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Revelations - Already on dangerous grounds: P2W Introduced

By: Tony259 in Revelationposted at 8:20 pm Mar 16,2017

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Revelations has been a very enjoyable experience in the 2-3 weeks that I've been playing, for the most part I've had nothing but praise for the game outside of a few things in the game that has bugged me, but outside of that it's been quite a refreshing MMO that's kept me with a bunch of things to do every single day in the game, one of the best things for me is that there has been an almost non-existent focus on "accept quest>kill mobs>return and hand in>repeat 500 times till level cap"; I was wanting to give this game a proper review at some point soon, but with this rearing its ugly head so early into the games life span...I feel that this has already took precedence.

Today came the maintenance that had also appeared with an unannounced patch that already

Black Desert: Getting back to gaming as usual still having fun

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 6:02 pm Aug 14,2016

Tags: Black Desert  MMO  Gaming  MMORPG  Pay2win  How to fix thing 


Video Link Until imprints work

Getting back to ***** and just playing for fun. I found that nothing has change anywhere. So the sky is falling stuff pretty much is over dramatics. No one is overpowered anywhere. The population looks no different then has been. The auction house hasn't changed much either. Beyond the fact prices across the board have shrank a bit on a lot of things.

This does effect the farmers who are used to making more. This effects us normal people who are not used to things being affordable. So on that end considering this game is more full of average gamers. That is a win for everyone involved, when the core of your game is catered to. People will still whine about things being in the shop.

I don't see a problem with it as long as it doesn't have exclusive power only gained through purchasing. That's what true pay2win is. Not selling purchased items in game and turning that into silver for other means. To purchase gear (Thats already in the game anyone can ge

Black Desert: Fixing the unrest, turning things around

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 7:41 am Aug 07,2016

Tags: Black Desert  MMO  Gaming  MMORPG  Pay2win  How to fix thing 


Ok since it's become an issue. Let's talk about the value packs and how to fix the pay2win unrest.

1. A very easy way to rectify is strip B2P title give all of us who paid. The same in Pearl Cash. So we can get what we want with the cash. Go to F2P from here on out. Be transparent about everything and just move forward.

2. Make quests to add cash shop items in game with random drops

3. Make rare bosses that spawn randomly in random places that drop cash shop items.

4. Give trade skills a better worth. By allowing ultimate trade skills to make a cash shop item once a week or month.

5. Put more resources into things we would want to buy in cash shop.

6. If you're going to have sub make it accumulative and worth

7. How I feel about time versus money

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MMO! Show Episode 120 Week 6/24/2016 "What is and isn't pay2win"

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 2:09 pm Jun 25,2016

Tags: mmo  mmonews  gaming  endgame  Top MMO  Pay2win  What is pay 


I wanted to give you guys examples of pay to win. And what is not pay to win people get it very confused.

Examples of pay to win

Buying gear of any kind

Buying a class of any kind not expansion based

Special Sets cosmetics that have stats. That push the course of battles

Buying Levels in any way is pay2win

Buying characters in anyway is pay2win

Influencing Tradeskills is pay2wn

Paying for anything in a collection based game is pay2win

Paying for stats gains other gamers can't get earning it at any point

Paying for characters that can't be earned without paying

Examples of not pay2win

Game with experience boosters

Games that allow easy clothes purchase

Items with stats so low it doesn't matter if you have it

Games with auto bots VIP gated

Early access packs

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