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V 2.2.6 and School holiday event of Monster MMORPG - Free MMO Game For Pokemon Players

By: MonsterMMORPG in defaultposted at 1:00 pm Dec 24,2013

Tags: pokemon  mmo  rpg  game  online  games  free  browser  based  beast  m 

Monster MMORPG V 2.2.6 Changelogs and awesome event announcement

* Alright guys here starts the schools holiday at Monster MMORPG.

* Till 6 January 2014 - 10 PM game time there will be - approx 14 days (click to see remaining time)
---- %200 Bonus Gold & EXP reward from battles
---- And %40 Bonus from each donation
##### Example if you donate 100$ you will get 140$ balance

* 31 monster images updated.
---- 6 new professional revamps
---- 2 improved professional revamps
---- 23 free images that replaces old images and improves quality
##### Some of the monsters names changed

* Have fun

* Here the list of professional revamps (thanks to those talented artists)
---- Please refresh the page or hit F5 to see updated images

* Here the free improvements (thanks to all those talented artists)

#952 Auramus
#958 Battip
#965 Capty
#966 Cryle
#1020 Flybat
#1025 Sharlow
#1026 Sharcune
#398 Ivygroud
#615 Cunair
#1005 Rattip
#1006 Crystaleon
#1172 Foxfire
#1388 Sa

Free Online RPG Game Monster MMORPG V 2.1.4 check out

By: PokemonCraft in defaultposted at 11:41 am Jul 07,2013

Tags: mmorpg  game  free  mmo  rpg  games  monstermmorpg  pokemon 

Monster MMORPG V 2.1.4 Deployed - Change Logs

* 83 New monsters added to the game
---- The good part is we have new artists this means more monster possibilities at the future
---- Total number of contributor monster artist count increased to 38
---- These artists can be seen at credits page

* Very special weekend event started with 300% EXP and Gold boost
---- This event will probably finish this tuesday - 9 July

* All monsters on maps re-assigned

* All monsters default abilities re-assigned

* All NPCs and their monsters re-assigned

* Currently not available to catch monsters can be seen at below (they may still be obtainable with transformation)
---- http://www.monstermmorpg.com/Not-Appear-On-Maps.txt

* MonsterDex now displays 100 monsters per page

* 3 Monsters images updated
---- #980 Flicey, #955 Falcipy, #1501 Behemoth

* Here the newly added monsters


Monster MMORPG Version 2.0.9 Beta & Weekend Event

By: PokemonCraft in defaultposted at 6:44 pm May 10,2013

Tags: pokemon mmorpg  pokemon online  pokemon games  pokemon  mmorpg 

Monster MMORPG Version 2.0.9 Beta Deployed on http://www.monstermmorpg.com

* 48 new natures added to the game that players suggested
--- You can check new natures at here : http://www.monstermmorpg.com/Natures

* Special weekend bonus event started : 250% bonus for EXP & Gold from all battles

Monster MMORPG Version 2.0.6 Beta and weekend event

By: PokemonCraft in defaultposted at 4:49 pm Mar 30,2013

Tags: pokemon  game  games  mmorpg  online  mmo  rpg  digimion  event  mons 

Version 2.0.6 Beta deployed onwww.monstermmorpg.com

* From now on sales on market is taxed

* If you are selling monsters on bazaar or items on bazaar or offering money to trade monster
---- 100-10,000,000 - taxed 5%
---- 10,000,000 - 100,000,000 - taxed 10%
---- 100,000,000 - 999,999,999 - taxed 15%

* Minimum sell prices on bazaar is 100 gold, minimum offer price is 100 gold
---- Under 100 gold items on bazaar are not taxed

* Also we have another nice new feature. It is called as deposit. This feature will prevent overpriced, ridiciliously priced monsters to be put on market
---- When you are putting a monster on sale at the bazaar, you have to pay deposit money to be able to put your monster on sale
---- It is equal to 10% of sell price
---- This money is automatically deducted from your account when you put your monster on sale. When your monster is sold, or you cancelled the sell process, it is automatically returned to your account. This money is never lost.

* Also there are 2 new

Gotta catch em all :)

By: Jeryel007 in ROSE Onlineposted at 6:37 pm Nov 06,2012

Tags: Rose Online  Mounts  Gravity Interactive  Pokemon  Halloween 


... if they were Pokemons, i would :P

Rose Online: www.roseonlinegame.com

The Rose Online Halloween event is now over and sadly, i wasn't able to reach the level requirement to be able to get the mounts *sigh*

*** wishing for another event this December >.< ***

10 update nice monster images - HQ - event - MonsterMMORPG

By: MonsterMMORPG in defaultposted at 2:53 pm Aug 24,2012

Tags: pokemon  game  games  mmorpg  mmo  rpg  monstermmorpg  monster  poke 

Alright people hopefully another nice weekend

10 monster images are updated with better versions

Also 150% EXP & Gold event is active

Have fun


Redrawn By Henrie

JRPG Monogatari: Monster RPGs

By: Tipamari in defaultposted at 10:03 pm Mar 13,2011

Tags: JRPG  Pokemon  Black  White  Red  Azure Dreams  Megami Tense 

I was planning on saving this article for a later date, but with the release of Pokemon Black and White, I feel there is no better time than the present to talk about Monster RPGs. So let’s put down our swords, and treat our monster brethren like one of our own.  To be quite honest, I don't know what to call them: Monster RPGs, Monster Raising games, Pokemon clones. These types of games are not novel, and are as popular today as they were back when they were created. The mechanics are quite simple: Monsters are not just for experience points, but become more vital part of the combat, leveling up much like an RPG hero. They are fun, incredibly addictive, and allow you to express yourself through a large cast of different creatures.  These games are not designated by th

Amazing Team Rocket Pokemon Cosplay

By: Fepi in defaultposted at 11:42 pm Mar 08,2011

Tags: Pokemon  lum 


Find Amazing Team Rocket Pokemon Cosplay here . Just want to share with you. The girl is Ryoko-demon.

Find another Cosplay of LUM.Really amazing.

I think i should add Ryoko-demon into my favorite cosplayer list. ^_^

Blog Entry: Pokemon World Online

By: tehgeek1017 in defaultposted at 8:36 am Sep 12,2010

Tags: PWO  Pokemon  World  Online  Pokemon World Online  tehgeek10 


Well it appears because they re-opened PWO registration that will be the game I do my first review on. Look forward to it later today.


The Website is: http://www.pokemonworldonline.net/ (registration is really slow at the moment due to high traffic)

Hardcore pokemon fan

By: IulyaSama in defaultposted at 7:01 am Dec 30,2009

Tags: hardcore pokemon fan  pikachu  pokemon 


  This is the biggest Pokemon collection i ever seen O.O take a look

















She even customed her car to look like a pikachu...



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