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FFXIV 2.2 Patch Notes (Preliminary)

By: Dododoro in Final Fantasy XIVposted at 9:04 am Mar 22,2014

Tags: Patch 2.2  March 27th  Update  Notes  Preview  FFXIV  Final 


Patch 2.2 contains myriad additions and refinements to the realm of Eorzea. Players seeking the thrill of combat can face off with Leviathan or brave the new twists and turns of the Binding Coil. Artisans can try their hand at demanding new recipes, and master anglers can reel in legendary denizens of the deep. From new dealings with the beast tribes to new dances sweeping the land, there is much to see and more to do in the ever-changing realm of Eorzea!

Quest New main scenario quests have been added.
Quest NameRequired Level and Location
Still Waters Disciple of War or Magic level 50
The Rising Stones (X:6 Y:5)
NPC: Minfilia
A Final Temptation Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Western Thanalan (X:22 Y:17)
NPC: Thancred
The Mother of Exiles Disciple of War or Magic level 50

Hecarim Patch Preview: Gameplay Changes

By: Zevri in League of Legendsposted at 12:48 am Apr 07,2012

Tags: patch  news  preview 



While the patch isn't out yet, the video for the patch preview is. As usual the patch preview doesn't go into detail for everything that is changed in the patch, but it does give some of the more important changes. For this one, Kayle and Teemo are getting buffed and Teemo is getting a bug fix. For Kayle they're increasing her heal and the buffs from it to make her more viable as a tanky support, since they felt she wasn't really that great for either the tank or carry role.  Hopefully the increase will be enough to make her heals useful, instead of something you cast to boost a champions run speed. For Teemo, the only thing they mentioned was the bug fix, which has to do with his toxic shot, which gets nulled when your attack speed is over 1.0, which gimps his attack power making him a lot weaker than he should be. 

Mixed in with the buffs is a slight change to some of the runes, particularly the ones aimed at casters. Magic resist runes will be getting

Tera To Utilize Player-driven Politics

By: Sir Loin of Beef in TERAposted at 2:09 am Jun 08,2011

Tags: Tera  MMORPG  preview  political system  E3  en Masse 



Mandifesto and myself were given a real treat when we stopped by En Masse's booth at E3 today: Being able to get a sneak peek at Tera, the new MMORPG that seeks to break the point-and-click mold that games in the same genre have fallen into, we were actually given some never-before-released info on one of the more intriguing player-driven systems set in place within the game: politics.

Yes, much like in the real world, players can actually run  to become the big cheese of their city. There are actually two ways of achieving this position. The first is a more traditional method: get yourself voted into office. This can be done through a majority of ways, but all of them involve promoting yourself as a public figure among the masses. Players are actually free to promote themselves

My Avatar Article Index

By: PaleLord in defaultposted at 1:59 am Jan 26,2010

Tags: avatar  preview 


I found that I’ve written articles about Avatar quite a bit, these days. Don’t ask me why, haha. Honestly, I wrote them because I like this movie, and I went 2 times to go to the 3D theater to watch this grand epic. Both times, my feelings are quite different. It always guided me into a long meditation, and inspired me into the MMORPG’s world. So, here is the index of articles that Avatar brought out. 

My first time watching Avatar, the cool visual effects and sci-fi style really blew me and my family away. So I say “Avatar: Sci-fi for the New Millennium”. Click here to learn more. Then, I played Zero Online for a while, an MMO based on sci-fi. Just enjoy the “Epic Robots of Sci-fi MMO Zero Online”. Click here to learn more. My second time watching Avatar, the wonderful land and well designed Banshee were what I concerned. It isn’t it like the flying mounts in some MMOs? Avatar’s Banshee VS MMO’s Flying Mount, Click h

DoA Online (China) First Impressions

By: CalebG in Dead or Aliveposted at 7:56 pm Nov 20,2008

Tags: dead or alive online  doa online  doao  preview  first impre 


Prior to trying out the game myself, I didn't have a very good impression on DoA Online with the very limited screen shots I have seen. But I decided to give it ago, and here are my short first impressions.

