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Cyclops or Satyr? What Race are you?

By: iamjuly in Mythosposted at 5:48 pm Jan 24,2012

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Besides the Human and Gremlin races, Mythos Global also has two other playable races. They are the Cyclops and Satyr. The cyclops is the epitome of strength and fortitude, while the Satyr is a symbol of wisdom and intelligence.

So what race are you?

Are you the a mighty Cyclops?

Or a wise Satyr?

First concept art from Frogster's Mythos

By: Mandifesto in Mythosposted at 10:20 am Jul 16,2010

Tags: Mythos  MMOs  concept artwork  Frogster 


I've been following Mythos for a long time.  In fact I played the game back in 2009, when it was in the beta version created by the original developer, Flagship Studios.  When Flagship imploded, most lamented the loss of Hellgate: London, but it was Mythos I was pining for.  This year I felt that Mythos got a new lease on life when most of the original talent created Runic Games and released the award-winning Torchlight.  But the name Mythos was still in the wind, owned by Hanbitsoft, besumably to never againsee the light of day.

Now I learn that Frogster has licensed the name to create the fantasy MMO we've all been wanting to play.  Today they released the first concept art detailing what some of the big bad monsters will look like in Mythos.  This is

A Look Ahead

By: Oliase in All gamesposted at 6:20 pm Sep 11,2009

Tags: aion  borderlands  mythos  diablo  ava  guild  wars  dungeon 


Hey everyone, this is my first article in awhile as I took some time off for other obligations. I assume I'm still part of the Writer's Club, and I will hopefully be publishing more articles in the upcoming weeks.


This article is a look ahead towards the end of this year and into the beginning of next year at the top titles to be released.



Of course, how could I not list Aion. I've heard many opinions on the game and I've played throughout the betas as well. Despite the common excitement over the game, I don't think the game will be that big of a deal. Besides the great graphics, the game doesn't seem to do what many people have asked for in a game over the past couple years. There's nothing that new or innovative, and the combat system isn't anything special (Although the combo bar is cool). I think the game will be popular at the start like Warhammer Online was, but I believe it will follow the same fate and die off. I think it will sustain enough active players to be a top-runner in the industry, but it's certainly not going to steal away many WoW players, perhaps it will take some from Age of Conan and Lord of the Rings Online though.

In addition, here'

Mythos: Five Screens

By: VinaStalker in Mythosposted at 11:20 pm Apr 27,2008

Tags: Mythos  screenshot  Flagship 

The friendly folks at Flagship Studios recently sent a set of Mythos screens exclusively for Ten Ton Hammer readers. Mythos, currently in Closed Beta, is the latest massively-multiplayer online game from the people who made Hellgate: London. Set in the fantasy world of Uld, Mythos challenges players to fight an incroaching evil in game play very similar to Diablo II and Fate, both of which are games members of the Flagship Studios crew have had a hand in creating.

New Mythos Build is Out

By: leo0815 in defaultposted at 11:23 pm Apr 02,2008

Tags: mythos  flagship studois 


Fans of Mythos will be excited to learn that there's a new patch build out /

Mythos will be coming down tonight at 5:30pm PDT (GMT-7) for about 2 hours. Included in the patch will be various PvP and Crafting fixes that a lot of people have been waiting for.

Patch Notes:

- new Zone3 Quests content

- Breaking down magical items ALWAYS gives you Aether or Anima

- Lots of crafting balance changes - Risk is halved for most properties

- Damage modification nodes swapped with Speed mod nodes in the crafting tree for weapons

- In general, all starting item properties for crafted items should be higher at the beginning for items, and you should be able to make items as good as or better than normal drops much, much quicker

Click here for more details !

