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Paragon: PSA Get in there people

By: Scion Storm in Paragonposted at 7:29 am Oct 29,2016

Tags: Paragon  MOBA  Gaming  Open Beta  Must Try  Should you play 


You may never ever hear or see me type this again. Paragon is a Moba you should try, let me make this clear I am not a MOBA pro or even love MOBA's. This game makes me want to play one. It's very polished and fun to play. So if you like pvp MOBA action, and tired of click click click of LoL and it's clones. This game will be the game for you.

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Will Paragon Survive The Emerging Hacks?

By: DanielCsaki in Paragonposted at 11:28 pm Jul 13,2016

Tags: Paragon  Cheats  Epic Games  Hacks 


Cheating forms in MMOs are probably the worst of them all, since not only do they make the game easier for the hacker, but also give them disgusting advantages over others that are almost impossible to counter.

Paragon recently had a hacking tool emerge in their game and it's quite a big one. An aimbot, trigger bot, and a 2D and 3D radar were included in this hack, making their users basically undefeatable on the battlefield.

With this, quite a few questions arise, mainly whether Paragon will manage to survive such a game-breaking cheat. The aimbot on its own already can destroy the game since aiming is supposed to be the “challenging” part of it.

Another question that follows is that if Paragon has become the main target for hack developers, will these ever cease to exist? Probably onl

Will Paragon Manage to Compete with The Established Smite?

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 11:40 pm Jul 08,2016

Tags: Paragon  Smite  MOBA 


Third-person MOBAs are still quite new to the gaming scene. SMITE launched 2 years ago, on March 25, 2014, being something unique for that time, it made quite a solid, stable player base.

Paragon is here to challenge the right to be the third-person MOBA king. Being the second, newly released game, it brings phenomenal graphics to the table. On that front, SMITE can't even touch Paragon, it would be the same as comparing the old Super Mario with the new one. There is one thing that SMITE has over Paragon, and that is the player base. Since it is already 2 years old, it made a firm player base and even has a scene on E-sports. Those things are quite crucial to a game, as having the best graphics and the flashiest effects won't mean anything if there's no one to play it.

Paragon has its g

Epic Games Sues Paragon Cheats Developer

By: DanielCsaki in Paragonposted at 11:56 am Jun 19,2016

Tags: Paragon  Cheats  Sued  Epic Games 


We all know that at some point in our lives we might have used one or two cheats in video games. But, the thing is, I personally did it offline and it didn't cause any unfair advantage over others. Now that I look at it, I don't feel good about it and usually return to these games and play them properly.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for R. Kreibich, the German gamer who developed a game-breaking hack for Paragon. To make things worse, he was selling it and making quite a fortune. When Epic Games got their hands on this information they went on the hunt to find this hacker (I would call him a gamer, but I don't want to insult people who play games as intended, fair and for fun).

It seems the hack was granting its user with an aimbot, trigger bot, 3D and 2D radar. Additionally,

WoW: Imperator Mar'gok World First Kill Video / Paragon Interview

By: Mimiron in World of Warcraftposted at 11:53 am Dec 23,2014

Tags: Paragon  World First  Mythic Highmaul  Warcraft  Warlords  I 


A week ago, Paragon got their World First Kill, defeating Imperator Mar'gok on Mythic Difficulty. As the competition between other guilds comes to a close, Paragon has decided to release their kill video, featuring the whole encounter. You can check the kill video below:

World First Imperator Mar'gok Kill Video (Mythic)

The guys from Paragon have had quite a busy week, as they were interviewed by quite a lot of people. Below, you can see FinalBoss, interviewing Paragon members on their world first achievement. 

Yet again, congratulations on the kill and I wish you good luck in February's Blackrock Foundry race!

WoW: Mythic Highmaul World First By Paragon!

By: Mimiron in World of Warcraftposted at 3:14 pm Dec 14,2014

Tags: Paragon  World of Warcraft  Highmaul  World First  WoW 


Paragon (EU-Lightning's Blade) has managed to clear Highmaul on Mythic difficulty on Progress Day #4.

