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Complaints on Nexon

By: Ammunition in defaultposted at 9:39 pm Feb 22,2012

Tags: Complain  nexon  maple  maplestory  combat arms  support  dfo  dun 


    So if you have ever played any Nexon games such as the 2D side scoller Maplestory, or one of the oldest MMOFPS Combat arms or even the RPG adventure games such as Vindictus, or Dungeon Fighter online.

    These games are no doubt one of the greatest games that I have played. With a great player base, and goal setting these games future look pretty good.

But a good thing always have its problems. So let me get started on my complaints on Nexon America.

    Many players have put Nexon cash on their accounts only to be stolen from a hacker. Players who have played Maplestory have noticed that their NX cash was missing during the update in Jan. During the update or shortly after a hacker stole many players NX by using the trade store where players sell items for NX. The issue was that there was a hacker or hackers stealing NX from other players. So what do players do, they send in a support ticket. Here is where

Wonderking, Maple, La tale and Dragonica

By: gamerXtreme in defaultposted at 1:34 pm Feb 25,2010

Tags: Wonderking  Maple  La tale and Dragonica 


Wonder King Review. Just my opinions ( i will fix spelling and grammar issues later)

Game Score range 6.5 to 7.5


Good game. Think of it as Maple Story with a face lift or maple 1.5. The game adds impressive skills,cool animations and the combat is good but not as good if you can compare it Dragonica.  Basical you should know its not very addictive also its just maple painted 


First of the graphics in my mind are good especially the backgrounds and the menu. As you can tell the game suffer from the fallowing:

    Very Poor Character Customization. Out all the major side scrollers this one sucks eggs. You can only be one race, have one type of hair styles, and you can choose only 3 hair colors and eye colors, Worst of all if you want a different hair style then you have use cash witch to me is a rip off. Think about Maple, Dragonica and La tale have way better customization.Armor is just terrible you will have allot of clonesOverall npc and characters look babyish and the np

    Chat Topic :)

    By: hazelwan in defaultposted at 7:31 am Mar 08,2009

    Tags: maple  story  fairyland  online  auditionsea 


    Let's chat about something :) First, post about the game you like...and why...plus what is so good about it :)

    MapleStory Chewing Gum

    By: Bluestalker in MapleStoryposted at 1:05 am Feb 26,2009

    Tags: maple  story  chewing  gum 


    Starting this week, 2D action MMORPG Maple Story is getting chewing gum from candy maker Lotte. It's available at convenience stores across Japan.

    Printed on the gum's wrapper is a serial number that can be used to claim rare items in Maple Story. Sure, it's just Lotte's blueberry gum with a Maple Story wrapper, but Lotte's blueberry gum is delicious.

    Read from Kotaku.com

    Maple Story - Classes Play Demos

    By: Brotherbird in MapleStoryposted at 1:44 am Nov 24,2008

    Tags: maple  story  class  demo 

     The Flame Wizard, Night Walker, Soul Master, Striker, Wind Breaker job classes are part of the all new Order of the Cygnus job branch. These new jobs branch are currently only available for testing in the MapleKorea service.

    Video provided by video.mmosite.com

    Video provided by video.mmosite.com

    Video provided by video.mmosite.com

    Video provided by video.mmosite.com

    Video provided by video.mmosite.com

    La tale... More like Maple tale?

    By: mindless_fury in LaTaleposted at 9:21 am Aug 31,2008

    Tags: latale  la  tale  maple  story  maplestory  review 

    This is my impressions of the game based on a two day play taking me to level 30

    No, No it is not a maple clone.

    I know everyone will hate me for comparing it to maple story, they will tell me how its a different game and it deserves to be looked at for being an individual and then those very same people will go to a 3D game and yell "lol wow clone, not as good as wow, needs to be more like wow".

    Anyway lets get to the game shall we. Right off the bat there is a striking resemblance to Maple its uncanny really. The chibi characters the starting outfits just being different colors the 3-4 choices in each section of character creation, and of course the game itself is 2D.

    In fact it is so uncanny I almost walked away from my computer screen to sob at the squandered potential, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and trudged on. Its a good thing I did too because the game play is magnificent.

