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Shuu in Lime: Harvesting Quests, etc

By: shuuhatesyou in Lime Odysseyposted at 11:29 pm Dec 19,2011

Tags: lime odyssey  harvesting 


Here we check out the harvesting content of Lime Odyssey. When making a character, you can select both a battle class and a life class. The life class can be leveled up to be able to craft better and better things. Harvesting will be a neccessary skill to gather ingredients for the recipes.


Tip! Harvesting certain items also gives you a rare chance to obtain certain cards. Cards can be added to slotted equipment, resulting in additional stats!

I have made some real progress since my last entry...

By: KenjiLight in Ryzomposted at 3:58 pm Dec 06,2009

Tags: Ryzom  crafting  harvesting  magic 


I have been a busy bee. I have been having a lot of fun finishing sets of missions. I have just failed to complete two missions. When they are completed I will be able to take on the whole planet. Atys will soon be tamed by my avatar.


I currently have two or three missions left to go. I have completed all but one fighting mission, Arken, and I believe I have two harvesting missions left to go. I have been trying to find the Plain Dead Leaves, but it is very difficult.


During my time trying to solve my harvesting mystery I have actually managed to accomplish a great deal more. I have been casting a great deal to defeat different enemies like the Slaveni, these plants that seem docile until they are at


By: KenjiLight in Ryzomposted at 12:09 pm Dec 05,2009

Tags: Harvesting  Ryzom 


I took a break from the Ruins of Silan to come back to the ranger camp! I have been learning my new harvesting skills. I love to be able to go and find items and dig them up. I have also gotten a new skill called Prospecting that allows me to find hidden items in the ground. I love uncovering the raw material sources underground. I feel really accomplished when I find things. The trouble is finding exactly what I am looking for in the sprawling environments of the training area.

Harvesting Wealth

By: kknd in defaultposted at 2:30 am May 09,2007

Tags: Vanguard  wealth  harvesting  guide 

Here's the thing. It is possible to make money in any sphere of Vanguard, but two spheres are a bit slower going. It doesn't take a degree in economics to make money here. To every problem, there is a solution. To every solution there is a trick. In this game, there is an economy and any economy is based on two things: supply and demand. In any game where crafting is involved, harvested goods become a valuable commodity (supply). Many crafters will harvest their own resources, but Vanguard limits them to two types. For example, you may skin and reap for leather and cloth, but you cannot chop down a tree unless you are with someone else who can. This creates a market for linked resources that a crafter might need to create a particular good (demand).

A dedicated crafter can become very wealthy in a short amount of time, especially if he levels quickly and makes items that are in demand. When the game launched, the most valuable item a person could make was a Jute bag. Why? Demand. A Jute bag sold for several silver and gave the buyer more slots to store loot. Bags are a desired commodity for every player. The higher the quality, the rarer the resource, the more items it can store.

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