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Skyrim - EPIC 20 Minutes of Gameplay

By: Arhang in defaultposted at 11:48 pm Sep 13,2011

Tags: Skryim  Dragon  Dungeon  Exploring  Epic  Awesome  Magic  Sp 


Hi guys,

As you probably know The Elder Scrolls is very popular RPG series, you will most likely recognise it by titles such as Morrowind or Oblivion.  Skyrim is the new upcoming game in this serie and it has been developed for 5 years (2006-2011) and it will be released this year on 11.11.11 (PC, Xbox 360 and PS3)!

To be honest, I really Like and Respect Bethesda (developer) and I do know that they know how to make good RPG - Skyrim is 'must have' this year for every RPG fan and EVERYONE who loves good games - WHY? Just check out the Videos!

The video is divided into 3 separate Videos.

1. Its pretty much exploring the world of Skyrim- visiting the highest mountain of Skyrim, showing the Equipment and Spells

2. Dungeons - an Ancient Dungeon strongly connected with Norse mythology! T

Ideas Wanted! Are You a Master of Design?

By: kanearcher in Magic Worldposted at 12:17 am Sep 09,2010

Tags: mwo  game  magic  world  online 

ideas wanted

Our dear fellows,
Finally you get a chance to show your talent! In the past few years, lots of players gave us suggestions about different kinds of events. They are so active and outstanding that we can’t help holding this event to let the designers shine publicly. Who is the Master of Design in MWO? Let’s watch and see! 

Write down your event in details and reply the theme post . Lines with a * in front is necessary to be filled in, and the whole proposal should better be not less than 200 words totally. Your design should not be duplicated with the former ones in the post or in our official website. The player with a detailed event plan which is acceptable will be given a Blessed Crystal (Super).

20% Extra One More Week for Paypal Customers

By: kanearcher in Magic Worldposted at 2:03 am Aug 27,2010

Tags: magic  world  game  mwo 

one more week bonus

Boom! Bonus especially for Paypal customers! 20% extra goes on and buying is in fashion now! Lots of players bring the abundant Pt and bonus home during 2nd anniversary. Did you get it? Do you want to keep up with fashion? Don’t worry about being late, the bonus party comes again! Come on, never too late to buy!


For Paypal Customers: The concession on platinum point credits remains 20%, meaning that you’ll receive 120% platinum pointsas the par values shown on the virtual platinum point cards. For example, if you buy 1,000 platinum points and then credit them into your account, you’ll receive 1,200 points. The exact ending time of this 20% extra is at 23:59 Sep. 7, and you can get the 20% extra only if the card is credited before ending time.

What’s more, to co

Knowledge Party Fever Goes Global

By: kanearcher in Magic Worldposted at 2:40 am Jul 28,2010

Tags: magic  world  game  online 

party fever

Though it is the first MWO Knowledge Party, the heroes enjoy the most this week. What a promising sign that players in Dynasty and Empire are quite fond of the party, attesting to the fact that the MWO Knowledge Party is truly popular. In reciprocation for your effort and activity in the game, we decide to hold another round of MWO Knowledge Party. Time and tide wait for no people. Hurry up, let’s party!

Event Rules:Our GMs will be online and ask questions about the game in World Chat during event time. The first Player who comes up with the correct answer in Country Chat will be the winner of this round. There’re 10 questions with different levels of difficulty for each server, and a single player can be the winner for 3 times at most. Only answers in the Country Chat will be v

I have made some real progress since my last entry...

By: KenjiLight in Ryzomposted at 3:58 pm Dec 06,2009

Tags: Ryzom  crafting  harvesting  magic 


I have been a busy bee. I have been having a lot of fun finishing sets of missions. I have just failed to complete two missions. When they are completed I will be able to take on the whole planet. Atys will soon be tamed by my avatar.


I currently have two or three missions left to go. I have completed all but one fighting mission, Arken, and I believe I have two harvesting missions left to go. I have been trying to find the Plain Dead Leaves, but it is very difficult.


During my time trying to solve my harvesting mystery I have actually managed to accomplish a great deal more. I have been casting a great deal to defeat different enemies like the Slaveni, these plants that seem docile until they are at

WoW and MORE!

