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Emma Watson Most Popular Name for Cyber Criminals

By: IlikeMMO in defaultposted at 8:35 am Sep 24,2012

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Emma Watson is the favorite celebrity bait for cyber criminals trying to lure Internet users.

McAfee, the software security outfit, said Monday that the "Harry Potter" star is the "most dangerous" celebrity to search for online. That's because many sites use Watson to trick users into downloading malicious software or to steal personal information.

When searching for the 22-year-old Watson, there's a 1-in-8 chance of landing on a malicious site.

This is the sixth time the Intel-owned security technology company has conducted the study. Last year, Heidi Klum topped the list.

Others among the riskiest celebrities to search online are Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, Selena Gomez and Halle Berry.

Female celebrities are far more likely to be used by cyber criminals: Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel was the only male in the top 20.


Rift - "Most Serious Competitor WoW Ever Had"??

By: Arhang in defaultposted at 8:02 pm Oct 09,2011

Tags: Rift  Online  Trion  World  WoW  Competitor  Most  Serious 


Hi Guys,

As we all know, there were many "WoW Slayers" MMORPG such as Age of Conan or Warhammer online but all of them 'failed' to kill World of Warcraft.
Not long ago Rift Online was released (March 2011) and it is one of the most popular MMORPG at this moment - from March to June over 1 million copies were sold and as some of you may know, Rift did not have super huge marketing so those sales are 'quite high'.
The average score on Metacritic is 84/100 (55 reviews) so this MMO is actually good - I did play it for couple of days and I did like it a lot.

During interview with IndustryGames, Lars Buttler from Trion Worlds stated that Rift is the "Most Serious Competitor WoW ever had" (full text below)

"I think nobody can ever predict that there’s another WoW

My Last Hope: Mortal Online

By: Yoshio in All gamesposted at 7:04 pm Mar 02,2009

Tags: Mortal  Online  Most  Anticipated  Best  Graphics  Ultima  M 


My last hope for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games is Mortal Online; I've lost faith in everything else...

Mortal online

Every game since EverQuest has followed the same basic formula: Levels with caps that constantly rise, PVP that is neither free or risky, PVE that is more grind than game, gear that requires certain stats and levels, skills that players instantly become capable of performing at certain levels, and all the boring fetch and kill quests that have become the staple vehicle for moving players through a cardboard plot that boasts YOU to be the hero of the game... Alongside millions of other heroes equally important and heroic and, oddly enough, on all the same quests as you.

I'm sure most of you are quite afraid of having your game any other way, but I've come from a different era in gaming than you have--not all of you, thankfully, but most of you. Let me take you back to where it all began for me...

I remember my first MMO; Ultima Online. Back then, Ultima Online was absolutely stunning.

Ultima Online: The Second Age cover

 I knew of Meridian 59 before it but didn't try it until afterwards, but it just didn't compare. Ultima Online was a game where you could do anything you wanted, and that

I Hold an Honour on YOUTUBE!

By: buddj1 in defaultposted at 1:43 am Oct 18,2008

Tags: youtube  buddj1  most  viewed  world  video  mmosite 


I was on my channel a couple of days back, and I noticed I had an award posted onto my Information panel!

I was so chuffed haha, and I'm still actually holding that Honour/Award today!


My Awards are:

#33 - Most Viewed (Today) - Musician 

#36 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Musicians


That's why I was so chuffed haha.

I've decided to basically upload any type of music genre/taste/popualrity videos!


So, If you want anything in particular to be uploaded to my channel, for your viewing pleasure. Please post the request on my channel wall, and I'll see what I can do!

Please Subscribe & add me as a friend.

(Say who you are on here btw)

I was hoping I could put on my channel, that MMOsite is my sponsor, is that okay?


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