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birth control krazek dopochwowy

By: paullabout177 in defaultposted at 4:38 pm Jul 20,2018

Tags: contraception  birth control pills  birth control pills    m 

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About NTales: Child of Destiny

By: tutortutee in defaultposted at 6:50 pm Nov 09,2017

Tags: 2D  Pocket RPG  NTales  Child of Destiny  cute  nostalgic  m 


NTales: Child of Destiny is a complete take on MMORPG.


The game offers a multitude of battles, exploration, and special features. Enjoy the classic 2D Pocket RPG style! A linear storyline or get distracted with interesting sub-quests. NTales added twists of MMO by implementing Raid Parties, Guild War and PvP. Fighting along your side are adorable and powerful monsters with a PvP Mode of their own! Summon Pets and enjoy various PvE and PvP game modes! Classic hero classes to choose from but a wide variety of class builds to your preference.


Game Features:

·         NEW Content Update: New GAME MODE: Elite Mode!

·         Accomplish impossible missions and side-quests!

·         Gear up your class with great costume, wings, unique equipment and items!

·         Challenging Battle Modes - Boss Dungeon, Infinity Tower, Time Du

Monday Conversation: Should we trust early access anymore?

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 8:23 pm Mar 28,2016

Tags: Early Access  Steam Early Access  Early Access Packs  MMO  M 


Points in time come its really important to know what to do with your money. I am also a stickler for how I spend my time. So when it comes to early access I am especially critical. If I spend my money on a fail product. So what do you think, do you still trust early access?
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Rift: Storm Legion NEW CITY Tempest Bay Tour!

By: GeorgeWashington in Riftposted at 9:19 pm Nov 18,2012

Tags: Rift  Trion Worlds  Storm Legion  Rift: Storm Legion  MMO  M 


Rift: Storm Legion NEW CITY Tempest Bay Tour!

Whats up gamers im your host Zach Sharpes here with my Rift: Storm Legion Tempest Bay Tour! In this video we take a look at Rifts brand new city called Tempest Bay, a massive city that arguably is the biggest of all now three main cities in the game. How is the design, theme, and overall appearance? Find out!

Question of the Video: What MMORPG city is your favorite of all time? Leave you comments down in the comment section below!

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Zach Sharpes

Rift: Storm Legion Thoughts and Plans For Launch!

By: GeorgeWashington in Riftposted at 2:08 am Nov 08,2012

Tags: Rift  Trion Worlds  Storm Legion  Rift: Storm Legion  MMO  M 


Rift: Storm Legion Thoughts and Plans For Launch!

Whats up gamers im your host Zach Sharpes here with my thoughts and plans for Rift: Storm Legions launch! In the video I talk about some of the aspects of Rift: Storm Legion that make me hyped up, and explain what I have been doing to prepare for launch. Not only that but I also talk about a possible launch live stream that I will be doing if I get over 100 likes on this video!

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Zach Sh

Need For Speed World Online Releases Another $100 Car

By: DogManDan in Need for Speed: World Onlineposted at 6:22 am May 21,2012

Tags: NFSW  Electronic Arts  Need For Speed World Online  Elite  M 

Well Electronic Arts and Black Box have done it again, today releasing a new car to their growing "Elite" line with a cash value of over $100 USD. The new car is now the 4th "Elite" vehicle released into Need For Speed World Online free to play game since December 2011.

The first of which made headlines was the Koenigsegg CCX "Elite" Edition priced at the same 25,000 SB (SpeedBoost) price. This car was not purchased by many players until EA suddenly dropped the prices to buy SB with cash. The car itself is okay to drive, but not very competitive against its tier 3 class. Today you can find that car still at 25,000 SB:

The official description of the car can be found here: http://world.needforspeed.com/news/article/39491

The second car is different for sure, as it was the first dragst

MMO Spotlight: Druids~Harness the Power of Nature

By: Lushy in defaultposted at 6:52 am Apr 28,2009

Tags: Druids  Nature  Time  Magic  Earth  Plants  Leaves  Games  M 


The Basics:

Druids, also known as Shamans, are the focus points when it comes to natural magic. Unlike Mages, Warlocks, and Wizards, Druids only use forces of nature that is readily available to them. While they may still muster up uses for water, lightening, thunder, etc, their main focus are on plants, trees, herbs, and spiritually bonding with animals. Druids are usually divided when it comes to exactly how to fight. The two main choices reflect on using heavy magic to bring down

Western Gaming Companies Should Make More Free MMORPGs

By: FreeMMORPGs in defaultposted at 1:01 pm Apr 22,2009

Tags: mmo  mmorpg  f2p  free to play  western  atlantica online  m 


It seems today that most ’Free MMORPGs’ and ‘Free MMOs’ are developed in places like Korea, Japan and China. What I’d like to know is why more western companies aren’t jumping on the ‘free to play’ bandwagon as it seems like a lot of these games are becoming hugely successful. Just look at games like Maplestory and Atlantica Online. They’re such big hits and generate millions of dollars a month in revenues for their publishers. There is little doubt that the ‘free to play, but pay for upgrades’ business model works, so why are Western companies still making pay to play games?

I wish I had the answer to that, but I don’t. It seems like just about every free MMO comes straight from East Asia. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I’m a bit tired of anime inspired generic grind oriented MMORPGs. I don’t mean to bash all Asian MMORPGs, as some are great, but they all feel a bit similar. Having companies like Electronic Arts and Activision-Blizzard churning out some free to play titles would certainly be interesting, as it would add some much needed variety to the genre because let’s face i

Richman Online - Beta Review

By: neramaar in defaultposted at 12:50 am May 23,2008

Tags: Richman Online  Richman  Online  Nera  Neramaar  Monopoly  M 


"Move over Monopoly, Richman Online is here!"

Yes, the first thing you will undoubtedly notice when you start playing Richman Online is that it is incredibly similar to Monopoly, well; it would be if Monopoly had landmines and nuclear warfare.

After logging in and listening to some of the catchiest tunes in any MMO to date, you'll first be asked to complete the tutorial. Fortunately its brilliant, covering a vast majority of the game without boring you to tears. They've taken the 'learn by doing' approach, setting up a game with the rules specific to what they were trying to teach you, and then letting you battle it out with an NPC under those conditions. By the end of it you always have a full understanding of what they were trying to teach.

After completing the tutorial you should be level 4, and able to join the main room, allowing you to play against other people. I found that after sitting in the lobby for only a few seconds I was invited to my first game…it didn't go so well. I honestly had no idea of the rules outside of the tutorial, so naturally when my first turn came along and I saw 3 other players all neatly lined up next to each other I went with
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