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League of Legends ARAM Guide (Introduction)

By: Zanpakutou in League of Legendsposted at 5:03 am Jul 22,2013

Tags: league  legends  aram  random  mid  guide  flame  rant 


Updates to this guide will come later, but this is just a first draft. I purposely left out Master Yi in the favored champions pool due to his upcoming rework. I also left out the good "combos" because champions are randomly selected and it is not possible to always get one anyways. Itemization will also come in a later update.

So I was asked to write a guide about League of Legends, but I do not consider myself to be anywhere near the level of the professional players. I am only at the lower end of the gold rankings, so I am by no means a top player. However, I have been playing many ARAM games. ARAM stands for “All Random All Middle.” This mode takes place on the Howling Abyss, a map with only one lane and some brushes. There are also two lane turrets, an inhibitor and two base turre

Major League Gaming Punishes League of Legends Teams Dignitas and Curse

By: Zanpakutou in League of Legendsposted at 8:33 pm Aug 27,2012

Tags: flame  rant  league  legends  curse  dignitas  mlg  tourname 


So this has become a major incident over the weekend. Teams Dignitas and Curse have apparently colluded into splitting the winnings of the tournament and have been punished by denying them their prize money and circuit points for the championship matches. Their winnings were given to the third and fourth place teams instead. Fixing games was a major issue in competitive Starcraft play in Korea with players throwing games to make money. Sometimes, only one of the players is in on it, but at other times, both sides are in on it. The 2012 Olympics suffered something similar for one of their events. I believe it was a volleyball match where both sides began to intentionally make poor moves and it was seen as an attempt to throw the match.

The people at Riot Games who work on League of Legends seem to take competitive play seriously with the high tournament prizes and the new circuit point model. It makes sense since they are trying to make it a legitimate sport, but incidents l

League of Legends vs. Defense of The Ancients 2; Which lane do I go to?

By: KradisZ in League of Legendsposted at 7:02 am Aug 06,2012

Tags: comparison  dota2  league  league of legends  lol 


A bit of history and nostalgia

League of Legends created by the original creators(Guinsoo, Pendragon) of DotA in Warcraft 3 is an amazing mini-online-battle-arena game (MOBA). While Defense of the Ancients 2 (DotA 2) is ran by the successor(Icefrog) who took care of DotA in Warcraft 3 when the original went to create League of Legends and then Valve then there offered Icefrog a position to design and run the direction of DotA 2 to which has then been the success of another amazing game.


Today with both in playable formats and has been on the market for a fairly long while; some players may be asking which lane do I go to? League of Legends or Defense of The Ancients 2?

(Edited: August 09, 2012)While DotA 2 now may operates on sign-up for invite, with a cash-shop open for in game items. invites onlyat the time being, League of Legends has its doors open to anyone with a similar model. Though that doesn't mean the decision is unanimous on which "lane" to go.

Below w

New Free Champion Rotation (Season Two: Week 27)

By: Zevri in League of Legendsposted at 8:20 pm May 28,2012

Tags: champion  rotation  f2p  discussion  league  of  legends 


Yep, that time of the week is upon us once again. Summoners get the chance to play champions they rarely do in the joy of making other rage. That, or you're one of the people who own most of, if not all of the champions listed and you couldn't care less which are free this week, except to put that sigh of annoyance only to see randoms spam picking those certain champions. Well good news and bad news. Good news; you get spared at least another week to see twice as much Darius action in the games. Bad news; there are still some annoying selections here for people to pick to just ruin your day.

As with every week, I pick the champions I like out of the bunch, say why, and ask what your picks are for the week. This week champions that I am fond of are; Soraka, Nasus, Veigar, Kog'maw, Pant

New Free Champion Rotation (Season Two: Week 26)

By: Zevri in League of Legendsposted at 11:19 pm May 22,2012

Tags: LoL  Champion  F2p  rotation  league  of  legends 


Another week, another list of champions that have gone free. I know, not that clever, but when you do these weekly sometimes you run out of lines to say in the beginning, and saying the same thing every week just makes it dull. As was suspected from the path of never changing, after being out for a short time, Varus is now free-to-play, so those of you who didn't buy him, but want to give him a shot now can.

As always, I will give off the list of champions I like from this week, and then talk a little about a couple of them. This week champs that I do like playing; Master Yi, Alistar, Varus, Morgana, Riven, Graves, and Volibear. No, not Maokai or Lux, I don't play them enough to really have that strong of an opinion on them from my perspective. Out of the ones listed, I will comme

Liking Varus so far.

By: Zevri in League of Legendsposted at 11:50 pm May 10,2012

Tags: Varus  champion  discussion  league  of  legends 


So like many who waited in anticipation for the character to come out, I saved up for and bought him as well. Unlike many however, I didn't have time to play him the first few days. I found time today and decided to give him a go. Much to my dismay, I did have to do a solo queue and roll with some random players, which as always, made me hate them ever so much more.

First about my tale with the randoms, first match I wanted to do a jungle Varus, so I set things up, and didn't lock in just incase our team comp sucked.  After I set up and got ready, a guy quick locks with Udyr and doesn't read the chat when I asked him to change his summoner spells, so I could jungle. In game he finally responds and then tries to defend his action by stating how he couldn't lane with smite, as soo

Another random, another notch to reasons I hate randoms

By: Zevri in League of Legendsposted at 5:28 pm Apr 26,2012

Tags: discussion  rant  league  legends  feeder 


As some of you have read many times before, I am not a fan of random players in League of Legends. That is due to the fact that you usually get the worst of the community more often that not just due to dumb luck. If your whole team is made up of random people, your odds of getting that one prick just increases, or hey, you may get a whole team of them, who knows.

Today my friend Adam and I decided to do a couple matches for first win, our other friend who we usually play with is currently obsessed with that new DLC for Mount and Blade Warband, and seems to be clinically dead, as I never see him actually leave the game through Steam, so that means we were down a man. So we queued up and ended up with a Kennen player, I am fine with that, I actually like Kennen a lot. Things started out f

Explosives and Homing Rifles? Ohmy.

By: PlasticSoda in S4 Leagueposted at 2:18 am Nov 25,2011

Tags: s4  league  qq  rant  dark  lightning  plastic  soda 


Been an S4 player since the beta, I really miss the old days. We weren't prone to get annoyed so quickly compared to now, but that's just my honest opinion. I play on and off S4 and I can say I can never really graduate from it. Always going back! I noticed how aim is not even a freakin issue with the new 'homo rifle' and the explosive that people throw thinking that everyone will explode and you'll be gaurenteed a free td or saving your team from one. ... eh, it's pretty hard to ignore that stuff and NOT QQ. D:

Lets not do work, let the rifle do it for us. ;P Plus it lags like crazy now, or it could just be me and this crappy laptop.

I guess, I just wanted to cry about it. LOL. Obv I have a lot to qq about, but it's 2 in the morning on this hectic day. Yee for Black Friday, I already have friends sitting in front of the mall entrances. A lot of the few games I enjoyed always 'upgrades' to a supposedly new and improved version. Makes me cry so much that my contacts flow out with

Death Match League

By: bdrip in defaultposted at 8:57 pm Sep 27,2007

Tags: Age of Armor  Death Match  League 

Are you familiar with Mech controlling? Are you good at short ranged melee? Now it is the time to test your might and skill, Age of Armor first Death Match League will open at Sept 30th 02:00A.M.Remember: this Death Ma
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