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WoW: Paladin, Warrior & Mage Tier 17 Sets Preview

By: Mimiron in World of Warcraftposted at 11:52 am May 22,2014

Tags: Paladin  Warrior  Tier 17  Mage  Warlords of Draenor  Warcra 


Today a new Alpha Build 18297 revealed upcoming Tier 17 sets for Paladins, Warriors & Mages.

As you may already know, Warlords of Draenor completely overhauls the raiding experience, bringing a new difficulty that replaces the current Heroic difficulty - Mythic.

Two of the Tier 17 sets that we're looking at today are from Mythic difficulty, but still represent set models, since the same sets obtained from different difficulties will just be recolors of this set.

Paladin Tier 17 Set (Mythic)

Warrior Tier 17 Set (Mythic & Unknown Difficulty

Mage Tier 17 Set (Unknown Difficulty)

Please note that the game is in the Alpha stage of testing and the final models may be altered or look completely different.

Merry X'Mas Crystal Saga Fans!

By: alensoh in defaultposted at 2:32 pm Dec 22,2011

Tags: Crystal Saga  Priest  Mage  Knight  Rouge  Class 


Merry Christmas to all Crystal Saga Players Out There! Send your best wishes to Crystal Saga here to All your friends and foes in your server!

Dungeon Fighter Online CB Review

By: Zanpakutou in Dungeon Fighter Onlineposted at 9:22 pm Aug 16,2009

Tags: dungeon  fighter  online  review  flame  rant  slayer  mage 


Nexon has spent a lot of time building the hype for this game. Much of the game is left to the eye of the beholder. Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO) is a traditional side scroller beat em up in MMO form. By now I believe it is around 5 years old but the problem is that each of the other versions of the game has IP bans on countries that are outside that region making it difficult to play with players from other parts of the world. This review was a bit late though. CB ended nearly 2 weeks ago but I haven't had much time. Hopefully I'll get around to Aion CB review some time soon.



I didn't care about this. Something about special people called Dungeon Fighters. Then after that I stopped reading.


For an older game, the graphics are done nicely. The characters and enemies are in 2D while the backgrounds are in 3D. Some of the high end skills have very nice effects while the low end skills aren't as impressive. The main problem is the lack of character customization. Character customization only exists t

Pandora Saga(MY) Close Beta Review

By: Alexiellous in Pandora Sagaposted at 8:42 am Jul 19,2009

Tags: pandora  saga  my  alexiellous  mage  wizard  close.beta  review  ch 


First of all, just to notify everyone, if you are interested to download this game, please download it from MMOSite download page as the main site files are corrupted, i tried all the links and it failed during installation.The close beta will end at 20 July 2009, 4pm GMT+8 and i managed to get in on the last day to join the Event Epic War which is today.  I have  lot of fun even though i have no idea what to do in the first place but slowly i followed our commander's instruction and get used to the battlefield sequences.

Here the event details:

This is the first ever Epic War where the three nations clashes. As a citizen of your nation, you must enroll yourself in the army. Your nation needs YOU!

Event Date: 19/07/2009
Event Time: 20:00 – 21:00 (GMT+8)

100,000 Pandora Gold and Random Level 3 Gemstone x 1

Event Guide:

    GM will summon some NPC at Astir Neutral Central Plaza.Kindly follow the steps below to make yourself ready for the Epic War :
      Talk to LvNPC, select Level Up, then click on Reached Lv40 to make your character level to become Lv40.Talk to LvNPC, select Receive Money to get 100,000 Pandora Saga GoldTalk to LvNPC, select Receive change

      Wich is your playing style?!

      By: Ottoha in All gamesposted at 5:57 am Mar 05,2009

      Tags: class  mmorpg  tanker  warrior  healer  mage  classes  rpg   


      Hi there

      I'll try to characterize the most common playable classes in MMORPGs. They may vary from one game to another but there are essentially almost one of each type of these characters in any RPG.

      So let's start:

      1) THE WARRIORS (Fighter, Gladiator, Berserker, etc.):
      The classic melee character. He is seen in every RPG, he's the first line of combatents and one of the most popular choices among players. These guys are STRENGHT based characters builded to deal great amount of damage in closed combat. They often fight with big weapons as 2-handed-weapons and heavy armor.

