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Overwatch - Custom game browser and new modes!

By: Tony259 in Overwatchposted at 6:48 pm Feb 16,2017

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The best thing to come to Overwatch ever since its release is the introduction of the new game browser that will be within the Arcade section of the game, it's currently on the PTR for everyone on PC to play with and has had nothing but praise so far.

What's made games like TF2 survive up to today and still be an incredibly popular game is that is has a custom game browser as well, players are able to create a lobby of all different player sizes and game modes along with all the other insane custom modes that got introduced into the game much later.

I have experienced quite a variety of custom games so far and there's still many that I've not had the chance to play as I'm scrolling down the browser. While we're able to make our own lobbies and set what lev

Overwatch – New Support Sniper Hero Ana Revealed

By: RabbitFootTV in Overwatchposted at 12:31 pm Jul 12,2016

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The new hero joining Overwatch is Ana the support sniper. Ana is equipped with a Boitic Rifle capable of restoring health to team mates or deal ongoing damage to enemies. She can also put her enemies to sleep with her Sleep Dart and deal AoE damage \ AoE heal with her Biotic Grenade. Her ultimate ability is Nano Boost, Ana can cast that on an ally to boost his damage, his speed and reduce the incoming damage. You can watch her in action and learn her story below.

Overwatch: Jeff Kaplan Talks About Competitive Gameplay

By: Mimiron in Overwatchposted at 9:22 pm Jun 19,2016

Tags: overwatch  kaplan  developer update  competitive play 


Jeff Kaplan was talking on vlog about the upcoming competitive playmode. Here are the main highlights of his developer update

Competitive Play

1. Competitive gameplay has been built around community feedback from beta stage of Overwatch.

2. The initial feedback during beta was that it didn't feel competitive enough. Players wanted to see how they rank against others.

3. Similar to Heroes of the Storm and Diablo 3, Seasons are going to be 3 months logs, based off northern hemisphere seasons in the real world, the first one will be Summer.

4. Changes have been deployed to reduce games going into sudden death too often (approximately 35% of the time). On another note, Sudden death will be played on the same map as the one it occured on.

5. Assault Maps will last longer, which increases

Overwatch Rip-off Has Emerged: What a Horrid Creation

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 4:05 pm Jun 16,2016

Tags: Legend of Titan  Overwatch  Rip-off 


Apparently anything is possible nowadays, as Overwatch was quite disgustingly ripped off through an upcoming mobile game titled Legend of Titan.

There are plenty of things that must have motivated the Chinese developer to create an almost exact clone of Overwatch, but mostly the fact that Overwatch is not F2P and it does not have a mobile version.

Blizzard must be rather shocked to see this awful creation, although this is not the first time that their idea got copied. Hearthstone had a rather similar rip-off that was quickly tackled by Blizzard lawyers.

Legend of Titan not only looks the same but its characters are basically almost identical to those of Overwatch. I am quite convinced that the mobile game will never make it outside of China’s borders and Blizzard will probably do its

Top 10 Overwatch Tips & Tricks

By: RemusYT in Overwatchposted at 1:08 pm May 27,2016

Tags: Overwatch 


My top 10 most important tips for Overwatch players!

Is Overwatch the New Counter Strike Killer?

By: Mimiron in Overwatchposted at 11:49 am Oct 30,2015

Tags: overwatch  review  comparison  esports 


Every gamer probably came across Counter Strike! If you didn't play it, your friends most certainly did, so either way, you know what game I'm talking about.  I'd like to look into how the highly-anticipated FPS Overwatch, might threaten the place of Counter Strike on the market or in the eSports scene.