Mythos - Gamespy Dev Diary

By: little_shiba in defaultposted at 1:26 am Oct 12,2007

Tags: Mythos 

Mythos is one of those quirky titles that we're proud to be able to shine a spotlight on. It began as a tech project for Flagship's Hellgate: London, and has rapidly evolved into something much more. Over the next few months, we'll be showcasing Mythos with exclusive insights from the team as well as screenshots and video you won't find anywhere else. Our second guest is Jason Beck, the game's lead artist. We'll let him tell you the rest!

I'm Jason Beck, the lead artist working on Mythos and part ofFlagship Studios Seattle. Our producer, Brock Jones, covered howFlagship Seattle went from a single-man project designed to test thetechnology behind Hellgate: London to an 11-person teamdeveloping an MMO in the first installment of a couple of weeks ago.It's a unique situation and one that has both advantages anddisadvantages that traditional studios don't face. I'm going to brieflycover some of those from the viewpoint of the art team and move intodiscussing some of our process as well as results of designing ourclasses and playable races.

How To Make a Monster, Baby

Flagship Seattle has 5 devoted artists and a project lead that holdshis own doing art on top of all his other tasks. Along

Mythos: New Dev Blog @ IGN

By: akira1020 in defaultposted at 2:35 am Sep 03,2007

Tags: Mythos 



Welcome to the inaugural post on the Mythos blog here on IGN! In the days, weeks, and months to come you can expect to get a chance to really get to know all the folks here at Mythos HQ and finally get an answer to the age-old question: “What were they thinking?!”

I’m Brock and I’m a producer here at the Flagship Seattle office. While the bulk of Flagship Studios is down in the palatial San Francisco offices stuffing as much awesome as possible into Hellgate: London and getting it ready for your sweaty little hands, our tiny group (11 of us at the moment) is crammed into our tiny little sweatshop of an office with no windows trying to make sure that Mythos will be the best Online Multiplayer Action RPG Dungeon Crawl (OMARPGDC for short – I’m sure that one will be catching on any minute now) you’ve ever seen!

Ok – so maybe the office isn’t really a sweatshop… After all, we do have air conditioning. And if I take the time to look around, we actually have windows – but we don’t use them (the natural environment for a game developers is a cave, so keeping the blinds drawn and the lights off helps us feel at ease with our surroundings.) But the fact remains that we are most certai

Mythos - GameZone Preview

By: little_shiba in defaultposted at 6:51 pm Aug 22,2007

Tags: Mythos 


The idea was anoffshoot of a bigger, high-profile project. Back when Flagship was first workingon the title Hellgate: London, the idea was that the game would be a massivelymultiplayer online game. The evolution in the development of the title precludedthat idea, and the game instead became focused on the solo player campaign.

But Flagship –which was spawned from a creative group that had worked on such titles as Diablo2 – already had some of the MMO assets in place. So what to do with them? Well,why not spin them off into a free-to-play MMO. The result is Mythos, a titlethat bears a remarkable similarity to the online portion of D2, in the look andstructure of the gameplay. Both have that three-quarters (isometric) vantagepoint, both involve traversing an area that has boundaries, mobs that you canwipe out and treasures to find as well as dungeons you can descend into withvarious levels and tougher mobs per level as well as greater rewards.

Where Mythosdeviates from D2 though is in the character classes, of which there are three –gremlin, human and satyr. There are also three classes of characters – gadgeteer(think ranged attacks with guns and such), bloodletter (melee) and pyromanc

Mythos Unveiled

By: ruruhat in defaultposted at 12:31 am Mar 25,2007

Tags: mythos 

MYTHOS: Flagship Studios, the brains behind HELLGATE: London, have taken the wraps off another new MMOMYTHOS, a fantasy-based, hack ‘n’ slasher ala Diablo, will be free to download and play. Features includ

Flagship's Mythos - preview at 1up

By: swordson in defaultposted at 12:18 am Mar 25,2007

Tags: mythos  preview 

There isn't much information out right now on Mythos, but that should change shortly once the game opens up its "public alpha test" phase. From what we know, players can choose from three different races (Elf, Gremlin, a
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