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Wonderland Online will launch European Server

By: right79 in Wonderland Onlineposted at 2:13 am Aug 04,2008

Tags: Wonderland Online  European Server  IGG 

Since its debut, Wonderland Online has earned the support of its players by consistently offering great service, events, and a real sense of community. The number of players has been increasing constantly and more and more players from all over the world have joined this game. All players speak highly of the game quality and stability. In order to offer players better service, IGG will be launching the European Server open beta and releasing new servers soon. Players will then have the option of choosing a server close to their country when playing Wonderland Online. In the future, IGG will also be releasing more servers for different areas so that players can fully enjoy Wonderland Online.

ZO: Alpha Test Is Here

By: lesile in defaultposted at 12:09 am Oct 26,2007

Tags: zu  igg  alpha  beta 

The sparkling diamond of the East is coming and will soon presentitself to us for the first time. Zu Online, the new MMORPG game fromIGG will officially begin its alpha test on October 25th. Beginning at12:00 EST&#

IGG reveals Zu Online Alpha test phase info

By: right79 in defaultposted at 6:04 pm Oct 25,2007

Tags: zu online  igg  test 

Internet Gaming Gate (IGG) recently announced that Zu Online is now in its alpha test phase and will be open to participants beginning 12:00 p.m. EST (GMT-5) today, October 25.

As of this writing, IGG has readied four download sites from which alpha test players may download the test client. The company also promised that more sites will be go live soon. IGG also appreciated the overwhelming show of enthusiasm that the myriad of aspiring alpha testers exhibited during the registration period.

As a concession for the unfortunate players who weren't initially accepted during the initial registration, IGG will offer additional accounts on its official forum. Slots are limited, however, so those who hope to participate as an alpha tester had better sign up fast.

As an FYI, IGG mentioned that all alpha test accounts will still be made available for the upcoming Zu Online closed beta test phase. Furthermore, IGG is open to receiving your suggestions and bug reports, so tell them what you think and help them make Zu Online a better game for everybody.

Voyage Century: Halloween Approaches

By: right79 in defaultposted at 6:02 pm Oct 17,2007

Tags: VCO  igg  Halloween 

Boo! Mwahahahaha!! Halloween is quickly approaching, and Voyage Century (http://vc.igg.com) has some amazing festival gifts for players, including the Transformation Card, the Pet Whistle for summoning cute pets, and the Bronze Coffer. Join us now and have a special Halloween in VCO.

All players can participate in the event.
Event duration 10.17.2007-10.28.2007
Venue:VC Forum

Content-Post the words that you want to say for this special festival under the “Giving Out Halloween Gifts” post in the Event Zone. Each participant will get one gift, furthermore, we will select some lucky players from all the participants that will receive our mysterious fancy gifts.
Basic Rules- Post your words in the right place and time.
2. The words you want to say could be your hopes, wishes, jokes and so on, however your words should not contain obscene/vulgar language and remember that offensive content will be rejected.
3. We will select 2 participants on each post page to get extra fancy gifts.
Event Rewards - A Transforming Card,A Bronze Coffer and A Pet Whistle.
When can you get your gifts: 10/30/2007
You can only get the gifts one time if you only have one account.
Gifts Information -

Voyage Century: Columbus Day Special Activity

By: right79 in defaultposted at 2:37 am Oct 16,2007

Tags: VCO  Voyage Century  igg 

Celebrating that most famous of all the intrepid explorers, VCO will hold a special activity on Columbus Day in forum.
Object-All VCO Players
Time- 10/11/2007 - 10/16/2007
Contents-Our administrator will post the relevant information in the Event Zone, all entries need to follow the directions. You can reply to the post and paste your works' address that you share with your friends, like your website, blog, group or forums etc. Your works are required to be related to VCO, and information about Columbus.
1. The contents must be related to VCO or you can cite the information offered by our official. http://vc.igg.com/content.php?news_id=673
2.The page of your work(Blog,website,group,forum etc) should include the following information: the Hyperlink of VCO official site: vc.igg.com; VCO Screenshot Game Introduction or VCO article.
3. The contents must include information about Columbus.
4. You must attach your ID, Gender, and Server name to the end of your posts.
5. The forums or groups you offer must be related to navigation, Columbus, and adventure.
6. One game account is allowed to submit unlimited works as long as your works come from different blogs, forums or groups, whic

Extra Zu Online Alpha Keys Released

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 2:56 am Oct 12,2007

Tags: igg  zu online  free 

IGG has announced that they’ve accepted thousands of applicants for the Alpha Test of Zu Online[http://zu.igg.com]. In order to satisfy the most players, IGG has decided to release another five hundred Zu Online Alpha

Wonderland Online Announced

By: leo0815 in defaultposted at 12:52 am Oct 11,2007

Tags: IGG  wonderland online 

"Wonderland" is a 2D adventure MMORPG based on several ancient South American and Pacific Island cultures; the mysterious Mayans, the huge stone statues of Easter Island and much more combine to form unique quests filled with fascinating elements that our players will experience throughout the game.
In our new game, Players take on the role of a passenger on this luxurious ship, one who is injured during the mad scramble to get off the boat and is left behind by fleeing lifeboats. Luckily the Player survives and is pushed to a mystic island by the rolling waves, only to find floating buckets, chests and the smashed driftwood of a wrecked ship on the beach.

Capturing function:
Player can capture monsters and animals as your pet and choose one pet to play the game with you. Different kinds of animals have different strategy; please treat your pet kindly and maybe your pet will be the successful key to pass certain parts.

Riding function:
The riding function in this game can apply to any kind of pets! You can ride cows, sheep, even ants and birds. Whatever you capture can be your riding tools. There are lots of special characters for you to experience.

Delivery function:

Chinese Valentine Day Activity Winners

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 3:14 am Sep 05,2007

Tags: myth war  MMO  IGG 

Dear Player,        The two-week Chinese Valentines Day Activity has successfully come to an end. In this activity, we have received a variety of lovely messages from players throughout the world. Our forum has

GodsWar Online Feathers-Faction System Preview

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 2:40 am Jul 31,2007

Tags: godwars  MMO  IGG  system 

Faction war plays an important role in GodWars Online (http://gw.igg.com). Every player of the two poleis - Sparta and Athens in GodsWar Online wants to be the master of Greece.  Faction system introduction: Play

Tales of Pirates: $0.01 Point Cards

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 7:33 pm Jul 03,2007

Tags: Tales of Pirates  card  0.01  mmo  igg 

IGG are pleased to reveal a special promotional event in advance here about 99-points Point Cards in Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) Item Mall. The original unit price of 99-points Point Card is $ 5.8, but it will
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