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Bless Online 'Project Rebuild' Neowiz's plans a comeback

By: Cryyfuu in BLESSposted at 9:31 am Jul 17,2017

Tags: bless online  new mmorpg  bless online returning  bless onli 

More news for the MMORPG Bless Online. Neowiz still plans to make a return/bring the game back. They discuss a possible rebuilding from scratch and making many changes in what they call 'Rebuild Project'. Has me a bit more optimistic than before.

Source: http://2p.com/49961653_1/The-quotRebuild-Projectquot-will-Fundamentally-Change-Bless-Online-by-MMORPGmaster.htm

Twilight Spirits Gameplay & Overview!

By: Nocht in Twilight Spiritsposted at 12:59 am Jun 29,2017

Tags: Twilight Spirits  New MMORPG 


Twilight Spirits is a new Chinese action combat MMORPG by Netease that was just made available on Steam. Here’s what I know about it. I’m new to the game, but played this genre for a long time from the old Dragon Nest to the recently released Kritika Online NA.

I just finished downloading the game and I’m jumping in now. I’ll give a full review after I get more into it and get more than just a few levels in.

Keep in mind that even though it is on Steam, the game is not intended for Western players yet and everything is still in Simplified Chinese. An English version is "under consideration".

If you want to play this game:

~ Register here: https://zc.reg.163.com/regInitialized

~ Main site’s download here: http://long.163.com/jihuo/download.html

~ STEAM page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/616090

Having Trouble Launching Twilight Spirits?

By: Cryyfuu in Twilight Spiritsposted at 2:04 am Jun 28,2017

Tags: twilight spirits  twilight spirits steam  new mmorpg  new f2 


Twilight Spirits launched on Steam yesterday but many people cannot find it.

If you are having trouble, please look up the name 

Gaming News - New MMORPGs! Aion 2? Games Canceled & More

By: Cryyfuu in defaultposted at 12:11 am Jan 13,2017

Tags: gaming news  new mmorpg  new mmo 


In my latest gaming news video we discuss the cancellation of Scalebound and Landmark.

We also talk about some new MMORPGs on the rise, Ashes of Creation (doing a Q&A soon with Devs) and what could be Aion 2. Bless Online also gets a new update to the Korean version of the game very soon. This update will add new content to the game, including the last 3 stages to the newest dungeon and materials that allow you to further enhance the strongest gear.

Watch the video for more.

MMOByte's Top 10 Upcoming MMORPGs of 2017

By: MMOByte in defaultposted at 8:09 pm Dec 06,2016

Tags: mmo  new mmo  new mmos  new mmorpg  upcoming mmorpgs  2017 m 


Hey guys! First blog on here.
To kick start our joining MMOSite, I figure I should probably start off by posting our most popular video: The Top 10 Upcoming MMORPGs of 2017.
All our top 10s are lists of games that both Wiggy and I are most excited to not only play, but share gameplay of with everyone, so please keep in mind these are in no way the greatest MMORPGs that're coming out - simply the ones we're most hyped for.

If you agree with any of the games in the list, disagree with any of them, or just.. generally want to talk about them, feel free to drop a comment below and let us know!

Dark and Light is coming!

By: Cryyfuu in Dark and Lightposted at 6:48 am Nov 18,2016

Tags: dark and light  new mmorpg  upcoming mmorpg  dark & Light 


Dark and Light is a sandbox survival like MMORPG that will be going into Steam Early-Access VERY soon. We don't have a date but we were given a time frame (end of the year November/December). With it being the 18th of November.. well, we should be seeing it soon.

If you aren't familiar with Dark and Light here are a few videos to help you get caught up. From what we know, this game looks amazing.

Chaos Online - Introduction

By: ChaosOnline in Chaos Onlineposted at 7:48 pm Jul 13,2008

Tags: chaos online  free mmorpg  new mmorpg 


Chaos Online is a free to play Sci-Fi MMORPG where modern technology & weaponry confronts with Ancient Myth and Martial Arts. The game is made by the latest 2.5D engine: SancoX, which is specialized in magnificent effects and expansibility. The game is designed by a group of insane game makers, implementing all the impossibilities into the game – For example, you can cast your powerful spell when ridding on a modern motorcycle!

Besides the standard features of a MMORPG, its Growth system is a sparkle of the game – You can upgrade each item both in terms of level and quality; including weapons, armor, eudemons, gems and even mounts! Race war is extremely breathtaking since there are three races – nobody knows who will win the war in the chaos of allying and betraying.

The game is operated by a very experienced team of programmers who are dedicated to providing the best services to all gamers. If you want to experience a different free MMORPG, Chaos Online is definitely your choice!

Our slogan: Chaos Online – Impossible is nothing!


Seal Online

By: yoz in defaultposted at 11:24 pm Oct 19,2007

Tags: sealonline  seal online  new MMorpg 


-Seal Online

By YNK company, It starting beta at 25th OCT. Its quite popular and many people waiting it. If you want to know weather your a Beta Tester, Please log in your seal account at www.sealonline.com and also mostly you also will have a mail. So Check your email oftenly around 24th~25th OCT.




By: just1minute in defaultposted at 7:26 pm May 13,2007


MARVEL UNIVERSE ONLINE: A rare, MARVEL UNIVERSE ONLINE Q&A has hit the webbing. Victor Wachter and Shayne Herrera, Community Relations Manager and Development Director of Art for Cryptic Studios have been intervi

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