      1.1) THE TANKERS(Knight, Paladin, Defender, etc.):
      These guys, even as warriors, have a differente role. While warriors are there to inflict damage on foes, the tankers are there to hold the enemy lines, not letting them get close to the ranged or magic oriented characters. Also known as "meat shield" their build is based on HEALTH. They have tons of hit points, although very often, their damage is compromised for the lack os strenght.

      They are very required on BOSSES and DUNGEON/INSTANCES because of their endurance. They can hold the big guy while the rest of the party is busy doing all the damage

      Still Mage...

      By: Seelenfrost in Ragnarok Onlineposted at 4:39 pm Feb 06,2009

      Tags: Mage  Aco  Battle Priest  Clocktower 


      my Mage is 54 / 41 now, he still has no items and gets killed by Rideword quite often >_>. If only there was a better place to level than CT Clocks. But whatever, I'll try to make it to J50 till sunday.... Then, I might mak esome zeny and will finally be able to make my Battle Priest. 

      Speaking of him... I already created him, but he's only lv 16, whacking Rockers with his Novice Mace xD.
      Anyways, I might level either of the two for a bit more before going to bed for today; and trying not to make an Archer or a Thief as an Alt.... I get distracted tooo easily.


      First day done

      By: Seelenfrost in Ragnarok Onlineposted at 6:56 pm Feb 04,2009

      Tags: Mage  iRO Chaos 


      Ok, so today I started with a Mage in order to earn some zeny, before making my Battle Priest.
      The Mage is Level 44 / 32 now, but sadly he hasn't gathered much money yet :(

      Ah well, I'll try to get him to Wizard this weekend, and then I'll create my Aco...


      Mage Skills

      By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at 6:40 pm Oct 19,2008

      Tags: mwo  mmo  rpg  Mage  Skills 



      Mage (primary class) Lv 1-15

      Energy Bolt


      Elementary spell with low cooldown(fast attack speed), dealing a little damage to one target.

      Energy Explosion


      A mostly allout spell attack, powerful.

      Energy Shield


      Form a simple mana shield by the use of mana, for defending and preventing some damage.

      First Class Transfer

      Mage -> Fire Mage Lv 15-30

      Fire Scorch


      Set fire to a target, decreasing its HP by time.

      Fire Blast


      Send a ferocious flame strike to enemies in a line.

      MP Amplification (Passive)


      Further understand the generation and use of fire spell, increase spell damage.

      Fire Bolt


      Condenses flame energy into a fireball, dealing fire damage to a target.

      Mage -> Ice Mage Lv 15-30

      Elementary Ice-Arrow


      Basic ice spell, reducing movement speed, dealing small amount of damage.

      Ice Penetration


      Send an ice coldness to penetrate the enemy\'s armor, reducing the targets water resistance, dealing more damage.

      Resistance Increase (Passive)


      Get ice marked, increasing fire, ice, water, and other element resistance.

      Cone of Ice


      With the use of iceknives thrust, launch before you a conic-shaped area effect spell, dealing water damage.

      Second Class Transfer

      Fire Mage -> Flame Magic Master Lv 30-50

      Cross Flame



      Common MMORPG Class: Spotlight~! *Mage*

      By: royallush in defaultposted at 1:33 pm Aug 13,2008

      Tags: MMO  Mage  ranged  Magic  Class  Job  Basic  Starter  Hocus 


      The Basics:
      The Mage, also known as a Wizard, is typically one of the first basic starter classes in an MMORPG. They are known for their powerful spells attacks, magical buffs that enhance casting performance, and explosive AoE damage. What are usually known as ‘glass cannons’, mages are know to dish it out, but can’t take physical damage very well. They typically use a type of mana bar that limits their casting, basically rending them useless if it runs dry. While they stay in ranged-distance for the most part, magical spells are usually not stopped by space between themselves and their targets, unlike the archers. However, most games do allow cast interruptions if a mage is hit with an attack that may either slow down their casting speed or disrupt it altogether. Mages have many sub-classes and evolutions, including warlocks, sages, taoist, and summoners.

      Mages are usually the only class that uses magic for attack purposes, while other magic users, such as a priest, use their skills for healing and/or support. Mages typically have both very low physical attack power and physical defense, but may have the highest defense against other magical attacks. Depe

      Hail to the king: Icecube crowned first ArchLord

      By: icanfly in defaultposted at 3:51 am Sep 05,2007

      Tags: News  ArchLord  Codemasters  Mage 

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