By: darkprodigy in defaultposted at 12:47 am Dec 23,2008

Tags: wow  world  warcraft  runes  magic  jacky  leung  runewalker 


Title: WoW and MORE! - Runes of Magic Review

Game Title: Runes of Magic
Genre: Fantasy
Status: Open Beta
Developer: Runewalker Entertainment Corp.
Publisher: Frogster Interactive Pictures AG
Official website:http://www.runesofmagic.com/us/index.html
Client size: 3.4GB
Client download:http://www.runesofmagic.com/us/downloads,id3,runes_magic_client.html
System Requirements
CPU:AMD 2500 + or above INTEL Pentium 4 - 2.0GHz
RAM: 512MB
Video card:128M memory Nvidia GeForce 5700 or ATI Radeon 9600
Hard disk space occupied: 3GB
Comparison: Nearly alike to World of Warcraft except for a few EXTRA features. Although it doesn’t have the Warcraft toons and beautiful backgrounds, Runes of Magic makes that up with a Dual Class System, Housing, Unlimited Professions, and very cool new combat graphics. RoM takes the core structure and playstyle of WoW, refines it with more user options, and then takes a bit away from the creative characters and graphics.


First impression: I was surprised that there would be a tutorial for new players who have never played MMOs before. It teaches you the two different methods (clicking, wasd) movements and camera angle adjustments. Immediately when I logged in, I foun

Monster III: Skeleton Hole

By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at 7:13 pm Sep 02,2008

Tags: mwo  mmo  rpg  Magic  Skeleton  Hole 




Common MMORPG Class: Spotlight~! *Mage*

By: royallush in defaultposted at 1:33 pm Aug 13,2008

Tags: MMO  Mage  ranged  Magic  Class  Job  Basic  Starter  Hocus 


The Basics:
The Mage, also known as a Wizard, is typically one of the first basic starter classes in an MMORPG. They are known for their powerful spells attacks, magical buffs that enhance casting performance, and explosive AoE damage. What are usually known as ‘glass cannons’, mages are know to dish it out, but can’t take physical damage very well. They typically use a type of mana bar that limits their casting, basically rending them useless if it runs dry. While they stay in ranged-distance for the most part, magical spells are usually not stopped by space between themselves and their targets, unlike the archers. However, most games do allow cast interruptions if a mage is hit with an attack that may either slow down their casting speed or disrupt it altogether. Mages have many sub-classes and evolutions, including warlocks, sages, taoist, and summoners.

Mages are usually the only class that uses magic for attack purposes, while other magic users, such as a priest, use their skills for healing and/or support. Mages typically have both very low physical attack power and physical defense, but may have the highest defense against other magical attacks. Depe

Wizards and beasts.

By: tobbers in defaultposted at 2:29 pm Jun 12,2008

Tags: Wizards  Magic school  Magic  RPG  Turn Based 

Game Title:Wizards 101
Genre:turn based Rpg
Status:Closed beta
Developer:KingsIsle Entertainment
Publisher:KingsIsle Entertainment

Official website: https://www.wizard101.com/
Client size:
Client download:Not allowed to release that just yet...

System requirements
Internet: Internet Connection Required

Operating System: Windows 98SE or later versions
Processor: 1GHz Intel Processor
RAM Space: 512 Megabytes
Video Card: GeForce 2 or equivalent (standard in most PCs)
Disk Space: 1 Gigabyte

Game Download: The game automatically initiates a download in the background when you log in to play for the first time. The process is transparent to the player. No special installation process is required. You must, however, be connected to the Internet.{as said on the website}

Comparison:Yu Gi Ohhh... Cough...

First impression:This game from the start looked entertaining though rather kiddish dont be fooled though theres something about this game that strikes a cord in my interest. I loved the idea of downloading while playing. I walk in to create my character simple enough and good explaination.

Graphics (8)
The graphics all be it rather kiddish as explained above are just right for the type of game it is. You don

Summoner Magic Burst Guide

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 12:35 am Mar 14,2007

Tags: ffxi  summoner  magic  burst  guide 

Not much to say, but as a level 63 summoner, so far this upgrade rocks! We can finnally do feesable damage per min with our bloodpacts. It is not a waste to leave avatars out to melee. Please with all regards, remember a
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