First off, I am a "casual" DoA fan that has all the games, but never found enough time to devote to any of them, other then an occational brawl with friends.

The things I wanted to see in the game was:

- How true to the IP (Intellectual Property, the art, canon, etc.) are they going to get?

- How are those cute characters seen in various screenshots integrated into the game?

- How is the actual fighting going to play out, especially over the network?


The Game


Well color me surprised! I am amazed at the netcode they are using, because, even when playing from way down south of China in Singapore, the game works out pretty smoothly at 100-200 ping! It's as smooth as the real game, and I am really impressed.

The Engine

They have taken the Dead or Alive Extreme mechanics. Dead or Alive Extreme is the remake of Dead or Alive 2 with an updated engine (Dead or Alive Extreme Volleyball). So, all moves, mechanics and I assume characters of that version of DoA will be

Wizard 101: Preview

By: vinastalker in defaultposted at 8:22 pm Jun 01,2008

Tags: wizard  preview 

Game developers these days seem to agree on one thing: that there’s untapped online gaming potential in the “tween” market, that 9-14 age range that’s always been considered as the awkward transition from childhood to teen. While big companies like SOE and Cartoon Network are working to release their own tween-centric MMOs in the fall (Free Realms and Fusion Fall, respectively) , a small Texas-based company called KingsIsle Entertainment Inc. is poised to unveil Wizard 101 this summer. The company was founded in 2005 by game industry veterans but has been cloaked in secrecy until April of this year, when they announced that they were working on two titles, one of which turned out to be Wizard 101. The other title is still undisclosed.

Wizard 101 is a multiplayer, online adventure game that starts you out as a Wizard apprentice at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. There you learn how to control your magical powers before you embark on your quest to save Wizard City from the forces of evil.

As you go through your adventure, you collect spell cards, which you can then use in combat. Combat is therefore, primarily in the form of a collectible card game. Some

Special Pets preview

By: lesile in defaultposted at 2:25 am Oct 23,2007

Tags: zu  igg  preview  pet 

If you are fond of pets in real life, then having a pet accompany youthroughout the world of Zu would be perfect! The upcoming Zu Online Alpha Test contains the Pet System. There are some pets’ screenshots, so we’re gi

Hellgate: London Soundtrack Info

By: kknd in defaultposted at 8:21 pm Oct 02,2007

Tags: Hellgate: London  soundtrack  preview 


The Hellgate: London Soundtrack is stacking up to be a very impressive compilation of music, composed by the same artists who did the soundtrack for God of War II, Splinter Cell Double Agent and Quake III.

Our soundtrack rocks. It's so good we had to throw a copy of it into the Collector's Edition of our game. Composed by Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan (they worked on such titles as God of War II, Splinter Cell Double Agent, and Quake III), it does an amazing job of bringing together the old and new world themes in Hellgate: London, while scaring the bajooblies out of you - and this is only on the title screen for our game!

In all seriousness, though, we think you'll really dig it. Linked below is a track from the soundtrack to give you an idea of what you can expect from the final game. Turn out your lights, turn on your laser show, and crank the sound to 11!

You can check out the Hellgate: London Theme Song - direct from Flagship Studios and the Hellgate: London website.

FFXI August`s Version Update: New Items

By: Frederica in defaultposted at 8:10 pm Aug 09,2007

Tags: FFXI  preview 


August's version update is set to introduce anassortment of both new items and synthesis recipes to Vana'diel. We'vealso created all-new graphics for some of the new weapons and gear!

Inanticipation of the version update, we'd like to give you a sneak peekat some of the new equipment crafted by the savage beastmen you've cometo know and love from the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion.

Fury Unleashes Two New Videos, Preview Event!

By: alibaba in defaultposted at 11:23 pm Jul 19,2007

Tags: fury  preview  video 

Following very successful showings at Gamecock's E.I.E.I.O. in California as well as China Joy in Shanghai, developers Auran are showing off their baby, Fury, to an international audience for a special Worldwide Preview
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