SparkCash, and a Lovesick Suit (Permanent).

2nd place winner for each server will receive: 10 Karis Stones, 10,000 SparkCash, and a Lovesick Suit (Permanent).

3rd place winner for each server will receive: 7 Karis Stones, 5,000 SparkCash, and a Lovesick Suit (Permanent).

4th place winner for each server will receive: 5 Karis Stones, 3,000 SparkCash, and a Lovesick Suit (Permanent).

5th place winner for each server will receive: 3 Karis Stones, 3,000

MMO Questing

By: lordaltay in defaultposted at 6:50 pm Jun 20,2008

Tags: MMO  MMORPG  Free Online Games  MapleStory  Quest  Questing 


Most MMORPG games today offer an alternative way to gain experience other than grinding; questing. The problem with questing in MMORPGs is the lack of creativity and effort put forth by the developers. Almost every MMORPG has the standard “Go outside town and kill X amount of Y Monsters”. Replace X with a quantity and Y with a type of monster. Another very common quest you’ll find in most MMORPGs is the “Take this letter and hand it to the guy standing next to me”. Why do quests have to be so dull? There are only two MMORPGs I know that actually have a well thought out questing system; World of Warcraft and Maplestory.

It’s no surprise that World of Warcraft actually has a well designed and interesting quest system, as the game does has 10 million subscribers worldwide. The game’s quest dialogue was always very well written and the quests weren’t always go outside town and kill some monsters. Completing a chain quest also made you feel like you accomplished something and each step al

DOMO(GameTribe) May 14th important update

By: FloatCloud in Dream Of Mirrorposted at 8:06 pm May 11,2008

Tags: dream of mirror  gametribe  map  quest  pet 


DOMO important update: New steps of the quests, discover the new maps and make your pet grow!

Time has come to discover some new areas of the fantasy world of Kunlun Mirror: enter the Foggy Forest and the Blakatoa Peak!!! And if you want to follow your path now you have also the chance to enjoy the new steps of Main quest and of the new Hero Quest. Some new contents will be added to the item shop too:
    Minor Dimension Rift: this is a really useful item that allows you to access your warehouse anywhere anytime Hair colors: change your hair look with the brand new bright green, Emerald green, Carmine Red and light blue colorsEnchantment scrolls: 6 new scrolls to enchant your armor and improve your defence bonusSome new fancy costume: the Mecha’s armor and equipment (helmet and jetpack) and cowboy’s costume and hatIntermediate evolution stone: make your pet grow! Thanks to this item, pets can now reach upper levels

GameTribe will release this new game update on the next weekly patch on May 14th

Dis City Quest Will Become More Attractive

By: wangwang in defaultposted at 7:21 pm Sep 06,2007

Tags: Quest  awards  conquer 


We will be modifying Dis City quest on Sept. 5th immediately following server maintenance. These modifications have been made to improve the quality and incentive of the rewards, hopefully resulting in more absorbing game play. Please refer the following list to view the upcoming requirements and their subsequent awards.

Requirement                                         Awards

All the Participants                                Get experience worth of half an EXPBall
1st Pass: Hell Gate Winners                   Get experience worth of an EXPBall
2nd Pass: Hell Hall Winners                    Get experience worth of an EXPBall
3rd Pass: Hell Cloister Winners               Get experience worth of an EXPBall
4th Pass: Battle Formation Winners        Get experience worth of 5 EXPBalls

We know you will enjoy these extra rewards and the modifications made to the Dis City quest. If you are lucky and become the final winners in the 4th pass, you will totally get experience worth of 8 EXPBalls. Now go and win your well-deserved rewards by fighting with courage and bravery.

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