Observing Counter Strike

Counter Strike has a simple flow, the learning curve isn't hard, with CS:Global Offensive, we are offered a comprehensive tutorial which includes targeting, throwing grenades and planting bombs. What I didn't see included in the tutorial were Hostages (within the Weapons Tutorial). When we look at the diversity of the game, it has different maps, focused on Hostages (cs_), bombs, (de_) aim maps and so forth. They also introduced new skins f

Overwatch – Zarya Gameplay Preview

By: RabbitFootTV in Overwatchposted at 9:20 pm Jun 25,2015

Tags: Overwatch  shooter  blizzard  Zarya  preview 


Blizzard's latest video for Overwatch is showing Zarya, a female tank hero with a a laser cannon able to shield her self and her allies against incoming fire. Here we see her in action on Temple of Anubis, a Point Capture map located on the enigmatic Giza Plateau.


Particle Cannon

Zarya’s mighty Particle Cannon unleashes a short-range beam of destructive energy. Alternatively, Zarya can lob an explosive charge to strike multiple opponents.

Particle Barrier

The Particle Cannon can emit a personal barrier that shields Zarya against incoming attacks, redirecting their energy to enhance her weapon’s damage and the width of its beam.

Projected Barrier

Zarya surrounds one of her teammates with an energy barrier that simultaneously absorbs fire and boosts the power of her Particle Cannon.

Graviton Surge (Ultimate Ability)

Zarya launches a gravity bomb that draws in enemy combatants and deals damage while they’re trapped.

Overwatch – Widowmaker Gameplay Preview

By: RabbitFootTV in Overwatchposted at 4:47 am Jun 21,2015

Tags: Overwatch  shooter  blizzard  Widowmaker  preview 


The latest hero preview video released for Overwatch shows Widowmaker, a female assassin with a sniper rifle and venom mines. Her grappling hook allows her to position her self in order to take out enemies while she can grant vision through walls and objects to her allies. Here we can see her in action on the King's Row Map, a Point Capture/Payload hybrid map situated in the heart of England.


Widow’s Kiss

Widowmaker’s versatile sniper rifle is ideal for scope-aimed shots at distant targets. Should targets close to medium range, the rifle can also be fired in fully-automatic mode.

Grappling Hook

Widowmaker launches a grappling hook towards the location she’s aiming at – when the hook connects with a scalable surface, she’s quickly drawn towards it, allowing her to expand her view of the battlefield and evade or flank targets.

Venom Mine

Widowmaker adheres a swiftly-arming venom mine to nearly any surface. When a target wanders within range of the mine’s motion trigger,

Overwatch – Winston Gameplay Preview

By: RabbitFootTV in Overwatchposted at 3:40 pm Jun 17,2015

Tags: Overwatch  shooter  blizzard  Winston  preview 


The latest hero preview video released for Overwatch shows Winston, a huge ape with a power suit and a tesla gun. Winston is a tank with some close range abilities and able to create a shield projector to shield his allies. Here we see Winston in action in Watchpoint: Gibraltar, a Payload map set in an abandoned Overwatch outpost perched above the Mediterranean Sea.


Tesla Cannon

Winston’s weapon fires a short-range electric barrage for as long as he holds down the trigger.

Jump Pack

Assisted by his energy pack, Winston lunges through the air, dealing significant damage and staggering nearby enemies when he lands.

Shield Projector

Winston’s shield projector extends a bubble-shaped field that absorbs damage until it's destroyed. Allies protected by the shield can return fire from within it.

Primal Rage (Ultimate Ability)

Winston embraces his animal nature, significantly boosting his health and making him very difficult to kill, strengthening his melee attack, and allowin

MMO! Show Episode 65 "Week 3/8/2015" Pax East in your eyes!

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 5:48 pm Mar 10,2015

Tags: MMO! Show  Otherland  Trove  Overwatch  Guild Wars 2   


Pax east was this weekend. It was a pretty good show this year. Nothing too heart stopping, but you had plenty of companies showing Intent. I get the sense of a lot of tentative actions are being taken. Beyond Crowfall I haven't seen many companies come out swinging hard. You expect expansions etc from FF14 and GW2. But I'm looking for more innovation from the industry. I don't know maybe I'm asking for too much? Let me know what you think in the comments.




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