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Dark Story : Open World Android MMORPG Gameplay

By: Rokwood in defaultposted at 3:07 pm Apr 19,2017

Tags: android  mmo  morpg  pvp  open world  free  apk 


This mobile version comes with the core features that are the heart of Dark Story Online or Titan Online, it is capable of transforming Titan into a power that increases its self for a while.  Dark Story Online is a legendary online game that has been launched by Jaya Soft for many years. Before the shutdown on April 23, 59, because the developer of Eya Soft game was sold to a new service provider in Thailand, Play Online is a provider in Thailand .

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The Skies: Another look into the desert

By: Scion Storm in The Skiesposted at 6:53 am Apr 16,2016

Tags: The Skies  Steam  MMO  Indie  Open World  Gaming 


The game is going live soon, I just wanted to show you guys some more of it. This is me basically taking on a few quests. 
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