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Blade & Soul NA Legendary Pets

By: Eckogen in Blade and Soulposted at 7:35 pm Sep 15,2016

Tags: blade & soul  mmo  pets  legendary  ncsoft 


A quick overview on legendary pets and how to get them. For a limited time you may change your heroic/awakened stage 10, or legendary pet into a Griffon or Otter. It will cost 2 pet enhancement stones and 10 gold for this. 

YouTube Channel @ www.YouTube.com/c/Eckogen

A quick overview on legendary pets and how to get them. For a limited time you may change your heroic/awakened stage 10, or legendary pet into a Griffon or Otter. It will cost 2 pet enhancement stones and 10 gold for this. 

To unlock Awakened Stage 1, you need a Heroic Stage 10 pet. It costs 3 untamed heroic pets, 5 pet enhancement stones, and 15 gold. Stages 1-4 will cost 5 pet enhancement stones and 15 gold. Stages 5-10 will cost 7 pet enhancement stones and 15 gold. 

To unlock Legendary you need 3 untamed heroic pets, 15 pet enhancement stones, and 30 gold. Upon unlocking Legendary your pet will randomly gain 1 of 4 traits; Gusty, Loyal, Furious, and Ultimate.

Traits can be rerolled; however, keep in m

Hello Kitty Online: Pets Should Do More!

By: MapleTire in defaultposted at 6:03 pm Apr 20,2012

Tags: hello kitty online  pets  suggestion  improvement  collectin 


I've been playing Hello Kitty Online for months and everyone there is looking forward to a content update to add more quests, fix bugs and among others things. (Yes, females want content upgrades too)

I find playing the game a bit of a chore because after finishing all the easy quests, exploring the towns and etc.

I think collections the pets is rather pointless as the pets don't do much expect for carry a bit more and looking good, so my suggestion is this.

I think pets should have more powers and features to make them more useful and worth collecting. There over 100 creatures in Hello Kitty Online however even thou hunting them is hard enough, the reward is little. I think if the pets should be more valuable in 2012, I think they should help gather, hunt and do much more use

Elsword launches new pet system

By: Zevri in Elswordposted at 9:41 pm Oct 05,2011

Tags: f2p  pets  news  mmo 


Wanted a little extra help getting through the dungeons in Elsword? Well, you’re in luck! Elsword has officially launched their new pet system which will give you a friendly ally through dungeons and bossed of the game.

Right now the game has only introduced a few pets, two to be precise, (Pocket Phoru and Ancient Phoru) but they do plan to release more soon.  In order for players to get their helpful companion, you will need to reach level ten first, and then you will be able to use the pet of your choosing to help you get through the dungeons. Pets will bring both attacks and buffs to help out their master and make sure they survive the trials ahead.

So which pet will you choose?

Official site: www.elswordonline.com/

Trailer of the pet system, from the Korean version:


More info on Firefall - Despawn others pets

By: Zevri in FIREFALLposted at 3:50 pm Sep 20,2011

Tags: pets  mmo  f2p  news 



Recently, Shack News posted an article in which they had an interview with Red 5 founder and CEO Mark Kern. If you don’t know Red 5, you should have heard of the game they’re working on, Firefall.

The game has been making a lot of news lately on the style and visuals of the game, but most notably for it being a free game, and even stating that they want to make the free model a non pay-to-win scenario, which puts hopes in a lot of players, including me that the game will hopefully be very good, and very accommodating to free players.

But on to the interview itself, if you read the article they mention that pets –will- be in the game, which is especially unusual for a shooter. Not only that, but players will be able to ‘kill’ other players pets. Well, not r

Blizzard Next Charitable Pets Coming to WoW Soon

By: LuthX in World of Warcraftposted at 1:16 am Nov 10,2010

Tags: world of warcraft  pets 


Blizzard is giving a sneak peek at their next set of pets for ‘World of Warcraft’, which will be available for purchase very soon. Sale proceeds of the pets will also go to a charity like past pets before.

Omg,Ragnaros the Firelord

New Monster Forest Patch!

By: monsterforest in Monster Forestposted at 11:45 pm Aug 16,2010

Tags: monster forest  mmorpg  new patch  patch notes  pets 


Have you been looking forward to seeing new maps and pets in Monster Forest? We have good news for you!

The upcoming August patch have been officially announced and it looks like there's plenty of fun in store for us! Currently all the contents published are still undergoing testing and the actual gameplay may vary. Rectifications will be made and the contents will ultimately be finalized 1 day prior to the game patch.

So what can we look forward to?

• Pet level cap is raised to level 80!
• Pet will be able to achieve its 2nd evolution (To 3rd Gen form).
• The boss in Capruni Abyss has a chance to drop a new Reef Shark pet!

Reef Shark -> Zealous Shark -> Winged Demon Shark.

How cool is the Reef Shark pet?! If you ask me, it's adorable to start with and becomes really edgy

La Tale Update - Coliseum Approach: July. 7th

By: ogplanet_latale in LaTaleposted at 10:36 am Jul 09,2010

Tags: La Tale  Coliseum  Pets  Saito Kimono 


For generations adventurers and warriors have tested their mettle on the field of battle, some falling and some prevailing and moving on to become great heroes of their time. Frustrated by the waste of blood and treasure in this ad hock process Levi endeavored to create a place for warriors to train and that place is, The Coliseum.

With four levels of difficulty to start with all of which unleash wave after wave of monsters all levels of La Talers will be able to find a challenge here. To prepare yourself for this new challenge you should consider getting the Saito Kimono functional fashion set, new to North America since its initial release to Japan.

Besides preparing your own equipment we’re offering loyal companions in the form of Stewart, Brownie and Domesti Maid pets. These can

Pets Vs Monsters: Public Beta Launched!

By: Winterswolf in defaultposted at 9:47 am Dec 25,2009

Tags: Pets Vs Monsters  Funcom  SweetRobot  Pets  Monsters 


Funcom, the company that brought us the abomination known as Age of Conan is now targeting a new market. Setting up a subsidary company called Sweet Robot, the developer aims to make MMO’s catering to young children aged 8-12. Their

Only 2 days for Flyff new pets

By: bdrip in defaultposted at 1:16 am Sep 11,2007

Tags: flyff  pets  2500 

We all could use a a partner to keep us company. So, we welcome back some old friends, of the Pet variety. Baby Leyena is here, with his cousin Baby Lawolf. and Baby Aibatt has returned with Baby Luia too. These

EA Ships The Sims 2 Pets for the Wii to Retail Shelves

By: lesile in defaultposted at 1:00 am Jun 12,2007

Tags: the sims  pets  wii 

Electronic Arts announced today that The Sims 2 Pets for the Wii has shipped to retailers around the globe. For the first time ever on the innovative Wii platform, Nintendo players and Sims fans alike will be able to use
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