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Are WoW players idiots?

By: MapleTire in World of Warcraftposted at 9:13 pm Apr 08,2011

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I'm curious, ever since World of Warcraft came out, something I didn't follow and wasn't aware about despite playing Warcraft 3, WoW got bad press and everyone had this 'dare play this or miss out' attutide?

Now, there possibly still players who still play World of Warcraft since the day it launched, then there this new generation of players who play it because they like to follow but don't know what they're playing or why they're playing it, expect they want to challenge the idea of living while playing this game that killed loads and loads of people, like watching 'The Ring' or something.

Do you know what scares me the most? If there ever going to be an uproar in the future of people who played World of Warcraft.

I played Warcraft 3 and had no regerts, I would gladly enjoy reinstalling Warcraft 3 and play a battle against the computer or something. I don't regert it because I wanted to learn about stragety and how to manage an army. Warcraft 3 was the best game for it.


Rant for Judge B*tchface

By: Talem88 in defaultposted at 10:44 am Jun 16,2009

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 Okay I need to let out some steam.

We just got back from the courthouse (no I'm not a crack dealer) because after 3 months of waiting they finally got a hearing for us on my name change. I want to get my last name changed because ever since my mom got remarried when I was 4, I had been using my step fathers last name. This last name was used from my elementary school days all the way to the present. So the confusion between my legal name and the name i've been using for school has been a huge pain in the ass. And I did not do this purposely! 

I was just a kid who thought I had to use my father's last name and the school never told us differently. Anyway...fast forward. So we filled out paper work, paid the filing fee, waited several months and we go into the courtroom. Judge BITCHFACE says "What do we have here..." all annoyed like, as if we did something bad. Literally she sifts through the paperwork we did in 5 seconds then says "Okay this paperwork is wrong. Where's your lawyer?"

We never got a lawyer because we thought the process was simply filling out the legal form we downloaded, filing everything and setting a date. I researched i

The correct way and the fun way to deal with idiots of online gaming PART 1

By: Aeskor in defaultposted at 7:45 pm Mar 05,2009

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 The correct way and the fun way to deal with idiots of online gaming

Part 1


I’m sure most of you are quite familiar with idiots in gaming; those annoying little shits who’ll keep hounding you to spare some gold or help them with a quest. Other idiots are idiots simply to grief others.

Now there are multiple ways to deal with such people, and I’m going to give you a brief rundown of your choices in this first instalment.

Today’s idiot: 

The Talker

Our first idiot on the list, and arguably the most annoying, is the talker. The talker is that little level 11 gnome that will follow you whispering incessantly “can i hav sum gold plz!” or the guy who’ll pm you in the party bitching about your inability to do anything right.

These are the guys that, without much effort and with only keystrokes, can drive you insane.


The correct way:

The correct way to deal with these guys is obviously just to ignore them for a while. If they go away, terrific, easy, but if they keep hounding you (and they usually will), the best thing to do is to just find that block/ignore button and go about your quests. Another way I’ve

You'll be idiot after playing MMORPGs for three years!

By: lean in defaultposted at 2:56 am Apr 09,2008

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"MMOPRGs are harmful to your intelligence. If you are addicted in MMORPGs for half a year, you'll be less wiser. And if you are addicted in MMORPGs for three years, your intelligence will be reduced to 90%. That means a normal man will turn to a idiot then" Tao Hongkai, Guest professor of Huazhong Normal University said.

LOL, if I believe his words, that means I admit myself a idiot now. Yes, MMORPGs are harmful if you spend too much time on it. But I don't think that makes you to be stupid than be4.

Anyway there's a research recently about "psychological study dispute link between online gaming and violence" shows the result that: "Barnett discovered that people who play violent online video games tend to feel more relaxed and less angry after having done so. The psychologist cautioned, however, that individual differences such as sex, age and difference may have influenced the results."

So, is MMORPGs really that hurt?  What's your opinion?

OMG, they just go mad!!

By: Hyuk in defaultposted at 12:26 am Mar 11,2008

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Video provided by video.mmosite.com

It's very funny! LOL, so I repost it here to share with you.
Most splenetic players (Seems Mostly is FPS players XD)

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