    The very first thing I did was run out and start stabbing monsters, I had chosen a knight but had decided to play jokingly and only use knuckles. I was thrilled to have my gears drop before me slowly forming my complete armor set. I had half expected to reach level 50 only to have the leve

    What Flavor is Your Hater-Aid?

    By: Cancerous in defaultposted at 7:09 pm Jul 27,2008

    Tags: Nexon  maple  maplestory  story  MMO  2d  hate  grind 

    Everyone probably has a favorite game. A game that has quenched their thirst for an interactive experience in more ways than others. Mostlikely, this game has a Company name tagged on everything involving its pride and joy, and the grateful customers will probably remember the name. This is a lovely factor in the gaming community that can send a Developer like Square or Bungie into gaming legend. However, the same preference for a company name that many gamers have, can be reversed into a hate. Hate so thick with illwill that it could strangle a budding company full of promise. This pure disgust for a developer can spell disaster for them and causing others to crenge at the thought. The truly sad part of this hate, is that the roots that started the whole flaming parade can be so ignorant, moronic, and completely without substance that... Well... Its just stupid.

    Lets take the dreaded Nexon into consideration. A company who could so much as have a typo in a Registration Email, will have its name damned by many. Why is this? Some may say that its because of MapleStory, the love child of "Father Cute" and "Mother F'Ugly". That could be true, seeing as many of the

    Attack of the Clones - A Writer Club Exclusive

    By: Neramaar in MapleStoryposted at 8:37 am May 13,2008

    Tags: Clones  Nera  Neramaar  Maple  Story  Wind  Slayer  Toaster 


    Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, then you've probably heard a little about the 'battle of the clones' that has been taking the MMO Industry by storm lately. Why after over 20 years of gaming has this issue regarding one game intentionally copying another to leech of its success just started to surface now? Well, it hasn't. This issue has risen many times over the course of gaming history, and I'd bet money that's it's going to rise again.

    Cloning, as it's called, (or as I'm going to be referring to it) doesn't just appear in the MMO Industry either, it appears all over video games, and believe it or not, all over every industry in the world. Think about it for a second, I bet we've both got toasters, but what are the chances that they are both made by the same company? Or both exactly the same?

    [Why toasters? Well, I was eating toast....]

    Slim, very slim. That's because over time so many different companies started making the same thing with the smallest of changes that once enough time had passed, it simply wasn't an issue anymore. Or maybe they sold the patent, I really don't know. The point is, that there are thousands of different toast

    2008 Wrap Up In MapleStory Global.

    By: jakuku1984 in MapleStoryposted at 10:14 pm Dec 25,2007

    Tags: Maple  Story  MapleStory  Leafre  4th Job  Nexon 

    The following message was made by one of the GM's (game masters) of the hit MMORPG MapleStory.

    What a year!


    It's be

    New Clients of this Week

    By: odimok in defaultposted at 2:10 am Dec 21,2007

    Tags: client  download  elan  dungeon  runner  entropia  universe  maple 


    Elan Online Full Client
    Elan Online is a fantasy mmorpg developed by XPLO SOFT. It is set on Elan Continent where sword, magic and science coexist. The story is about the roles fighting against power of danger in order to become the top warrior. The procedure is full of adventures, and you could have fun of teamworks.
    Click to the Download Page

    Dungeon Runner Client v1.00
    Quench your deepest dungeon crawling thirst in this multiplayer online role-playing game that?s home to an exciting realm of magic, terror and adventure. Build your own custom hero and venture into the great dungeon to discover realms of danger, wondand excitement!
    Tackle quests and retrieve powerful items! As your hero gains experience, you will unlock new powers! Heroes can go it alone or band with friends to tackle greater challenges. Prepare for one of the most enjoyable Action-RPG gaming experiences ever with Dungeon Runners!
    Click to the Download Page

    Entropia Universe Client 8.12.0
    Entropia Universe is a virtual universe with a real cash economy. It is set on the distant colony of Calypso - the first habitable planet mankind has ever found. Participants assume the roles of colonists that strive to build a new world

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