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Ember Isle.... Pics collection...

By: Pelagato in Riftposted at 4:51 pm Nov 21,2011

Tags: Rift  Ember Isle  Patch  New stuff  exploring  pictures 



Hey peeps, I was checking out Ember Isle in Rift and it looks like this is a pretty place with some quirky art style, some buildings look like some sort of old Mayan or Aztec ruins, rocky buildings with long stairs and full of jungle around, not to mention that the quirky music doesnt sound classical at all...

I am not sure what exactly inspired the developers but the place looks kinda neat, here are a few pictures for you peeps to enjoy. Just in case, I am not done with Ember Isle, I still have to check out and see the rest of the isle and experiment a little with the new onslaught mechanic and sourcewells...

Lets see if Ember Isle turns out to be fun in the long haul or it was a bunch of PTS hype…

ps: I just got the Nexus Infusion skill, time to chill around and cause some

Nude Patch In games Good Or bad?

By: DarkG0d in defaultposted at 5:16 am May 04,2010

Tags: nude  patch  good  bad 


Hey People  Lets have a small discustion about nude patches in games


We all Know they can be found easily over the Internet and can be used by anyone, 




Like this one, Those patch are Intruducing Internet sexuallity over the internet to users that have no idea that exist, and for the users am talking about , are the small kids , 

Thus the may change their behavior to friends or even girls of boys they know turning the in trying to do sexual harasment to their surroundings , not knowing its wrong


On the other hand some adult users enjoy this kind of pathes. yes they are fun and its differnd to play  lets say Dead or alive  with Kasumi naked or Final Fantasy with TIfa naked BUT its also wrong from the time minors can use those patches as well



The funny thing about naked patches is , the patches are always for Female characters . so  you can barly find any male ones , that could be unfair for  Girls. since they are fo

GrandChase Update - MAR.30.2010

By: outofwords in Grand Chaseposted at 2:54 am Mar 31,2010

Tags: GrandChase  patch  update 



This week's patch doesn't contain much, sadly. After last week's release of Mari we're stuck with her. They updated the Seal Breaker Gacha to include her, while a lot of people were anxious to see a new Seal Breaker and Gacha dungeon. They finally updated the VIP shop, though. Which was needed badly, since the same items had been in stock for over 2 months.

They now introduced a pop-up that tells you that you've logged in 10-20-30-40-50-60 minutes, and therefor have to wait 60-50-40-30-20-10 minutes longer before you can check attendance. Needless to say it annoys the living dead out of anyone who understand how the attendance system works. The lack of a button to switch it off is a serious nuisance as well.

The bright part of this patch: they increased Tanny Boy's attack! He was useless due to the initial nerf at his release, making the slime pet more useful in every way. An attack increase would have been inevitable, Tanny Boy is the hardest pet to obtain after all. It wou

Talisman Online Patch 1412 to 1422

By: odimok in Talisman Onlineposted at 7:09 pm Nov 18,2008

Tags: talisman  patch 


Patch 1422

This patch updates game client from version 1412 to 1422.

Release Date: Nov.10th.2008
Size: 15.6MB
Download Link: http://download.mmosite.com/download.php?id=2477

Patch Updates:

New Scenario
New level 60 scenario "Spider Catacomb" with the entrance at Jail of Screw Bay. NPC Loo's Graves Keeper offers the related quests, which can be found in Market of Clear Water Dam. In this fresh scenario, you will face the fierce challenge from the evil Super Battle Spider with poison on the whole body as well as other tough monsters!

New level 50-60 Purple Suit
New complete 6 pieces of level 50-60 Purple Suit of all professions, which can be bought from NPC Loo's Graves Keeper with player's qualified Reputation Level at Loo's Graves. Reputation Points in Loo's Graves can be accumulated via killing the monsters in the scenario Spider Catacomb as well as being exchanged from Master Point in the proportion of 1:10.

Rearrangement of level 40-50 Purple Suit
Reputation Merchant in Vast Mountain starts to sell 4 parts of Purple Suit.
Reputation required has some changes
New item Breeze Chest, which is used to open to get random one piece of one Purple Suit or 2 Scud Amul

Crazy Tao Patch 9055 Released for Angels` Dressing Event

By: odimok in Crazy Taoposted at 6:53 pm Aug 24,2008

Tags: crazy  tao  patch 


We are pleased to announce that Patch 9055 has been released on 21th, Aug.

Note: Before you install the patch, please make sure that you have completely existed the client, or you will fail to update the client successfully.

You have two options to install the patch:

1. Auto patch: after the patch released, you only need to double click the game icon, then the auto patch will be start automatically.

2. Manual patch: you need to go the following link to download the patch: http://download.mmosite.com/download.php?id=2312 and save the patches in Crazytao folder on your computer.Then open the Crazy Tao folder, double click on the patch icon to install, you will skip the auto patch and reach the login windows directly.

Event period: From 8.22 to 8.28
Activities: Same as the Chinese Valentine's Day Event "Flower Wishes".
During the seeding and cultivation period, in Lilyplain players can purchase magic seeds from the NPC FlowerAngel(236,362) and plant them at 6 different spots as there are 6 kinds of seeds correspondingly, which are LilyFairy (224,357), RedRoseFairy(226,357), WhiteRoseFairy(228,357), CloveFairy(239,357), LavenderFairy(241,357), RosebushFairy (243,357).

Zero Online Patch 2800 To Be Released On June 18

By: odimok in Zero Onlineposted at 11:27 pm Jun 17,2008

Tags: zero  patch 

Patch 2800 will be released on June 18 at 00:01 PDT (GMT-7).

With this patch, you can enjoy the new features and changes as below:

New Features


Warning! The Alliance is now running out of the Galaxy Gold!! Let's do something! Donate at least 30 million Galaxy Gold, you will win an arsitocrat title in the Alliance and get some potency bonus!

Share Your Friends` EXP

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Now all your online friends will always be ready to share their experience with you. With these EXP, you will be able to level up much easier than before.



1. Players can chat with their mentors and apprentices via the Mentor channel.

2. Quick Reply function is now available.

Gears Interface

Tips for expanding your cabin's capacity and the Auto-pilot service for the unit evolution are added.

If the auto-patching does not work for you, please download and install the manual patches to update your client to the latest version.

Angels Online Client and Patch v1.0.0.7 Download

By: odimok in Angels Onlineposted at 1:10 am Mar 04,2008

Tags: angels  client  download  patch  ao 

Angels Online is a 2D MMORPG with distinctive game systems including engrossing storylines, a natural and cute graphic style, liberal character growth, fierce fighting and harmonious communities. A cheerful experience with amazing scenes, partners, lovely rides and pets is waiting for players in Angels Online.
»More Information at MMOsite Feature

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CPUPentium III 800Pentium III 1G or above
Memory256MB512MB or more
DirectXDirectX 8.0DirectX 8.0 or above
Hard Disk650MB650MB or more
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If we fail to update a game that you are interested in, please post a thread at our Forum, or you can even mail to the editor: download@mmosite.com.

All Shards to be Published

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 2:45 am Oct 18,2007

Tags: notes  online  patch  ultima 

Heads up UO players - all shards are going to receive a new publish during their next regular maintenance. There are a number of fixes and changes going in; you can check out all of them below. Gareth, the quest give

WOW: 2.2 Patch Notes Additions

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 1:47 am Aug 13,2007

Tags: WOW  patch  MMO  hellfire  additions 

The 2.2 patch notes have been updated on the PTR forum. You can see the added notes below. Professions Jewelcrafting A new recipe for Steady Talasite is now available from the Halaa vendors, at the cost of resear
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