Highmaul was the first raid to open in Warlords of Draenor. Mythic difficulty was unlocked last Tuesday (US) with LFR's First Wing. This Tuesday, LFR's Second Wing will open after the weekly maintenance.

Congratulations to Paragon!

Here you can see other guilds how they're coping with the last boss!

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Diablo: 5 Hours of Alkaizer Route Farming

By: Mimiron in Diablo IIIposted at 3:45 am Jun 03,2014

Tags: Diablo  D3  RoS  Alkaizer  Farming  Paragon 


What is Alkaizer's Run?

The Alkaizer run is a popular farming run in Act III. On the classic Alkaizer Run, a sufficiently-powerful character will clear five different areas throughout Act III, racking up huge XP and killing numerous boss packs very quickly. The run is best executed quickly, on a Torment difficulty in which your character can blast through creatures will little slow down.

The Alkaizer Run

There exist plenty variations of the run, the classic is as follows. The order does not matter, but this sequence proceeds upwards from the lowest waypoint on the list. Players aim to complete the run within 15 minutes. Characters will movement speed increases are able to complete the run in less than 10 minutes.

I. Start Game (Act III), Last Quest: Heart of Sin: Kill Azmod

WoW: Incoming Paragon Experience Changes in 2.0 Part II

By: Stan D in Diablo IIIposted at 1:19 pm Jan 25,2014

Tags: Diablo  Blizzard  Paragon  Reaper of Souls 


With the release of Reaper of Souls changes are made to the Paragon XP farming rates. The plan is to reduce the amount necessary to level, and in addition, increasing the amount of experience gained per monster kill.

The amount of experience needed to gain Paragon levels will be doubled, experience gained per monster kill will be drastically increased. Overall, players should find that Paragon levelling will be approximately six times faster.

At the moment, you have a Paragon leveling rate that we see now on live, let's call it "Live rate". Then on the PTR (Public Test Realm) we have yet another, we'll call it "PTR rate". The new rate that we're talking about is what we will refer to as "Anticipated 2.0" rate.

I. The shape of leveling curve changes with respect to cur

Diablo III: Inteview with Alkaizer, Paragon Level 100 World First

By: Stan D in defaultposted at 8:29 am Sep 10,2012

Tags: Diablo  Paragon  world first  level 100  mimiron 

DiabloFans have interviewed Alkaizer, the player who has hit Paragon level 100 as the first player in the world. In the interview he reveals that it was nothing special and that he's an ordinary player.

Alkaizer's Armory Link can be accessed by clicking here.

Question: Starting it off, how does it feel to hit Paragon level 100?

Answer: It feels pretty good. I don't think of this as a huge accomplishment, but it kept me interested in playing the game and it was more fun than I thought it would be.

Question: What were your initial reactions when Blizzard announced the system?

Answer: I was actually not looking forward to it, because I felt I was already getting an edge on other players by using a strong magic find gear setup and I felt this would do more harm than good for a player like me.

Paragon : Week in hell,First week of Firelands heroic modes

By: Gunpen in World of Warcraftposted at 12:04 am Jul 15,2011

Tags: WOW  Paragon 


Via: http://www.paragon.fi/news/week-hell-first-week-firelands-heroic-modes

First week of heroic mode progress in Firelands is finally over, and it's time to look back at the events of the past week. Here's what my memory weakened by sleep deprivation and stress can come up with:

Judging from how fast the US guilds had killed the first bosses, we figured they'd be quite easy and not worth racing for EU firsts on, and instead started with some Baradin Hold action to gear up for the upcoming fights. Unfortunately the loot gods were not on our side this time and we barely got any useful PvE loot at all.

After gathering the whole bunch of us at the entrance to Firelands we went to see if Shannox and the dogs would play with us, but he turned out to be almost easier than on normal mode and just

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